Celebrate your caffeine moments with stylish coffee mugs


Keep your beverages piping hot while they are served on these adorable Thermocups with Lid. The design will prevent you from burning your fingers because of the double walled insulation. The porcelain lid that comes with the cups will work as a saucer whenever necessary.

Think your coffee times isn’t that outstanding anymore? Why not add a fresh touch in the form of this Hot Stuff Stackable Mug. This simple 12 oz. coffee mug has transformed the entire appearance of your coffee mug with two simple words in gold foil. It states the obvious but in a cool way.

Experience the classic designs from NYC’s Smithsonian Design Museum on your tabletop with the LINO Mug Set by Cooper Hewitt & notNeutral. The rich history from the museum is now transformed into a beautiful mug set you can use to cherish your coffee times. The textile patterns used here comes from artists such as Josef Hoffmann and Koloman Moser of the early 1900s Wiener Werkstätte era.

Create a coffee mug with a personalized message, which will be revealed when you scan the QR code ( or visit the URL) on the mug. You can have as many messages as you wish. Mysecret. coffee brought to life the most personal habit. Along with Zazzle are offering you exclusive designed coffee mugs able to hide your secret messages.

Get your favorite social network be on every sip of coffee you take in the morning from this Tweet Coffee Mug. The mug design is a beautiful celebration of this 140-character socialness we dive in every day. Only this tweet mug is here to make that morning coffee taste more special for tweetaholics which is microwave-safe but not quite meant to be sent to the dishwasher.

Coffee making equipment for the home has come a long way in the last couple decades, but the typical french press is still made overseas, out of plastic and cheap glass that breaks easily and costs a lot to replace. The Portland Press is a french press for a Mason jar, made in and around Portland, Oregon. More info

Designed for a true gamer, the Game Over Mug is what can add some gaming fun to your coffee times. It comes with game controller shaped handles on either side. Even the inside of the mug reads “Game Over” in green letters which will truly bring that gaming spirit every time you sip coffee on this.

If you’re running a startup fever within you, the Get Sh*t Done Travel Mug is designed exclusively for every travel trip you make. It’s a simple stainless steel mug that can keep your drinks either cold or hot whenever you’re on the go. So you won’t have to compromise on the temperature of your drinks when you’re on the road.

Start your mornings with a perfect dose of inspiration by your side. All you need to do is replace your existing coffee mug with this I’m the Boss Mug. More than being a simple mug for holding your everyday caffeine, it is an inspirational mug for those who love to live on quotes. It specifies that you shouldn’t be bossy but a true boss.

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Vimeo Staff Pick: Based on the feature STRAIGHT UP currently in…

Vimeo Staff Pick: Based on the feature STRAIGHT UP currently in development. http://ift.tt/1K5i0gb SHORT OF THE WEEK - Review http://ift.tt/1M7IQc1 Starring: Justin Mark as Todd Milana Vayntrub as Rory Emily Bett Rickards as Meg For business inquiries please contact backyardplane@gmail.com

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ネパールにある悪夢の「腎臓村」 臓器売買業者に騙され村人の多くが腎臓を失う

ネパール中央に位置するホクセ、通称「腎臓村」。闇業者が金に困っている住民たちに、健康な腎臓を売るよう説得。知識のない村人に、「腎臓はひとつあれば人間は生きてゆける。切除してもまた生えてくる」などと話をでっち上げ、腎臓を摘出しているという。 続きを読む

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(via Vinyl: Tease (HBO) – YouTube)

(via Vinyl: Tease (HBO) - YouTube)

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Dad Gets Tattoo So His 6-Year-Old Daughter Wouldn’t Feel Different


Image credits: Anita-Alistair Campbell

It’s heartbreaking for a parent when their children don’t fit in. New Zealand native and hardcore dad Alistair Campbell decided to take the extra step to help his daughter, Charlotte, feel better about her cochlear implants by getting one tattooed on his head. The six-year-old girl suffers from extreme hearing loss, and received her first implant when she was four years old.

Image credits: Anita-Alistair Campbell

“[I did it for] my love for her, really. Hey, my hair can grow back,” Campbell told the New Zealand Herald. When asked if the 45-minute procedure was painful,he said he felt “a little bit of pain but nothing I couldn’t handle.” Campbell has no other tattoos, and plans to grow out his hair again. He will shave it on special occasions, or upon Charlotte’s request.

Image credits: Anita-Alistair Campbell

Hearing loss runs in family. Mrs Campbell’s mother wore a hearing implant, and Campbell’s second son, Lewis, also wears hearing aids. A cochlear implant (CI) is a surgically implanted electronic device that provides a sense of sound to a person who is profoundly deaf or severely hard of hearing.

Image credits: Dean Purcell, NZ Herald

Image credits: Anita-Alistair Campbell

Via Bored Panda, New Zealand Herald

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謎解きゲーム 解体「地球編」 ドライバー1本で地球を解体するパズルゲーム

謎解きゲーム 解体「地球編」 ドライバー1本で地球を解体するパズルゲームです。 続きを読む

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Talented Woman Sena Runa Quits Her HR Job To Create Amazing Paper Art


It can be terrifying to leave the security of a salaried job to pursue your passion, but this is precisely what Turkish artist Sena Runa did earlier this year. The former HR specialist now does paper quilling full time. Runa has the following advice for those yearning to do the same:

“Everything you create could be art, so if you believe that you make beautiful things, then you’ll see that everyone will agree. I am new in the art career (I’ve been a full-time working artist for 7 months), sometimes I feel scared and sometimes I don’t. I just believe in what I do and I know I’ll continue to create in the future.”

Quilling or paper filigree “is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs.” While quilling was common during the Renaissance and 18th century, it now enjoying a seeing a resurgence in popularity.

Via Bored Panda

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Old People in Portugal are getting into Streetart


Old people in Portugal are getting into streetart. LATA 65 is an organization tah connects senior citizens with younger generations by giving them spray paint and finding places in the city wghere they can tag, stencil and paint.

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Miniature Calendar by Tatsuya Tanaka


Miniature Calendar by Tatsuya Tanaka – since 2011, Tatsuya Tanaka has been creating creative and playful miniature dioramas.

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Vimeo Staff Pick: The O’Neill UNREASONABLE film festival…

Vimeo Staff Pick: The O’Neill UNREASONABLE film festival continues with film no. 4 “Waveform” from award-winning artist Stefan Nadelman from Portland, USA. Immerse yourself in fast-paced surfing sequences full of action, color, and fluid motion that expose waveforms in a new light.

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