Danny Flynn – Invaders from the Centre

Danny Flynn - Invaders from the Centre

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Chris Moore – Flow My Tears the Policeman Said

Chris Moore - Flow My Tears the Policeman Said

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If you?re into Fly fishing, you should check out the Fly Fishing Collaborative, a company known for offering clients unique fly fishing adventures. Besides helping you build your own guided fishing trip, the company also sells these custom leather fly wallets crafted out of high quality leather, and with ample room to display your favorite flies. The heirloom quality wallets may be purchased empty or filled with a unique display of flies, head over to their website for more details.

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From Griffin Technology comes Twenty, an audio amplifier that draws its name from the power it amplifies: twenty watts. Per channel, that is. And it does so in a sharp crisp way, producing great sound, transmitting the music from your phone via Bluetooth with a 30 feet range! So you won?t be ever again be tethered to your classic stereo, Twenty turns nearly any pair of passive speakers, into wireless ones. With a simple single button control it?s really easy and quick to start hearing all of your favorite tunes,  watch a great flick or even play a console game with high grade decibel material! Owner of a great look, on the minimal design side, Twenty has also a good build quality, it?ll surely provide a new life to your speakers.

Learn more from Griffin, or purchase now from Amazon

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Wocket is an amazing all in one wallet! This small gizmo is able to store all of your credit cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, and passwords all in a sleek package. It?ll unlock with your pin or at the sound of your voice, thus keeping all of your data encrypted and secure. It?s brilliant! It also has an app so you can manage your Wocket Wallet through your desktop, your smartphone or tablet. It?s kind of a small electronic vault that keeps all of the important info at a short distance, making it extremely practical and safe. It comes with a card reader that allows you to transfer the information from your classic plastic card on to it, so it?s always accessible yet safe. With a year long battery, it can store up to 10k cards! Get it now and stop worrying about password management and thick wallets. watch the video

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This spectacular retreat was designed by Andersson-Wise, an architecture & design studio based in Austin, Texas. Located on Lake Austin, The Bunny Run Boat Dock is a magical living space designed around a boat dock, it features two boat slips surrounded by the ultimate outdoor bar and living area. Can you imagine a better place to hang out and relax after a wakeboarding session? Check out some more amazing photos after the jump.

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5 Incredible Images of the Pontiac Banshee, a Futuristic Car Unveiled 27-Years-Ago

Pontiac Banshee IV

Officially called the Banshee IV, this futuristic two-door, four-seat car was unveiled in 1988. Featuring a matte black triangular hood, it's powered by a V8 engine that produces 230-horsepower fuel-injected. The Knight Rider KITT-inspired interior features a heads-up display system (HUD) that projects nformation about speed, engine RPM, and fuel level directly onto the windshield. There's also video displays on the dashboard on the inside, along with dual adjustable rear wings on the outside. Click here to view the first image in today's viral picture gallery. Continue reading to watch the five most popular viral videos for today - including a pixelated version of The Simpsons intro.





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5 Awesome Modular Inventions You (Probably) Never Knew About

Modular Laptop

How nice would it be if all laptops were modular? In other words, swapping out the processor, RAM, and even display would only require you purchase that single part, pop out the old component, and screw in the new one. These modular laptops would probably reinvigorate a slowly dying PC modding scene with lots of custom hacks. For example, the Fujitsu Lifebook you see above has removable parts that can also be used on their own. Continue reading for more.