The Evasion hard shell rooftop tent offers a new way to look at vehicle adventures, a clever alternative to bulky, traditional tents and a fantastic solution for 4WD touring. The Evasion springs to life with the simple flick of a latch and expands like an accordion, providing 360-degree views trough the panoramic windows. It fits to the roof bars of most vehicles and even at freeway speeds, the structure is silent. There is ample storage inside with two removable storage pockets and a ceiling storage net. The tent also comes with a removable and rechargeable LED torch, a telescoping ladder that attaches to either side of the tent, and a solar powered vent built into the upper hull to create extra ventilation. 

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業績不振でついに亀山千広社長(60)が退任するフジテレビ。新社長に就任するのは岡山放送やBSフジ社長を歴任し、番組制作、経営双方に明るい宮内正喜氏(73)。そんな宮内氏が6月にフジテレビ社長就任した後、フジテレビには大改革が訪れる、とテレビ関係者は語る・・ 続きを読む

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Zeus II (Source: http://ift.tt/2rRXkXo)

Zeus II (Source: http://ift.tt/2rRXkXo)

SOURCE: http://awwww-cute.tumblr.com/post/161013564153

Happy baby otter (Source: http://ift.tt/28LMfR8)

Happy baby otter (Source: http://ift.tt/28LMfR8)

SOURCE: http://awwww-cute.tumblr.com/post/161012731762

“Did you see that? It just went by here. What was…

“Did you see that? It just went by here. What was it?” (Source: http://ift.tt/2qhlPfD)

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亀田製菓(新潟市)の煎餅を食べた大崎市の小学2年の女児(7)が、混入していた金属片で口の中を切るけがをしていたことが23日、分かった。同社は女児側に謝罪したが、被害は拡大しないと判断し、商品全体の回収や公表を見送った。 続きを読む

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Once again we have teamed up with our good friends at Huckberry to update our custom, curated BTS Shop. We have picked the most exciting fresh deals this month, with some great opportunities to get your hands on the coolest apparel and travel gear for an active lifestyle and outdoor adventures. Check out our new curated list of some of the coolest products and deals available this month of May on Huckberry. Product details below.

The Macbook Pro EDC Kit, designed specifically to carry 13? MacBook laptops and equivalent sized laptops, is a comprehensive and lightweight way to carry your essentials on any urban excursion. Storage for everything from pens and pencils to notebooks to your laptop and it?s charger. A front Molle grid offers an easy way to add additional storage.
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Bike helmet style has finally received the update it deserves, and the result is a thing of beauty. The Thousand Heritage helmet has a clean, understated look with simple lines and a couple of hidden features that make it just as functional as it is handsome.
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When you?re in motion, you need a pack that can perform right along with you. Whether you?re commuting, hiking or traveling, you need one that?ll stand up to the rigors of the everyday and the not-so-everyday. The Motion Ellipse sports a 25 L capacity, slightly larger than it?s little brother the Arc, and a grip of innovative features and materials that make it a great choice for day hikes and commutes alike.
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Stanley has long been known for their rough and tough gear, and now they?ve introduced their toughest line to date, the Master Series, built to stick by your side for the long haul, no matter where that road leads. The Master Vacuum Bottle has a built-in stainless steel cup and is built with tough as steel construction that won?t fail you when things get hairy out there.
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The no-look, snap-on-and-off design of the RMK is a breath of fresh air to your EDC. It has a detachable key section to easily remove keys or a work badge, and the magnetic clasps automatically line up with each other when putting them back together. Match that with ultra-tough, handwoven paracord and you?ve got a slim, sleek keychain with built-in ease-of-access.
$32 | BUY

Karhu has about 100 years of running shoe expertise under their belts, and their shoes have been on the feet of winners everywhere from the Olympics to the Boston Marathon. The key to their success is the fulcrum technology, a design that helps you move forward more efficiently, found within every shoe. The Aria boasts suede and mesh uppers and an air-cushioned ride for a comfortable, stylish running shoe.
$61 $125 | BUY

The Flip 20 is designed to recharge your devices ? laptop, smartphone, GPS, GoPro, you name it ? when you?re out in the field. Charge it up and you?ve got 200% of your phone?s battery in your pocket. Features a 5200mAh battery designed to give two full phone charges, and a flip USB for tangle-free charging from any USB port in 4 hours. Micro-USB cable included.
$28 $39 | BUY

The Woods jacket is a lightweight, packable hooded jacket with contemporary technical details. Its weatherproof construction is perfect for springs unpredictable weather. The Ultra-packable jacket, two chest zip pockets, an elasticated peaked hood, and elasticated cuffs.
$149 $175BUY

Whether you?re dealing with wet swimsuits or sweaty gym clothes, this tiny drybag is here to help. with a substantial 20 L of waterproof capacity, it is perfect for people who travel, camping and the toting sweaty gym clothes, it?s one of the greatest technologies of outdoor gear brought to everyday life. It also works as a dry bag, keeping water away from things that prefer to stay dry.
$39 | BUY

The Ridge Wallet lands right in the sweet spot between a bulky traditional bi-fold wallet and a limited minimalist wallet. The integrated track accommodates various numbers of cards, and the elastic strap is for holstering cash when you?re on the go.
$65 | BUY

Deep Blue?s dive watches are among the most functional and affordable timepieces in the industry. The Juggernaut IV Swiss Automatic features a Swiss-made automatic movement and crushes the competition when it comes to looks and lume ? the unique sunray wave pattern is unlike anything else.
$419 $699 | BUY

The ultra-light emergency 8-in-1 multitool. Originally conceived of as a tool for cyclist commuters, Ringtool has proven useful for a wide variety of applications. From adjusting snowboard bindings to assembling furniture, it?s designed to be on hand, on your keyring, or in your pocket at all times. 
$26 | BUY

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【動画】 札幌市で警察が強盗犯を追跡する一部始終を捉えた動画が面白すぎたと話題ww 「完全にコント」「訓練かと思った」・・

23日午後5時半すぎ、札幌市中央区の宝石店に男が押し入りました。現場近くにいたカメラマンが撮影した逮捕までの一部始終です。 続きを読む

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