River Island x Jean-Pierre Braganza by Dvein

River Island x Jean-Pierre Braganza by Dvein

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イタリア旅行中の中国人観光客が集団で、高級ブランドのグッチ販売店の店先に陣取り、カップ麺をすすり込んでいた。イタリアでネットユーザーが写真を投稿したことで多くの人が知ることになり、論争に発展・・・ 続きを読む

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 その名もずばり「フクロウチョウ(Owl butterflies)」は、メキシコ、中南米などの森林に住む昆虫綱鱗翅(りんし)目フクロウチョウ科に属するチョウである。


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ビートたけしらが大阪府の「ゆるキャラ乱立」に総ツッコミ! 92種もの公認キャラに「縦割りなのに横並びの行政」

23日放送のテレビ番組でで、大阪府の"ゆるキャラ事情"に出演者がツッコミやダメ出しを連発。大阪府には92種もの公認ゆるキャラがおり、同じ部署内で複数のゆるキャラを生み出しているといった問題も明らかに。 続きを読む

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Urban-style gardening is about growing your own food with limited space and creative resources. Rooftop and patio gardens create peaceful places for relaxation or contemplation, but they also provide a possibility to reconnect with the natural world through gardening. More people around the world are taking a look at urban farming to grow fresh and healthy food in their homes, and we have come across several solutions over the years, but none have caught our attention quite like the Noocity Growbed, an innovative self-watering and self-fertilizing urban gardening system that only needs to be watered every 15 days!

The innovative Growbed comes flat packed and is easily assembled, you then fill the water reservoir through the supply tube, points of capillarity allow plants to obtain the water they need, when they need it, while the ventilation area guarantees perfect oxygenation of the root zone, resulting in stronger, healthier and more resilient plants.

The Noocity Growbed is self-sufficient for up to three weeks, solving common problems such as excess or insufficient watering and drastically reducing water loss through evaporation or drainage. It consumes up to 80% less water than conventional cultivation systems. watch the video below to better understand how the unique system works.

The Noocity Growbed measures just about H125xL65xW35cm (H49,2"xL25,6"xW13,8?) and has the capacity for 200 liters of soil and 45 liters of water. It weighs 9kg (20lb).

Learn more from Noocity, or pre-order your Growbed for a special early bird price at indiegogo

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Konost is a new startup composed of engineers and designers passionate about photography, their beautiful Konost FF is a digital rangefinder that could very well challenge Leica. They state "Konost FF is the world?s first true digital rangefinder?, instead of using the traditional mechanical rangefinder, it uses electronics overlayed on an optical viewfinder. Although not yet available (expected in early 2016), we leave you with some specs: it will feature a aluminum alloy body, 20MP resolution, frame rate of 30 fps, plus Raw and JPEG settings. No information on price has yet, but Konost aim to be competitive so that the camera will be accessible, meaning Leica could have a contender soon. watch the video

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No World of Their Own, 1955. Artiste inconnu.

No World of Their Own, 1955. 

Artiste inconnu.

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Moebius – L’incal, 1981.

Moebius - L’incal, 1981.

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