The Girl with the Octopus Butt Tattoo!


One girl got carried away by her fantasy and she tattooed an octopus on her thighs and the bum. The tattoo of the animal invokes quite clear associations.

Her name is Daizha Morgann, ‘Queen of the Anal Ring Toss’ as she is referred to in her profession. All we knew about her is that she has this insanely detailed and scene-stealing tattoo. But it seems like her daring backside tattoo is merely the tip of the whole iceberg. Ladies and gents, Daizha Morgann.

@_oaklandbooty_ / Instagram

According to Daizha’s bio in their official website, she’s the younger sister of adult actress AJ Morgann. Though growing separately, they maintained a pretty close relationship. AJ performed as an anal ring toss girl before she retired and Daizha took over. She also mentioned that it was AJ that got her in the whole shebang. And man, she sure does a bangin’ job at it.

@_oaklandbooty_ / Instagram

With her job, she got to explore more of herself and feed her sexuality, embracing every part of it. Daizha is bisexual, and she’s currently in a relationship with a woman.

The Anal Ring Toss business already had it good but Daizha though of ways to make things more interesting. That’s when the ‘octopussy’ idea came to mind. Anyone can say that the placement of the tattoo is ‘trashy’. That’s expected, choosing a body part such as the ass and working in the entertainment business like Daizha.

@_oaklandbooty_ / Instagram

But in my personal opinion, I think her tattoo is spectacular. It’s also better than, like, 80% of adult stars’ tattoos. She actually went to a good tattoo artist to get something vulnerable like that done. We’re guessing she chose the design purely for its aesthetic appeal and for the nature of what she does, but we still love it.

@_oaklandbooty_ / Instagram / Courtesy of Femme Xposure Magazine

It was done by Greg James in Los Angeles, where The Anal Ring Toss is currently based. It took a few sessions but Greg did an awesome job. The colours and the way the tentacles wrapped around her bottom was amazing.

@_oaklandbooty_ / Instagram / Courtesy of Femme Xposure Magazine

Aside from the octopus, Daizha has several other tattoos on her body and they’re also pretty good. This girl knows her ink.

@_oaklandbooty_ / Instagram / Courtesy of Femme Xposure Magazine

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Courtesy of StripClub2U

Courtesy of StripClub2U

Courtesy of StripClub2U

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Products of The Day #471


Brands have a different understanding in true product design. So do we at the Strap Studio. With the recent launch of the long awaited Apple Watch we have discovered a big improvement potential for the existing Apple leather straps. This fact motivated us, as traditional leather strap manufacturer, to launch a brand new, both design and function oriented strap range for the beloved AppleWatch product range.

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Best Holiday Gift Ideas For Those Who Love to Bake
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Gamer Recreates Mass Effect’s Jack Character in Real-Life, Epic Photos Ensue

Mass Effect Jack Real Cosplay

In the Mass Effect franchise, Jack, also known as Subject Zero, is essentially notorious criminal whose crimes include piracy, kidnapping, vandalism and murder. This character is also one of the most powerful human biotics alive, and considered so dangerous that she was kept in cryogenic stasis after being caught. Russian cosplayer and gamer Anna Ormeli decided to bring her to life. Click here to view more Mass Effect cosplayers. Continue reading to see additional images of Ormeli as Jack.



焼酎に「トウゴマ」から抽出した猛毒「リシン」を入れて夫を葬ろうとして、妻が逮捕された事件・・・ 続きを読む


This Started as a 1932 Ford Roadster, But After RX Speed Worked On It, the Vehicle Became an 850-Horsepower Monster

RX Speed Ford Roadtster

This started as a 1932 Ford Double Down Fuller, but after RX Speed worked on it, the vehicle became an all-wheel drive hot rod based, powered by a Jon Kaase Boss Nine engine that generates 850-horsepower, mated to a G-Force 5-speed manual transmission. A custom Indy-style suspension ensures that it stays planted on the track. Fortunately, you can still bid on this right now here Continue reading for another video showcasing the ultimate Bonneville Salt Flats hot rod build.


Holiday season off to a winning start (Source:…

Holiday season off to a winning start (Source:



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"Υδάτινες Διαδρομές" ~ Έκθεση φωτογραφίας

Καλησπέρα σε όλους και όλες!!!

Η δεύτερη έκθεση φωτογραφίας των «Φωτογραφιστών», με τίτλο «Υδάτινες Διαδρομές», είναι πλέον γεγονός! Η ομάδα με μεγάλη χαρά καλεί τους επισκέπτες στον Πολιτιστικό Πολυχώρο «Δημήτρης Χατζής», στα Ιωάννινα. Τα εγκαίνια της έκθεσης θα πραγματοποιηθούν στις 11 Δεκεμβρίου, στις 9:00 μ.μ. 

Συμμετέχουν: Πολυδεύκης Ασωνίτης, Αλεξάνδρα Βελλή, Νίκος Γεωργίτσης, Σόλομον Γουόντι, Μιχάλης Ευαγγέλου, Νινέτα Καμπανού, Χρήστος Κοκμοτός, Γιώργος Κοτόπουλος, Φωτεινή Κουζούμη, Έμη Κωτσάκη, Βασίλης Λαγός, Έφη Λέκκα, Χάρης Μπινώλης, Αλεξάνδρα Μπόμπολη, Μαρία Παπαπέτρου, Νίκη Ράτσικα, Δημήτρης Ράτσικας, Μάγδα Σιούτη, Νίκος Τσιλίκης, Βασίλης Τσιούρης.

Διάρκεια έκθεσης: έως 20 Δεκεμβρίου

Ώρες λειτουργίας: 11:00 - 13:00, 18:00 - 21:00

Διεύθυνση: Πολιτιστικός Πολυχώρος "Δημήτρης Χατζής" (Παλιά Σφαγεία), Μετσόβου και Ακτής Μιαούλη, Ιωάννινα.

Υπό την αιγίδα του Πνευματικού Κέντρου Δήμου Ιωαννιτών.

Σας περιμένουμε!!!


Desire by Jesse Brass

Desire by Jesse Brass



11月28日に放送された「世にも奇妙な物語」について、各種内容が「パクリではないか」とネット上で物議をかもしているという。 続きを読む