【画像】 絵を見て四字熟語を当てる問題、1番頭を悩ませたのがこれww 投稿画像が反響



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車いすの子どもに「お前らは混んでる電車でも座れていいな」 投稿ツイートに怒りの声が噴出



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DCN Video Pick: OFFF 2019 Open Film ARXIV by Mill+ by OFFF…

DCN Video Pick: OFFF 2019 Open Film ARXIV by Mill+ by OFFF Festival // Mill+ Director Ilya Abulkhanov opened Offf Barcelona 2019 with the debut of his sci-fi short film ‘ARXIV’. ARXIV (pronounced ‘archive’) is an immersive sci-fi family drama is set in two time frames: the deep future, that is left with no future, and the near future, that will bring about the eventual dystopian collapse of society. Protagonist Lew Aron survives both time frames and is set to discover a potential outlet to confront his innermost desire, or what’s left of it. Directed by Ilya Abulkhanov Screenplay by R. John Lewis Based on Characters Developed by Ilya Abulkhanov Director of Photography Sean Bagley Edited by Andy McGraw Produced by Gabriel Blanco and Elizabeth Newman Executive Producers Zu Al-Kadiri Phil Crowe Stephen Venning Ian Bearce Enca Kaul Rani Melendez Cast: Lew Michael Curylo Kelly Britt Harris Doctor K. Gregory Niebel May Vienna Weaver Colleague Elijah Howard Doorman Jon Harris Secretary Lucy Boryer Anchor Azize Erim Girl Reading Book Linda Aleman Patient Erick Medal Diner Patron Ruth Banks Mataya Diner Patron Willard Riley Diner Patron Michael A. Rubio Co-Worker Hiwot Yimer Co-Worker Canaan Dewey Co-Worker Victoria Johnson Welder Giovanni Della Pace Casting by Danielle Eskinazi Production Designer Evi Ellias Costume Designer Agga B. Raya Original Music By Jesse Solomon Clark Sound Design & Mix by Beacon Street Studios First Assistant Director Miles Johnstone Edited by Andy McGraw / Cartel Assistant Scott Beatty Producer Greer Bratschie Executive Producer Lauren Bleiweiss Associate Producer James Morse Skyler Wahl Production Coordinator Matt Fulton 2nd Assistant Director Rochely Zapata Production Assistant Production Sound Mixer Ellie Bootorich Offline Sound Mix Cyrus Shahmir Art Department Leila Ryndak Property Master Giovanni Della Pace Leadman Shelby Strong Set Dresser Prerna Chawla Buyer Angel Herrera Shopper Make-up by Victoria Payne Camera 1st Assistant Camera Nick Cutway 2nd Assistant Camera / Loader Rob Reaves Key Grip & Gaffer Lev Abrahamian G&E Driver Sam Le Bas G/E Swing Aram Martirosyan and Conor Long Visual Effects by The Mill Creative Director Ilya Abulkhanov VFX Supervisor / Project Lead Lee Nelson Art Director Sidney Tan Lead Motion Designer Woosung Kang Technical Director / 2D Lead Justin Sucara 2nd Technical Director Greg Park Motion Design Artists Taehoon Park Kyle Moore Jan Sladecko Sasha Vinogradova Maxim Goudin Greg Park Anastasia Skrebneva Post Producer Moira Mahoney Post Production Coordinator Matthew Fulton VFX Supervisor / Creative Lead James Allen CG Supervisor Manjunath Shivaprasad 2D Supervisor Rakesh Venugopalan Asset Supervisor Anish Mohan Line Producer R Anuraj Production Coordinators Noan John Vinod Nathan Niamehr Mimi Milligan Fx:
Biswajit Tarafdar 3D Artists:
Kartik Arora
Asis Kumar Mahakhud
Sudakshina Sridharan
Vittal Kuntla
Abdul Rehman
Amit Patil
Asit Midya
Kalidas Patil
 2D Artists Roman Yavorsky Franz Kol Lenz Kol KaiChun Tsai Evan Langley Stephen Paragone Rob Winfield Tim Robbins Gavin Marler Jeff Langlois Alex Candlish Patrick Dirks Lisa Kim Ahmed El-Azma Roger Cerqua Badrinath Chinimilli
P.K. Sajith
Prasanna Bhatt
Ramanjaneyulu Thota
Shivam Shukla
Vinod Gopinathan Matte Painting Bill Lu Bijo Joy
Jobin Jacob
Netra Mankar
Priyanka Telang Modeling Joel Kittle Tracking Michael Lori Elizabeth Hammer Danny Garcia Rotoscoping & Tracking TRACE Colorist Adam Scott Color Assistant Logan Highlen Color Senior Producer Liza Kerlin Color Coordinator Jessica Amburgey Mural Paintings by Sidney Tan Yi-Jen Liu Hyoyeon Lee Design Support Eunhae Yoo Casting Department Danielle Eskinazi / Casting CCDA Casting Assistant Katie O’Connor Costume Design Assistant Madeline Northway Title Design by Ilya Abulkhanov
Woosung Kang Taehoon Park Lee Nelson 
Special Thanks Robin Shenfield Dee Allen Chris Harlowe Dan Roberts Chris Knight Glyn Tebbutt Film Processing by FotoKem Cameras Provided by Keslow Cameras and Robot Heart Co. Shot on Arriflex Cameras and Kodak Film Film Scanning by Technicolor Grip and Electric Equipment Provided by G&J Grip

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【動画】 これは凄いww 監視カメラの自動検知をかいくぐる驚きの技術が開発され世界に衝撃



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Japanese Illustrator Imagines A World Where Humans Live Among Giant Animals

By the hands of super creative mystery illustrator from Japan, comes the world like no other. On social media, the artist is known as Ariduka55 and it seems artist loves cats the most. There are a lot of other cuddly animals like pandas, rabbits, raccoons, and dogs and they are all giant creatures! “A world where you can surrender yourself to sleep on a giant ball of fur is a world where you...


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【画像】 石野卓球、ピエール瀧と再会! 笑顔の2ショット写真を公開しファン騒然



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 このオポッサムの名前はキカ。幼い頃に母親を亡くしたキカは、ある女性に保護されて以来、飼い猫のような仕草で彼女に甘えているのだ。 続きを読む

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Turn Your Cats Into Furry Train Conductors With Colorful Cardboard Trains

Thanks to Japanese retailer Felissimo, however, even cats will get to pretend-travel distances far and wide in fancy cardboard trains! More: Felissimo h/t: grapee This train for felines doubles as a house and a cardboard scratcher and comes in blue, red, and black. It can easily accommodate a 6.5-kilogram (14-pound) cat, and comes with adorable accessories to give the furry travelers an authentic...


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Every Holiday Caroline Eriksson Makes Something Crazy Out Of Gingerbread

Every Christmas, artist Caroline Eriksson has made something amazing out of gingerbread. It started back in 2013 when she made an Optimus Prime for a gingerbread contest. Since then she’s made a Xenomorph, dragon and even Darth Vader! To create her gingerbread sculptures, Eriksson first builds an internal structure out of metal. The rest is simply gingerbread and melted sugar! For the curved areas...


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