Vimeo Staff Pick: Kumano is a region in Japan where Shugendo,…

Vimeo Staff Pick: Kumano is a region in Japan where Shugendo, the Way of ascetic training and testing in holy mountains, has been practised for over a thousand years. This entire short film was shot there. It shows Yamabushi monk Kosho Tateishi, a Master and Teacher of Shugendo, during prayer rituals performed in the wild and at his temple. In his spiritual practices, Kosho is in visceral contact with the elements (earth, water, fire, wind) and in fusion with sacred Nature. The experience of Life through the physical senses awakes our consciousness and ultimately leads to enlightenment in this very body. Made possible thanks to the great help of Alena Eckelmann, Kosho Tateishi, Fukami Uzawa, Mark Patrick McGuire, Jean-Marc Abela, Jean Burgert. Thank you Alena for recommending me some of the greatest spots to explore in Kumano, especially some amazing trails of the Kumano Kodō. Thank you Kosho for welcoming me at Sangakurin and for sharing your way of living during my stay. I also want to send a very special thanks to the talented composer Oliver Dowie who created the original soundtrack by wonderfully mixing together some traditional prayers, chantings and instruments recorded on site like the Horagai, a large conch shell used by Yamabushi for spiritual meanings. I hope to be back in Kumano next year to shoot a feature length film on the same topic. Music by Oliver Dowie Directed, filmed & edited by Mathieu Le Lay © Mathieu Le Lay - 2015








これ実写じゃないの!? 「Unreal Engine 4」で作った映像が完全に実写

Epic Gamesが開発し、さまざまなゲームに利用されているゲームエンジン「Unreal Engine」。最新の「Unreal Engine 4」で作られたデモ映像が、実写にしか見えないような精巧な造りとなっております。 続きを読む


Fab Fours Legend is a Custom Jeep with 50-inch Tractor Wheels, Looks Like a Transformer

Fab Fours Legend

Just when you thought you've seen it all, the Fab Fours' Legend, a custom Jeep that looks like something from a Transformers movie, shows up. The first thing that caught your eye was probably its 50-inch Alliance off-road tractor tires, and to make room for these tires, the tuners installed Dynatrac Pro-Rock 80 axles and custom bespoke steel fender flares. Continue reading for a video and more information.




Vimeo Staff Pick: Directed, Shot & Edited by Vania Heymann…

Vimeo Staff Pick: Directed, Shot & Edited by Vania Heymann Starring, Original Soundtrack & Written by Daniel Koren Producer: Natan Schottenfels 1st AD: Rebecca Israel 1st AC & 2nd Camera: Eyal Cohen Grip: Martin Flores, Nigel Mckain Drone Pilot: Joshua White Actors: Karen Stefano, Robert Basile Special thanks to Claudio Marquez and Ofer Levy Executive Producers: Kerstin Emhoff, Ali Brown, Candice Dragonas, Andy Gulliman, Juliette Larthe, Margo Mars Production Company: PRETTYBIRD (Shot on Red Epic, Canon 5D mark III and GoPro 4)


This Starts as Clay, But After Jon Almeda Begins Working, It Becomes Tiny Palm-Sized Pottery

Tiny Pottery

Jon Almeda, an artist from Tacoma, Washington, says "size does matter" on his pottery website. However, he specializes in tiny hand thrown ceramics that measure just 1" (2.54cm) scale. He adds: "While browsing a book store, I came across a book called 'Creating Ceramic Miniatures' that really changed my whole outlook and approach. Throwing small really allows me to focus on the shape and form of a piece. It is a very meditative form of creation." As you can see, his pieces are small enough to fit on the palm of your hand, or sit atop a coin or matchbook. Continue reading for a video and more pictures.


無敵容疑者を逮捕 女性の家に侵入し現金を盗み体を触って逃げる

女性の家に侵入して現金を盗み、体を触って逃げた疑いで岡山大学の男子学生、無敵容疑者が逮捕され­る。 続きを読む


Apple’s Siri is Great for Many Things, But Here are 20 Responses You Don’t Expect

Funny Siri Responses

Siri, both in its original version and as an iOS feature, adapts to the user's individual language usage and individual searches (preferences) with continuing use, and returns results that are individualized. The name Siri is Scandinavian, a short form of the Norse name Sigrid meaning "beauty" and "victory", and comes from the intended name for the original developer's first child. It's a great feature for getting information, but sometimes the responses you get are unexpected to say the least, including when asking it to divide by 0. Continue reading for more.


なんか違うw 「犬だ」と言われて買った動物、2年間育てたら驚きの姿に

中国・雲南省の王開育さんは2013年、ベトナム人が2匹の「番犬」を売りに来たので、それらを買った。2年の間2匹の犬はとてもお利口で、好き嫌いもしない。しかし成長するにつれ、食べる量もだんだん増えてきた。姿も犬のようではなくなってきて、不思議な行動も増えてきた・・ 続きを読む