Always Wanted a Supersonic Fighter Jet, and Have $425,000? Then Pick Up This 1964 SAAB Draken

SAAB Draken

The SAAB 35 Draken was basically a Mach 2.2 Swedish fighter aircraft manufactured between 1955-1974, and built to replace the J 29 Tunnan. The indigenous J 35 was an effective supersonic Cold War fighter that was also successfully exported to Austria, Denmark, Finland, and to the United States as a test pilot training aircraft. The Draken was the first fully supersonic aircraft to be deployed in Western Europe. Now, you can pick one up for $425,000. Continue reading for another video, more pictures and additional information, including the product page.


Y House in Mandarin Oriental Residences, Bodrum, Turkey


‘Y house’ is located in Mandarin Oriental Residences in Golkoy, a project trying to harmonise the environment with the interiors of the compex. Being enjoyable, with no any overhead the house is for all purposes and can be visited for all-year.

Plain furniture with natural materials compose a scene that is cosy and comfortable for any audience. And the client being a family with two teenagers suits the house even better.

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CEDRUS Residents by Boom Town Architects

Forest Shelter with Romantic Name CEDRUS Residents -

Surrounded and defined by noble cedar wood forest this “chalet” offers fresh interior (decided in the color tonalities of the surrounding nature) and abundance of glass walls, sliding doors leading to wooden decks and altogether everything that the weather conditions permit for full connection between inside and out.

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Adventures of Cardboard: Furnitures For Little Heroes


Arianna Filippini and Federica Ravera share the same idea of design, which is focused on efficient and functional project mixed by environmental sustainability and material quality. So they created the “Eco&You” brand: together, they can shape peculiar everyday objects from recycled cardboard. Fornitures thought for kids as Cactus, Alice and Bonita, testify high materials performances and a good-looking, funny design.

Straight from the desert, a great help for the kids rooms: replacing dangerous sharp spines with soft corners of cardboard, Cactus permits more order inside a room and makes easily accesible what a real little cowboy needs.
Cactus is part of the Safari collection, born with the purpose of increase fantasy, adventure spirit and curiosity of your little explorers.

When follow the WhiteRabbit becomes an hard work and a break is what you need, there it is: the Alice armchair. With a simple and precise design, the easily dismountable cardboard armchair is comfortable and suitable to enjoy a truly moment of relax. Alice is part of LINE collection, in which you can find different kind of useful home furnishings usable also for the playrooms: simple lines, easy assembly, resistence, lightness and security are features of this collection.

How much could a banana be good? Very much, when becames a confortable chaise-loungue: you can enjoy it absorbed in your own thoughts or listening to a fable or, much better, falling asleep a little bit.
Bonita is part of the Fruit-Juice collection, that, as a very good fruit-juice, brings colour, freshness and healthiness in the family environmental.


Long Tongue Cat.

Long Tongue Cat.


「ココイチ」創業者の大逆転人生 資産220億円までの道のりとは・・・

「カレーハウスCoCo壱番屋」の創業者・宗次徳二氏(67)は知る人ぞ知るユニーク起業家だ。「宗次氏は、波瀾万丈がピッタリな人です。石川県に生まれ、3歳まで児童養護施設で育った。養父母に引き取られたあとも、養父は競輪好きで、かなり苦労したと聞きました」・・・ 続きを読む










Death Star Waffle Maker Lets You Eat the Dark Side

Death Star Waffle Maker

The Death Star Waffle Maker isn't just for looks, as it's officially licensed and actually makes a tasty doughy breakfast treat. Expect great things of this battle station-like an absolutely delicious breakfast. Sing the Death Star theme song as you goose-step your way to the kitchen table, delivering a waffle made on a fully operational and armored space station. Get one here now. Continue reading for more pictures and information.


Where to Sit in a Movie Theater for Optimal Sound and 13 More Useful Theater Life Hacks

Movie Theater Life Hack

Back in the day, theaters were built with a much smaller slope in the seating area, so moviegoers were simply sitting very slightly higher than those in front of them, rather than in stadium seating. Holly Frey says the audio sweet spot is 2/3 back and in the middle because that's where audio engineers sit to balance the sound, and where you'll get the full effect of the chopper buzzing by or the building exploding.