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This cat who tried to be as cute as her sister but just failed…

This cat who tried to be as cute as her sister but just failed miserably. (Source: http://ift.tt/1QqUToR)

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香川県のとある交差点の様子を捉えたドキドキ映像・・・ 続きを読む

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I can’t explain how insane Scuba looks over a chair….

I can’t explain how insane Scuba looks over a chair. (Source: http://ift.tt/1m8VzSs)

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Custom-Built Star Wars Home Theater is Perfect for Watching Force Awakens

Star Wars Home Theater

Finally, Force Awakens has hit theaters, and so far, it's already raked in over $100-million worldwide - pre-sale tickets included. Now many are already preparing for the limited / special editions to come, but what better way to watch them than in this custom-built home theater by Doug Chiang, the lead designer from the first two Star Wars prequels. Continue reading for more pictures and information.


Vimeo Staff Pick: Watch Down To Start A Riot, A Vic Mensa…

Vimeo Staff Pick: Watch Down To Start A Riot, A Vic Mensa Documentary For our first video cover story, The FADER visits the SAVEMONEY rapper at home in Chicago: http://ift.tt/1TS0m5W Last May, The FADER spent a week with the rapper Vic Mensa in Chicago shooting our first video cover story, Down To Start A Riot. Mensa had recently joined Kanye West on stage at the BRIT Awards and was, along with the rest of his SAVEMONEY crew, teetering on the edge of breaking out in a major way. As Mensa’s go-to producer and friend-since-grammar-school Stefan Ponce recalls, “He really did what he always knew he was going to do. Like, damn, this guy is really about to change his life.” Citing the versatility of SAVEMONEY’s sound and the breadth of their projects, the documentary’s director Aaron Brown says that, “It was cool to see what [Mensa and the SAVEMONEY guys] were doing, because they were doing something that has a lot more dimension.” Brown spent time with Vic in the studio, where there was work to be done and fun to be had; followed him through the streets of Hyde Park, where he recalls seeing the body of a slain classmate as a teenager and where he is now stopped by admirers on the street; and he filmed him freestyling on a subway platform. “I had the idea of trying to explore the genre of documentary, just trying to pick the pieces apart of a rapper,” Brown says of the dramatic subway station session. “I was thinking of an acapella verse as a voiceover in a documentary, that’s what it was. Just trying to freshen it up. We’ve all seen a bunch of rap videos and a bunch of documentaries, so it was asking, how can we think about them as one thing.” With nearly one hundred issues behind us, we are proud to present our first video cover story Down To Start A Riot featuring Vic Mensa and SAVEMONEY. Watch above, and check this space for more documentaries like this in the future. Director: Aaron Brown | Focus Creeps Producers: Robert Semmer + Scott Perry Executive Producer: Joseph Patel Director of Photography: Frank Mobilio Editor: Nick Pezzillo Camera Assistant: Eon Mora Steadicam Operator: Corey Lillard Sound: Josh Timmer Color: Bryan Smaller Sound Design: Zach Goheen Titles: Sean Plew Post-Production: Christopher Jones + Sam Balaban Cast: Vic Mensa Damien Pack Bryan Merritt Joey Purp Stefan Ponce Reese Towkio Music Credits Song: U MAD Artist: Vic Mensa Album: Traffic Song: Down On My Luck Artist: Vic Mensa Album: Traffic Song: Heaven Only Knows Artist: Towkio Album .Wav Theory Song: Badmon Artist: Leather Corduroys Album: Season Song: Remember Me Artist: Leather Corduroys Album: Season

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At the same beach four years later (Source:…

At the same beach four years later (Source: http://ift.tt/1MhFJKF)

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Twin Strangers Help Irish Woman Find Identical Stranger From Sweden


They say that there are about seven people in the world that look exactly like you. Most likely you haven’t met any of them. But, for Sara and Shannon, this rarity became a reality.

About a month ago, Sara joined TwinStrangers.net to see if she could find anyone that looked like here. Before long, she found Shannon and the two planned a trip to meet up.

Sara said that her friends actually thought the picture of Shannon was her after she discovered Shannon online. Once they connected, the two agreed to meet up in Dublin, where Shannon is from, for a twin-fueled vacation.

When the two saw each other for the first time, it was a surreal experience.

Shannon recalled the experience by stating, “I gave her a hug and then we just stood there like, ‘Oh my god, this is so weird’.”

She continued, “Our noses, our eyes… we have the exact same ears… lips, expressions, pout, smile… it’s just weird.”

I mean, if you met someone that looked exactly like you, how would you feel? Regardless, it’s pretty cool to see that dopperlgangers are uniting all over the world, confusing the hell out of people one twin at a time.

See also, ‘Total Strangers Who Could Actually Be Identical Twins

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高部あい麻薬事件で衝撃の新展開 手を出したきっかけは世界的俳優の息子、ヤク友有名人の名も続々判明

高部あいのコカイン事件で衝撃の新展開。警察関係者によれば、今回の事件で「捜査対象者は100人を超える」という。そのうち高部の芸能人脈に絞っても30人以上はいるというから驚きだ。その対象者たちとは誰なのか。 続きを読む

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