Guy Wants to Buy 50 Disc CD Changer Off Craigslist, Hilarity Ensues

Craigslist Funny

Let's face it, finding an honest seller on Craigslist isn't the easiest of tasks, and sometimes, you'll have people who are out to purely waste your time. For example, this person posted a "wanted" ad on Craigslist to score a multi-disc changer, but ended up with much more of a headache than he bargained for. As you can see, the seller had no intention of off-loading his device, or at least in one piece. Click here to view the first image in this week's funny school pictures gallery. Continue reading for a viral video of the ultimate nail gun weapon for the zombie apocalypse.


Glow Headphones are World’s First with Fiber Optic Cables That Light Up to Music

Glow Headphones

Glow Headphones are the world's first smart headphones that glow with laser light and pulse to the rhythm of your music or heart. With Android Wear (iOS coming soon), Glow lets you easily control Google Play Music, YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, Google Now, Instagram, and more. That's not all, you can also snap a picture with your phone remotely using the dedicated controller. Continue reading for a video and the Kickstarter page.


「ひどい、残酷すぎる」 スーパーボウルCMに犬好きから非難殺到、放送が中止に

ピックアップトラックから1匹の小犬が外に投げ出されてしまう。子犬はやっとの思いで飼い主の家にたどり着く。女性は喜びでいっぱいの笑顔で子犬を抱き上げるが・・ 続きを読む


Researchers Build Time Machine Simulator to Show Time Travel is Possible

Time Machine Simulator

Researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia have built a time machine simulator. In other words, this system can mimic how a quantum particle would behave if it passed through a closed time-like curve and interacted with a younger version of its self. They fired pairs of entangled light particles through a circuit, in which entangled particles are created from the same parent particle, so they are identical to each other and any force that acts on one immediately affects the other. Think of this as meeting the younger version of yourself right at the entrance to a time travel loop. Continue reading for a video and to hear what happened.


Snickers Super Bowl Commercial Uses Digital Effects to Recreate The Brady Bunch with Danny Trejo

Snickers Danny Trejo

Snickers paid tribute to The Brady Bunch with their 2015 Super Bowl commercial, and it recasts the classic television show with Steve Buscemi and Danny Trejo in place of the on-screen sisters Marcia and Jan. Nearly everything you see in the scene with Mike (Robert Reed) and Carol Brady (Florence Henderson) was added digitally in post-production. Continue reading for the making of video.



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24 People Who Just Want to Watch the World Burn

Watch the World Burn

There are internet memes for just about everything, including one called "Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn", which is an expression often used to feature a rude gesture, faux pas or blatant ignorance of instruction, like putting up reward sign that one-ups the original. Did you know that the phrase surfaced online after it was said in the The Dark Knight by Bruce Wayne's butler Alfred Pennyworthwhile explaining to Bruce Wayne that his nemesis, the Joker, is unlike any other criminal Batman has faced? Continue reading for more funny examples.



選ばれた理由として「ぽっちゃり体系だったのに締りのある女性らしい体になっていて、大人の魅力を感じた」「程よいむっちり感です」といった意見が寄せられているが・・ 続きを読む


戦車 vs ジョコビッチ、衝撃の結末

テニス史上最も究極なバトル、ノバク・ジョコビッチとM1エイブラムス戦車がギリギリの攻防。戦車は機動性でやや劣るが立派な砲台を持っていて、その結末やいかに。 続きを読む