3 Awesome Budget Gaming Laptops You Can Get for Under $500

Toshiba Satellite A8

Toshiba's Satellite C55D-B5310 is priced at a mere $349 shipped, but it still manages to pack an AMD Quad-Core A8-6410 Accelerated Processor, 4GB of DDR3L graphics, as well as a 15.6" LED-backlit display. "Graphics are run by the AMD Radeon R5 which can take on Skyrim or Dead Souls 2 at a reasonable clip, though it admittedly doesn't like Windows 8," says Hi Consumption. Product page. Continue reading to see more awesome budget gaming laptops that you can pick up today for under $500 shipped.


Rapha Racewear Innovation: Pro Team Data Window Installation by…

Rapha Racewear Innovation: Pro Team Data Window Installation by RAPHA

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フランスの研究グループは2010年、海苔の成分であるポルフィランを分解する酵素を海に住む細菌から発見。その酵素を作り出す遺伝子をもつ生物が他にもいないか探したところ・・・ 続きを読む

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Vimeo Staff Pick: Roz Chast published her first cartoon in The…

Vimeo Staff Pick: Roz Chast published her first cartoon in The New Yorker in 1978; since then, she’s had more than one thousand two hundred and seventy run in the magazine. On a blisteringly cold, recent winter morning, we rode the train to Connecticut and stepped inside her colorful and cartoon-filled home. Read more: nyr.kr/1AxpSmK Subscribe: vimeo.com/newyorker Follow us: http://ift.tt/11vdzMh Watch more videos at newyorker.com/video

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あぶないよ! 子どもをオーブンから守ろうとする猫が、かしこすぎる

なんという番猫。坊や、そいつをいじると熱くなるから危険だぜ!とばかりに、我が家の飼い猫ががっちりガード!というまさかの光景。わんこならわかるけど、にゃんこがこんないじらしいことをするなんて。ひらがなばっかり。 続きを読む

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5 Pictures of Daryl Dixon’s Awesome New Motorcycle from The Walking Dead

Daryl Dixon Motorcycle

Photo credit: Hi Consumption

Actor Norman Reedus's character in The Walking Dead, Daryl Dixon, has just been gifted a new motorcycle, and it's a customized 1992 Honda CB750 Nighthawk. Reedus contacted Classified Moto himself for the build, with the aim to create a post-apocalyptic ride worthy of both a real gear head and zombie apocalypse. The finished product is just that, with parts sourced from Kenda, Yamaha, and Progressive Suspension as well as stock parts from Honda. There are crossbow mounts to finish things off. Click here to view the first image in this week's funny Facebook status updates gallery. Continue reading for a viral video of a giant tortoise taking on man in the slowest chase ever.


Vimeo Staff Pick: LABEL Ninja Tune CAST Man – Peter Schröder…

Vimeo Staff Pick: LABEL Ninja Tune CAST Man - Peter Schröder Child - Zoe Böhler CREW Director - Tim Bollinger DOP - Daniel Seideneder Assistant Camera - Christine Wetzel Steadicam - Matthias Martinez Editing - Tim Bollinger, David Fabra Prod Company - dropout films Producer - Wolf-Tassilo Sack Producer - Dirk Wellbrock Colorist - Benjamin Dittrich 3D - Felix Schuch Compositing - Ulrich Schneider Requisite - Robert Schwartz Grip/Gaffer - Fabian Hübner Wardrobe - Nico Massow Stylist - Dennis Alt Runner - Gerald Abram Runner - Marina Welsch Acting School - Corinna Van Eijk

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Vimeo Staff Pick: A Girl’s Life is one of five stories…

Vimeo Staff Pick: A Girl’s Life is one of five stories from the In Kibera project, sharing stories of life and hope from East Africa’s largest slum. See all the stories at www.inkibera.com Eunice Akoth is a fourth grade student at the Kibera School for Girls. She has a passion for poetry, an aptitude for math, and a love of the book Matilda by Roald Dahl. She has lived all her life in Kibera, and though she is only ten years old, she dreams of traveling the world, from New York to Melbourne, before returning to Kenya and becoming a doctor. Though she has been lucky enough to receive a free education, and is celebrated as an exceptionally bright student by her teachers, she also represents the far-too-common case of a girl who must overcome extreme obstacles in order to find a path out of poverty.

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【車載映像】 運が悪かった? 覆面パトカーと気付かず追い越したら・・・

その怪しい車は、やっぱり覆面パトカーだった。そしてちょいと追い越してしまったら「やっちまった!」。追い越し後はすぐに左車線に戻ったけれど無慈悲のアウト、ちょっとかわいそうな気もするけどどうでしょう・・・ 続きを読む

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