Vimeo Staff Pick: Look up from the busy streets of New York…

Vimeo Staff Pick: Look up from the busy streets of New York City, and you might glimpse a flock of purebred pigeons swooping in circles around an abandoned tenement building in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Their aerial acrobatics are guided by their keeper, a streetwise Puerto Rican nicknamed 2Tone. On the other end of the borough, a man named Goodwin and his pal Super 13 tend their own pigeon coop and flock of 300 birds. Each man is trying to beat the other, to lure his birds away. It’s about bragging rights but it’s also about poetry, it’s about religion. It’s about finding that “true pigeon that will never break your heart,” as 2Tone says. Narratively: Human Stories Boldly Told Share your thoughts on “Pigeon Kings of Brooklyn” with Narratively on: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Sign up for the Narratively email newsletter:



最近投稿された、風船を意外な方法で割る方法を教えてあげるよ!という動画が人気です。詳細は見てもらうことにして、オレンジのリモネンという油性の成分が飛んでいるそうです。顔の近くでミカンの皮を剥いて目が痛くなったりするアレです。 続きを読む


What Baymax from Big Hero 6 Would Look Like as 7 Other Famous Disney Characters

Baymax Big Hero 6

Photo credit: Demetria Syke

Demetria Skye, an extremely talented self-taught artist from Scotland, has created a series of creative illustrations featuring Baymax from Disney's Big Hero 6. As you can probably already see, she's outfitted him with different suits worn by other famous Disney characters, such as Elsa from Frozen, Rapunzel from Tangled, and Genie from Aladdin. Click here to view the first image in this week's demotivational poster gallery. Continue reading for a viral video of a cat who just loves being swept off the floor.


Vimeo Staff Pick: In some way every challenge we face is…

Vimeo Staff Pick: In some way every challenge we face is beautiful. Original footage filmed with Kodak Super 8, Canon C100 & Canon 7D ADDITIONAL FOOTAGE NASA Archives Prelinger Archives Pond5 Public Domain Videoblocks David King, H. Lee Waters Collection SOUND MIXED BY Tommy Mokas @ Casa Nova Studios MUSIC BY Experience (Starkey Remix), Ludovico Einaudi Experience, Ludovico Einaudi POST PRODUCTION Final Cut Pro X, Adobe After Effects, Protools SPECIAL THANKS Alyssa Monks Christian Douglas Christopher Stone David King


Vimeo Staff Pick: 2014, official music video for SOURCE by Fever…

Vimeo Staff Pick: 2014, official music video for SOURCE by Fever The Ghost


福島第1原発、原子炉内の燃料が「ほぼ全量溶融していた」 調査で初の確認

東京電力は、地球に降り注ぐ宇宙線から生じる「ミュー粒子」を利用して福島第1原発1号機を調査した結果、原子炉内の核燃料がほとんど溶け落ちていることを確認したと発表。燃料溶融を調査により確認したのは初めて。 続きを読む


通勤電車で妊婦にヒジ鉄・・ マタニティハラスメントの恐ろしい実態が明らかに

19日放送の「いっぷく!」で、妊婦がマタニティマークを身につけることで差別を受ける事例を紹介。その例として、通勤時間の電車内で男性から「どけ!」と言われ、ヒジ鉄を受けた事例を取り上げた。嫌がらせを恐れ、マタニティマークをあえて使わない妊婦もいるという。 続きを読む


This is Not a Cherokee from the 70s, Just the 2015 Jeep Chief Concept

Jeep Chief Concept

At first glance, this appears to be an old Cherokee from the 70s, complete with Wagoneer grille, but it's actually the all-new Jeep Chief Concept, unveiled to partake in the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. Under the hood, it's powered by a 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine, mated to a six-speed manual transmission. Continue reading for more pictures and information.


「人の手も借りたい」 そんな猫たちのモフ強要動画総集編




20年後も生き残ってそうなAKBメンバーは誰? メンバーによる投票で325人の頂点に選ばれたのは・・・