Hulk Weighs 175-Pounds, Might be World’s Largest Pitbull

Hulk Pitbull

The internet has a new star, and his name is "Hulk", a 175-pound pitbull that's definitely more than meets the eye. The 18 month-old pit is owned by New Hampshire-based Marlon and Lisa Grennan, who run Dark Dynasty K9's - a company that breeds, trains, and supplies pits to celebrities and ultra-wealthy clients as security dogs. They claim Hulk is trained to kill, but is such a sweetheart, the let him play with their 3-year-old son. Continue reading for a video, more pictures and additional information.







Most Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are Fragile, Photive’s PH-BTE50 are Sweat-Proof and Priced Under $34

Photive Bluetooth Headphones

Photive's PH-BTE50 Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones are not only lightweight, but sweat-proof as well, meaning you can take these to the gym (or outdoors) without worrying about something shorting due to moisture, all for $33.95 - today only. Convenient on board controls allow you to change volume, play and pause your music, and answer the phone without skipping a beat. Product page. Continue reading for more pictures and information.


Mystery Skulls – “Magic” feat. Brandy and Nile…

Mystery Skulls - “Magic” feat. Brandy and Nile Rodgers [Official Music Video] by Agence Cumulus



眼球組織の一部の欠損を生じる先天異常「コロボーマ」。虹彩が通常の円形ではなく鍵穴のような形をしている。発症には遺伝子との関連が疑われ、出生1万に対し約1人の率で患者が出現するという。 続きを読む


Vimeo Staff Pick: 10 min, Iceland/USA A lactose intolerant dairy…

Vimeo Staff Pick: 10 min, Iceland/USA A lactose intolerant dairy farmer takes revenge on his overbearing father after being wrongly accused for breaking the milk tank. Cast: Hannes Óli Ágústsson Guðmundur Ólafsson Kjartan Bjargmundsson Crew: Director: Markus Englmair Writers: Ugla Hauksdóttir and Markus Englmair Producer: Ugla Hauksdóttir Director of Photography: Ugla Hauksdóttir Music Composer: Bjarni Biering 1st Assistant Director: Edda McKenzie Production Manager: Natan Jónson Camera Assistant/Handheld Operator: Anton Smári Gunnarsson Gaffer: Eyjólfur Ásberg Ámundason Editor/Colorist: Markus Englmair Sound Recordist: Ari Rannveigarson Sound Design: Sindri Þór Kárason Foley Sound Recordist: Guðjón Óskar Kristjánsson Make-up Artist: Benedikta Ársælsdóttir Costume: Saga Mellbin Stunt Coordinator: Reynir Alfred Óskarson Catering: Hrund Snorradóttir Columbia University School of the Arts —- If you liked “Milk an Blood”, you have the option to help me finance my next short film by clicking on the “Tip Jar”. “When an introverted trash collector finds a red high heel he goes looking for the fantasy woman to whom the shoes belong to.” All contributors will be credited! Thank you!



「ちょっと入りますよ」 サファリパークを車で巡る。さらにライオンが近寄ってきて楽しくなってきたなーー と油断していたら、なんとそのままドアをガチャリ。かしこい。というか、サファリパークはこの動画を教訓として採用するべき。 続きを読む


McLaren 675LT Will Be Limited to Just 500 Units, is Designed for the Track

McLaren 675LT

This followup to the McLaren 650S is definitely no slouch. Featuring a tuned 3.8L V-8 that generates 666 horsepower (675 hp in metric figures) and 516 lb-ft of torque. What really sets this model apart from its predecessor is the redesigned rear section, which gives the car's its "LT" (Long Tail) designation. It's also significantly lighter than the 650S, has a lower stance, and a wider track. Continue reading for another video and more pictures. Click here to view the first image in this week's funny school pictures gallery.


Vimeo Staff Pick: ALIVE IN OAKLAND is a short film about a group…

Vimeo Staff Pick: ALIVE IN OAKLAND is a short film about a group of friends growing up in the city as a new skatepark is being built in their neighborhood. This is not a story about surviving tough circumstances in a harsh environment, this is a story about perspective and thriving in the face of it all. Directed by: RYAN REICHENFELD Director of Photography: RYAN CARMODY Producer: JETT STEIGER Editor: SEAN STENDER Original Score: RANDY RANDALL Colorist: BRANDON CHAVEZ Post Production Producer: REMY FOXX Post Production Sound: MATT MILLER Production Assistants: ROMAN KOVAL, MARIO AYALA Skateboarders: LEM WEST, PAT MORAN, RAME TCHAK, AL PARTANEN, JAFIN GARVEY, ELIJAH VAIREY, GABE MARQUEZ, TERREL NEWELL, LAVELLE VINSON, JOSH MATHEWS, MARIUS SYVANEN, ELIJAH “PRINCE” WILLIAMS, LORENZO, “APOLLO” JETSON, RODNEY “DOOKIE” WILLIAMS, CAMERON “CAM” EICHENBAUM Special Thanks: MAX SCHAAF, KARL WATSON, JAMES BARNETT, IMPRINT PROJECTS, CUT+RUN LA EDITORIAL, WAYS & MEANS, LIME SOUND, K-DUB, CSLA Shot on Location in OAKLAND, CA


Vimeo Staff Pick: Winner of Danish Academy Award for Best short…

Vimeo Staff Pick: Winner of Danish Academy Award for Best short film 2011. Awarded Student Award at Hampton International Film Festival Awarded Talent Award at Odense Film Festival Shown at: Fantastic Fest Austin Fantasia International Film Festival Nordisk Panorama Buster Film Festival Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers +++ and more… Director: Paw Charlie Ravn Producer: Jacob Jarek The National Film School of Denmark © 2010