Fantastic Handmade Steampunk Nixie Tube Wall Clock


Handmade in premium hardwoods, without the aid of CNC or Laser Cutters, each clock features authentic Soviet-era nixie tubes, GPS, 700+ LED backlight colours and more! Only available on Kickstarter.

Kyle Miller has designed work for Grammy-winning musicians & international design firms, and has had work appear on The Today Show, The Billboard Music Awards, and the National Museum Of Mathematics.

Aiming for the middle ground between minimalist DIY nixie clocks and the inaccessible boutique clocks that cost many thousands of dollars, “The Steampunk Nixie Clock Series” aims for both high quality and affordability.

While each clock is decidedly steampunk in style, special care is given to develop an elegant design that doesn’t feel too cluttered. The Steampunk Nixie Wall Clock MKIII embodies this in the form of gentle curves, clean lines, and the natural colours and patina of wood, brass, and steel.

Nixie tubes are cold-cathode vacuum tube, developed in 1955 and used in the Soviet Union until the mid-80’s. The tubes function by passing a small electrical current through a cathode, resulting in a orange glow discharge that illuminates each digit.

The tubes are controlled by a custom circuit board that is fully programmable through an easy to use sub-menu system. No programming knowledge or assembly are required. All tubes are sourced from Russia, Ukraine, and Poland.


She may be 21 years old, but she has my whole heart (Source:…

She may be 21 years old, but she has my whole heart (Source:


Relax With Ease After A Tiring Day With Our Stylish And New-Age Bedtime Products


Surfing your tablets while you’re lying down is a painful activity where you might also risk dropping your tablet at times. With the LABC iBed Tablet Stand, things will a bit different. This is because it is a tablet stand designed for comfortable watching on bed.

You need a night lamp that isn’t strong but good enough to help you read, work, chat, write or meditate at night. This Costanzina Mezzo Tono Table Lamp is ideal to suit such a purpose. It has a mesmerising glow which is very eye-pleasing for the night readers. The on-off switch can be released with the help of the rod attachment.

What is it? The alarm clock that plays MP3’s as it rolls away. Stats show that 40% of people ‘abuse’ the snooze. Typical alarm clocks just don’t work very well. Ours never lets you oversleep again. If you snooze, Tocky will jump off of your nightstand, and run around beeping, absolutely determined to get you out of bed on time.

Give your Apple Watch a simple and elegant display stand in the form of this Bent Polywood iWatch Charger Holder. This device will not help you showcase your Apple Watch but also works as a handy docking station you can use when your smartwatch is in the charging mode. The watch will be open to use even when it is docked so that you can get to see any notifications that might come your way during that time.

What is it? The alarm clock that runs away beeping, to get you out of bed. Can’t wake up? You’re not alone. Stats show that 40% of people ‘abuse’ the snooze. Typical alarm clocks just don’t work very well. Ours never lets you oversleep again. If you snooze, Clocky will jump off of your nightstand, and run around beeping, absolutely determined to get you out of bed on time. Clocky’s hip, innovative and charming.

Leesa is a single, beautifully designed luxury mattress that’s ordered exclusively online and delivered straight to your door. The Leesa is expertly crafted with a luxury look and universal feel that works for every body. All Leesa mattresses are made in America, offer tremendous value, come with a 100-night risk free trial, free shipping and easy returns.

We created a sleep surface that lovingly contours to your body while retaining a healthy bounce and cool temperature. Casper unites a top comfort layer of premium latex with a support layer of high-density memory foam. Made from premium textiles from the USA and Belgium, the cover is breathable, flexible and resilient.

If you’re a side-sleeper who doesn’t get enough comfort when sleeping that way, this Ergonomic Side Sleeper Pillow from a doctor of physical therapy is what you need. It has been designed to provide adequate support to a side-sleeper’s head, neck and shoulders. There’s a U-shaped opening at the bottom of the pillow which will cradle your shoulder and support your head in the right way possible

Your bed is one of the most important, maybe even favorite, pieces of furniture in your home. Your bed is essential, but it’s definitely not smart. You can get crazy mattresses with sleep numbers, multiple zones and huge price tags, or you can check out Luna, the mattress cover version of that pill Bradley Cooper took in Limitless. The smart mattress cover is mobile controlled and will set personalized temperatures in each side of the bed.

Say goodbye to adjusting yourself in bed based on the climatic conditions with the Bedjet Climate Control System. It’s one of those superb innovations which will allow you to raise the temperature of your bed based on your preference in minutes. The ventilation cooling mode will wick away body heat and moisture so as to make your day even better.


Shanghai by Victor Chen

Shanghai by Victor Chen


超大量の黒いボールを池に投入する驚きの光景 その意外な理由とは・・・

トラックから大量に放出される大量の黒いボール! これはボール製造業者なのか?? もちろん違う! 続きを読む


Tatiana Lazaryuk Creates Adorable Pictures Made From Plasticine


According to artist Tatiana Lazaryuk: “A year ago I returned to my school hobby and began doing plasticine pictures – actually because I lost my drawing skills long ago and was too lazy to start learning again. And I found it more interesting to realize my creative ideas this way.”

“Working with plasticine you can experiment a lot, try something new and be different all the time. In fact, the most inspiring thing is that plasticine looks great by itself even if you’ve done a really ugly work. I can use any type of plasticine for work, no matter if it’s some cheap kind or expensive professional set – they will all look great.”

“After the work is finished I make photos and usually don’t keep the plasticine work for a long time. Sometimes I do some works of polymer clay, but I still find plasticine the most pleasant material.”

