Stunning Speake-Marin’s Wristwatch Inspired by Ancient Temple in Kyoto


Independent watchmaker Speake-Marin co-operated with a trio of artisans of various specialties to create ‘the Kennin-Ji Temple Masters Project‘ wristwatch.

Selected by a collector, the timepiece is a one of a kind creation embellished with relief carving of twin dragons, based on the ceiling mural of the Kennin-Ji temple in Kyoto.

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Street Artist JR Teams Up with Daniel Arsham for a Mural in NYC


It’s always exciting to watch artists work on collaborations as they try to blend their different methods and imagery together in a unified fashion.

One of the more successful artists in doing this is a street artist and photographer JR.

The newest artist to work with the French photographer is NY-based sculptor Daniel Arsham featuring JR’s famous eye pasted inside Arsham’s sculptural elements.

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Hand-Blown Glass Creatures Come to Live In Beautiful Sculptures By Scott Bisson


Scott Bisson is a talented glass blower living in Oregon, creates amazing hand-crafted glass-blown creations with delicate and detailed colors. He often chooses to imitate aquatic creatures or amphibians whose natural forms match well with the flowing characteristics of the molten glass that he forms.

Bisson’s career as a glass blower started in high school when he bent a glass tube over a bunsen burner. The experience began him down a path that, many years and trained tutors, saw him become a specialist at twisting and shaping molten glass.

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Exciting Freedom of Sailing by Kurt Arrigo


Marine photographer Kurt Arrigo has captured the charm that happens when one sets sail on breathtakingly blue waters. Since the artist spent his childhood on the European island of Malta, he’s always been surrounded by the sea. For over ten years, Arrigo has travelled the world making photos of yachting events, underwater scenes, and luxury boats. His photos are, in one word: astonishing. Each photo evokes the salty smell, flavour, and feel of the ocean.

Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez


Elena. Trophée Bailli de Suffren


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Rainy Windshield Paintings On Canvas By Francis McCrory


Rainy Windshield Paintings on Canvas as seen through car windshields.

The author, Francis McCrory, says:

“On rainy days, I like to observe the world through a different type of lens, a rainy car windshield. The patterns and captivating distortions the raindrops leave on the glass reveals beautiful, sometimes quite abstract formations.”

“The magic part comes when I get to transform these beautiful compositions into oil paintings on canvas. It’s not about creating a deadpan depiction of the actual, but finding that critical balance between seeing and feeling as the artist.”

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Mountain Residence ‘Guinovart Florensa’ By Cadaval & Sola-Morales


The story of this unique residence started a while back, but the most interesting part took place in 2010. That’s while the architects of Cadaval & Sola-Morales started working on a restoration project that involved the existing vernacular structure.

This was a residence that had to refresh an existing house made of hard stone, a conventional method in the area that didn’t really do much good when it came to capturing the views or enjoying the location. The house we’re talking about perched on top of a mountain and has views of two valleys. During this project, the team had to maintain the original composition and to create a new and contemporary living space while admiring the historic context.

The project is unique as well as sustainable, joining new technologies with the old knowledge to produce a design suitable for the extreme climate. A series of horizontal interior barriers offer structural support and serve as dividers, creating ultimately in the separation of the construction into two independent homes.

The first volume has a long and wide opening that allowed natural light into becoming a part of the interior décor. The other volume is different. The full-height windows form an open facade that takes in panoramic views of the mountain peak. There’s a big architectural distinction between the two portions of the house. One is solid, with revealed stone walls and small openings while the other is open and contemporary.

By using different styles, the architects managed to save part of the actual structure and to bring it back to life while also attaching an extension. The result is two divide homes, one for the father, the other for the son, able to allow them shared experiences and to let them each enjoy the things they like in terms of architecture, interior design and everything else.

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Sustainable Hybrid Timber-frame Mini Home

Sustainable hybrid timber-frame Mini Home with playful design (1)

This lovely two-room cottage has an adventurous and playful design. The sustainable cottage was designed by Nir Pearlson Architects, architecture studio based in Eugene, Oregon, United States. Nir Pearlson designed the house to be energy-wise, with rigid foam insulation in walls and roof and separate photovoltaic arrays for generating electricity and hot water.

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Cruising N.Y.C. with Nigel Sylvester & Mr. Flawless by Van Styles


“New York City always gives me the best feeling when I am there. Maybe it is due to the child hood memories I have or maybe it has always played such a creative and inspiring platform for myself.” – Van Styles

“From skateboarding to photography NYC has always had my heart. I linked up with Bmx Pro and all around good dude Nigel Sylvester. We had met a couple of days earlier in the L.E.S. and thought it would be fun to link up for some photos.”

“We cruised around downtown checking stuff out and shooting as we went along. Things quickly picked up the pace when Mr. Flawless decided to meet up with us in his M5. Needless to say we started having a lot more fun. Cruising around downtown and SoHo just seeing what we could create with my camera,Nigel’s bike and Mr. Flawless’ BMW.”

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Everyday Objects Transformed into Humorous Food Art by Vanessa McKeown


Photo illustrator Vanessa McKeown creates colorful food imagery using everyday objects with humorous undertones.

A graduate in graphic design and film editing, McKeown uses her eye for detail to set up edible still lifes such as a sponge cake made with real cleaning sponges.

On the inspiration behind it, McKeown says: “I like to mix things up and make them visually pleasing!”

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Introducing Michael Najjar, The First Artist In Space


Michael Najjar has gone to the edge of tomorrow and captured what the future of space travel might look like. His project Outer Space was created while he trained for the so-far ill-fated Virgin Galactic project, flying at twice the speed of sound in a MIG-29. The results are a study in the possibilities of 21st-century celestial flight. He will travel into not-so-deep space later this year, Branson-permitting.

Image above: Spaceport, 2012

Outer Space is at Galleria Studio la Cittàˆ in Verona, Italy from 26 September to 15 November.

Image above: Sands of mars, 2014

Sands of mars, 2014

Serious anomaly, 2015

Muse, 2014

Space voyagers, 2014

Gravitational rotator, 2013

Orbital spy, 2015

Desert sky, 2014

Kinetic drift, 2014

Liquid gravity, 2013

Space debris I, 2012

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