We’ve All Used Them, But These 10 Images Show How Crayons are Actually Made

How It's Made Crayons

As the size of Crayola crayon packs increased from the original 1903 crayon packs, the variety of colors available has also increased - reaching 120 colors by 1998. The 16 officially retired crayon colors are "English Vermillion", "Brilliant Rose", "Light Blue", "Blue Gray", "Lemon Yellow", "Orange Red", "Orange Yellow", "Violet Blue", "Maize", "Green Blue", "Raw Umber", "Thistle", "Blizzard Blue", "Mulberry", "Teal Blue", and "Magic Mint". Click here to view the first image in this week's funny internet trolls gallery. Continue reading for a fascinating viral time-lapse video of Disneyland being built from the 1950s.


High-Speed Camera Used to Capture CD Exploding at 170,000 FPS

CD Shattering Slow Motion 170,000 FPS

The Slow Mo Guys are back at it again, and this time, they've managed to capture a compact disc exploding with a high-speed camera at 170,000 frames-per-second. To be more specific, they secured a disc to a vacuum cleaner motor and then spun it up to 23,000 RPM, causing it to literally disintegrate. The Compact Disc is an evolution of LaserDisc technology, where a focused laser beam is used that enables the high information density required for high-quality digital audio signals. Prototypes were developed by Philips and Sony independently in the late 1970s. Continue reading for the video.



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22 Random Signs and Messages That Make Absolutely No Sense

Make No Sense

Have you ever come across a sign or message that just made absolutely no sense? If so, these images should conjure up some interesting memories. For example, this rope has an image of someone climbing a rock face, but then at the bottom there's fine print saying that it's "not suitable for climbing". Now if someone were to have overlooked that message, many things can go wrong to say the least. Continue reading for more.



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軽自動車が「200万円」 自動車市場に一体何が起こっているのか?

昨年12月に発売されたダイハツの軽自動車「ムーヴ」の最上級グレードは約180万円。同時期に発売となったホンダの「N-BOX SLASH」も最上位モデルは190万円。自動車市場に何が起こっているのか。 続きを読む

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When You Combine Mini Yacht with Jet Ski and Spaceship, the Jet Capsule Reptile Results

Jet Capsule

Think of the Jet Capsule Reptile as a mini yacht and jet ski in one, with the sleek lines of a spaceship, providing luxury amenities without sacrificing performance and maneuverability on the water. Made by Italy-based Lazzarini, this updated model is lighter, faster, and offers more performance, weighing 1,102-pounds less than its predecessor. It's powered by a 570 horsepower Ilmore MV8 high performance engine that can boost it up to 50 knots (58 mph). Continue reading for another video, more pictures and additional information.


Star Wars R2-Q5 Virtual Keyboard Projects the Keys Right in Front of You with Laser Beams

R2-Q5 Virtual Keyboard

There are these keyboards, and then this Star Wars R2-Q5 virtual keyboard. While it may look similar to R2-D2, this mech was charged with storing the Emperor's plans against the Rebel Alliance within its memory bank as well as being personally responsible for programming hyperspace co-ordinates directly into Emperor Palpatine's shuttle during covert missions. Continue reading for a video of it in-action and more information.


大和龍門、 伝説のバラエティ番組「ガチンコ!」の舞台裏を全告白

2000年代前半に一世風靡したTBSのバラエティ番組「ガチンコ!」。「大検ハイスクール」「BE-BOP予備校」の講師を務め、「ホームラン級の馬鹿だな」「スベリ止めなし!」などの名言を残した大和龍門氏に直撃インタビュー。 続きを読む

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