Via Bored Panda


Products of The Day #407


Paralo PLAY is a virtual reality headset designed for smartphones that provides 360 degree immersive experiences. It is a device that allows anyone to view virtual reality apps with just their smartphones and it turns ordinary games/ movies into a totally immersive 3D experience. You will feel transported to another world and be wowed by the fun experience! PLAY is created for the casual Virtual Reality consumer but it is perfectly designed for kids.

The Dreamweaver is the first daily planner that organizes your tech and travel gear-and your life. Manages your time and goals, Lifestyle sections, whiteboard pages and more! Have you often felt puzzled when it comes to keeping your tech and travel gear organized every day? With Dreamweaver, you won’t go through that pain anymore.

Sure Hang® isn’t “just another laser level” … it’s a laser layout “system” that gives you complete command of the layout of any vertical wall project. You simply attach the unique base to the wall first (at the center of your project, or at a know point in your layout), attach the laser level to the base, then hook your tape measure into the base to make layout marks along any of the (4) self leveling laser lines.

We have created a compact housing for your Apple Watch’s charging cable, designed to make charging your Apple Watch simple and easy, and make taking your charger on the go even easier. Helix is simple to use: wrap the cord around the barrel, insert the charger, and plug it in. We believe Helix is going to be one of the best products available for Apple Watch owners. If you’re sick of cable clutter, Helix can help.

TimeStand™ is the striking aluminum charging pedestal for Apple Watch. Precision machined from a single cylinder of high-grade aluminum, its distinctive circular cut-out gives it a dramatic profile even when empty. Slip your Apple Watch magnetic charger into its rubber-lined recess and TimeStand™ becomes the most iconic charging stand available.

RXACTIVE is a fitness apparel company inventing sleek fitness apparel built with patented resistance panels designed to activate key muscle groups and burn extra calories. Developed and tested at NYU by a team of medical students, fashion designers, and Olympic athletes, RXA believes activewear can be comfortable while also enhancing workout efficiency.

The word trackpad doesn’t really make you think of a wooden design but this Touch Slab Wooden Trackpad is here to bring some change. It comes from the team of Orée Artisans who are renowned for their creations that have an emotional touch. Made from a single piece of premium maple or walnut wood, this trackpad is a multitouch device which also works as a numeric keypad.

You might often require those occasional bursts of fresh air while working during summers. Under such situations, what will truly prove to be a useful device is this Mini USB Flexible Fan. You can use it with your PC, laptop, powerbank or any other USB powered device which requires a power of 1.20 W only.

My name is Moazzam and I’m the co-founder of Esbee Cables. Esbee Cables are world’s first real leather smartphone charging cables that are handcrafted with top quality natural hide and suede leather. This means no more breaking or fraying at the ends but that’s not it. We redesigned the whole cable from scratch.

Are you an ardent book lover who is eager to stock their book collection in a unique way? Why not try using these Build On Brick Bookends. But before we discuss on its features, it’s important to point out that this bookend doesn’t come with the building blocks. You have to use the pieces from any existing building block set you own. It gives you an opportunity to store your books in a neat way as well as display your creativity at the same time.

Even if it’s raining all night, you can be sure that your Zippo Rugged Lantern will stay on throughout that time. Not only this, it’s a lamp which can withstand a 5-foot drop because of the rubber corners and will only turn off if you put out the switch. It will shine brightly like a super cool LED lantern under whatever situation you are in.

Surfing your tablets while you’re lying down is a painful activity where you might also risk dropping your tablet at times. With the LABC iBed Tablet Stand, things will a bit different. This is because it is a tablet stand designed for comfortable watching on bed.

Home cooks can now live up to the standards of a professional sous vide chef by using this Nomiku Sous Vide Immersion Circulator. It is generally considered to be every top chef’s special weapon for perfect cooking and with Nomiku, you can achieve that kind of perfection at home.

SNAP Together Your Own Furniture

Neat little gadgets and devices run our day to day lives. We have something for everything like a garden watering device or some cool 3D printer. Many gadgets take old ideas and make them new or allow us to have some major convenience in our lives. SNAP by Be-elastic is the latter; they add major convenience with furniture solutions all while tapping your style 100%. Read More

VoltVoyage Suitcase Will Make a Super Smart Travel Accessory

Imagine a typical day at the airport. You are waiting for the announcement of your flight and the lounge is completely packed with a lot of passengers. You suddenly realize your smartphone is in desperate need of a quick charge but the power outlets available around are already booked. You wait for a while but still no hope. So you try to find a seat nearby a charging station and literally jump on the ports whenever one becomes free. Sounds disgusting, right? Well, let’s try to imagine the same situation with a slight difference. You realize your smartphone has run out of charge and the charging stations around you are overflowing with a busy crowd. But you don’t bother because you have the VoltVoyage. Read More


Photo of the Day: Biting Away Summer


Children eat watermelons to meet the “beginning of autumn” at a kindergarten in Handan, China on August 7, 2015. Chinese tradition to eat watermelons or peaches before that day symbolises “biting away summer”. The solar term ‘beginning of autumn’ falls on 8 August this year. (Photo by Xinhua/REX Shutterstock)


Minimalist Bookshelf – A.R.T for A.B.C


The ABC bookshelf is a one of a kind, made with cubic shelves can be turned into alphabets and/or numbers.

Read your books, read your shelves.

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Amangiri Resort


Located near Utah and Arizona border, the Amangiri Resort is an architectural gem designed to blend into the landscape with natural hues and materials and is situated on 600 acres in Canyon Point.

The Resort features 34 suites in total, built around a centralized swimming pool, where guests can enjoy a spectacular view of the Escalante National Monument. The facility also includes a library, restaurant, a full service spa and an art gallery.