One Day, Human Civilization May Live in Floating Space Colonies, and the O’Neill Cylinder Shows How

O'Neill Cylinder Space Habitat

The O'Neill cylinder is essentially a space settlement design proposed by American physicist Gerard K. O'Neill in his 1976 book The High Frontier: Human Colonies in Space. An O'Neill cylinder would consist of two counter-rotating cylinders. The cylinders would rotate in opposite directions in order to cancel out any gyroscopic effects that would otherwise make it difficult to keep them aimed toward the Sun. Each would be 5-miles in diameter and 20-miles long, connected at each end by a rod via a bearing system. They would rotate so as to provide artificial gravity via centrifugal force on their inner surfaces. Continue reading for two more videos, pictures and additional information.


「劇的ビフォーアフター」の意外な裏事情 撮影終了後に修正工事も

「『大改造!!劇的ビフォーアフター』は人気が高く、リフォーム代金が自腹であるものの応募者は多いです。しかし、放送された内容がすべて事実かと言えばそうではありません。匠がリフォームした内容に対して依頼主から不満があがることも多いのです」・・・ 続きを読む


“Pay attention to me!” (Source:…

“Pay attention to me!” (Source:


2300-Horsepower Lamborghini Huracan is Fastest in the World, Hits 238.6MPH

2300HP Lamborghini Huracan

Called UR2, this sleeper of a Lamborghini Huracan is actually the world's fastest. The 2,300-horsepower beast, powered by a twin-turbocharged 5.2-liter V10 engine, set a new standing half-mile world record (for street-legal cars) by achieving 238.6 mph in the half-mile pass. One other notable modification was swapping out the dual-clutch transmission for a much quicker sequential shifter. Continue reading for an earlier video of this beast, when it was just pushing 2100+ horsepower.


First time I’ve realized it’s my Cake Day in five…

First time I’ve realized it’s my Cake Day in five years; so here’s a picture of my mastiff pup Tycho! (Source:




 ロボットが人間に共感するようなプログラムが可能なのかどうか。これは機械工学においてはかなり熱い議題だ。だが、その逆はあるのだろうか? つまり、人間が機械に心から共感する可能性だ。



SoundPEATS M20 Earphones w/Mic Has Anti-Tangle Cord, Get a Pair for Under $7 – Today Only

SoundPEATS M20

SoundPEATS M20 Earphones are great for any occasion, and offer more sound than expected, all for $6.99 with coupon code: CVB7MPWY, today only, originally priced at $59.99. It has a 3.5 mm stereo jack that is compatible with most portable audio devices, including the iPhone, tablets and other smartphones. Make and answer phone calls at the touch of a button, without having to look at the display. Product page - be sure to enter coupon code: CVB7MPWY during final checkout to receive the additional discount. Continue reading for two more videos reviews and additional information.


Vimeo Staff Pick: Director/Producer: Nicos Livesey Executive…

Vimeo Staff Pick: Director/Producer: Nicos Livesey Executive Producer: Bart Yates Producer: Alli Albion Production Manager: Jen Newman Making Stuff Happen: Matt Marsh DoP: Christophe Leignel Lead Animator: Lee Hardcastle Animators: Andy Biddle Carmen Mason Luke George Nicos Livesey Model Makers: Pixie Highley Lynn Yun Sara Aunbirk Isabel Garratt Rachael Olga Lloyd Emma Rose-Dade Guy Verge Wallace Will Horne Harriet Upson Adeena Grubb Jake Hovell Holly James Kat Simpson Yan Wong Stephanie Hope Nicos Livesey Band Head Sculpts & Moulds: Davide Losi Runner: Ollie Bensley Making of: David O’Neill Compositors: Felip Docolomansky Simone Ghilardotti Valeria Di Claudio Grade: Joseph Bicknell With thanks to: Newplast Products Limited Clapham Road Studios Blinkink Studio Radkey Channel 4 Strange Loop Records


Man’s best underwater friend (Source:…

Man’s best underwater friend (Source:


アリゾナ州の空に降り注いだ「謎の繊維」の正体に衝撃 政府の人類削減計画か

米アリゾナ州で、再び謎の現象が起きた。最初にこの現象が起きたのは2014年11月5日。突如上空を3機の飛行機が飛び去ったかと思うと、雨だれのように15~18mほどの繊維が降り注いでき。目撃者らによると、その飛行機は米空軍の輸送機C-130であったという・・・ 続きを読む