This is a really interesting product, a workdesk that moves up and down, adjusting the height according to your needs! Simply place your hand over the sensor indicating the distance you want, and it lifts automatically to match the height! It can elevate itself from 64cm, minimum, up to 130 cm. It also features a cool LED lighting on the side, that can shift it?s colors according to your mood, you can choose, red, blue, or any other from a range of eight options. You can also choose from four tabletops and three different leg colors, and even two options for the power cable, making it easier for you to blend it in the room you want. Tableair also features a power socket, with two AC and two USB power ports, so you can charge your devices easily. It also has an app, so you can pair it with your tablet or smartphone, thus gaining control over it, controlling the height movement, or the LED coloring. watch the video








 イギリスのノッティンガム アーノルドに住む2児の母、ゾーイ・バトラーさん(28)は、買っておいたプリンセス社のツナ缶を空けてびっくり。ちょこんとした黒い2つの目がバトラーさんを見つめているではないか。




「にゃーん…」とどこか哀愁ただよう鳴き声で迫ってくる野良猫さん。お腹でも空いているのでしょうか? 続きを読む


Man Transforms Entire House into a Playland for His 15-Cats, Complete with Spiral Pathway

Cat Playland

Photo credit: Houzz via Laughing Squid

Peter Cohen, a home builder and the co-owner of Trillium Enterprises, transformed his home into a feline playland, complete with overhead catwalks, spiral pathways and custom odor-free closets to house 22 litter boxes for his 15 rescued cats. Cohen said during an interview with Houzz: "When we bought this house in 1988, it came with two outdoor feral cats. And then one of them was killed when he was hit by a car and then the second one was hit by a car...So we made her an indoor cat and then to get her company, because the other one had been killed, we went to the shelter and adopted a couple of cats and that just started down the road. The catwalks, the first catwalk I built was in 1995...for the walks, just the walks I've spent $40,000 or $50,000, and they can be done a lot cheaper, but the catwalks are for the cats but they're also for me. They're architecturally interesting to me - the colors and we always try to do something interesting with the shapes." Click here to view the first image in today's viral picture gallery. Continue reading to see the five most popular viral videos of today.


これはからはずっと一緒だよ。保護されていた捨て犬が、新しい家族として迎えられた後の変化がわかるビフォア・アフター写真 Part3





There are Large Grills, and Then This 76-Foot-Long BBQ That Cooks 4-Tons of Meat at Once

World's Largest BBQ

Officially known as the "Undisputable Cuz", this barbecue pit is claimed to be the world's largest, located at the Folsom residence along highway 290, in Brenham, Texas. Weighing a massive 40-tons and measuring 75-feet-long, it's ventilated with 7 chimneys, and so large that it needs to be carried around on a large truck. Owner Terry Folsom says: "It has 24 doors - 12 on this side, 12 on the other." In addition to being able to cook 4-tons of meat at a time, the pit also has a walk-in cooler with space for kegs attached to beer taps on the outside. Continue reading for a video and more information.


30 People Who Are Having a Worse Day Than Those Stuck in Snowmageddon

Worse Day

Winter Storm Juno has pounded parts of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New York with than a foot of snow. Snow amounts in New York have ranged from 7.8 inches at Central Park in New York City to more than 24 inches in eastern Long Island. However, some geeks would rather be caught in a blizzard than come home to a computer that's been scribbled on with a permanent marker. Continue reading for more funny examples.


It Looks Like a Normal Building, But Every Person in Whittier, Alaska Lives Inside

Whittier Alaska

On the outside, it looks like nothing special, but nearly all of the 200 residents of Whittier, Alaska all live inside the 14-story Begich Towers condominium on the edge of town. This building also houses a police station, a health clinic, a convenience store, a laundromat, and even a church in its basement. The town can only be reached by sea, or a long, one-lane tunnel through the mountains, which is closed completely at night. Continue reading for another video and more information.