Dragon of the Sea by Nathan Rupert Via Flickr: A Leafy…

Dragon of the Sea by Nathan Rupert
Via Flickr:
A Leafy Sea Dragon floats around at Birch Aquarium

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Valley of Fire, Nevada (bike path). Photo source

Valley of Fire, Nevada (bike path). Photo source

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This is What the First Wooden Russian Submarine from 1721 Looks Like

Russian Submarine

Photo credit: English Russia

Believe it or not, this is what submarines used to look like, and while not pretty, they served their purpose well. This particular specimen was used during 1721 in Russia, the time of Peter the Great. Called "a hidden vessel," the submarine was tested near St. Petersburg in the presence of the emperor himself. Today, Sestroretsk is now a big resort. Click here to view the first image in this week's funny work pictures gallery. Continue reading for a viral video of a tiny Taekwondo msater breaking a board.



soo i’ll be looking to stock my queue further..

if anyone has particularly unique animal requests either let me know here or inbox me!

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Photo by Wim van den Heever

Photo by Wim van den Heever

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video:  Parrots Sliding Down Banisters

video:  Parrots Sliding Down Banisters

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video:  Stubborn Bulldog Won’t Drop His Box

video:  Stubborn Bulldog Won’t Drop His Box

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Vimeo Staff Pick: The Wild featuring Noah Beschen was the 2015…

Vimeo Staff Pick: The Wild featuring Noah Beschen was the 2015 REDirect Surf Grand Prize Winner. Presented by RED Digital Cinema & Surfer Mag. REDirect Surf was a filmmaking competition to see who can create the most unique and original surf short of the year using RED Dragon 6K cameras provide by RED. 11 film makers were hand selected to participate and after 10 weeks of filming and 4 weeks of post production all films were submitted. The distinguished panel of judges included Taylor Steele (World Renowned Surf Film Maker), Jarred Land (CEO of RED) as well as Director of Point Break 2, Grant Elis (Editor of Surfer Mag), and Jamin Jannard (Founder of RED son). Directed. Filmed. Edited: Aaron Lieber. Featuring: Noah Beschen. Additional Footage: Layne Stratton. Peter King. Sound Designer: Nash Howe. Colorist: Octave Zangs. Music: Stefano Ruggeri - Happy Medium. Blues Saraceno - Bad Man. Red BTS: https://youtu.be/GmbXPtZ0GC8?t=2m44s Read more at http://ift.tt/1IxXbvY

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Leather Belt with Hidden Pocket


Stash some emergency money in this Leather Belt with Hidden Pocket. It features its signature hidden pocket in the inside part, big enough to even hold your house key.

The Belt is constructed with full grain distressed leather, suede inner lining and a reinforced zinc plated detachable/replaceable buckle.

The Leather Belt With Hidden Pocket will give you some piece of mind knowing that you always have some cash on you in case of an emergency.

Via: Spendingitall.com

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Nipi Smart Cooler


Nipi is more than a cooler, it is a charging hub for your phone/tablet! complete with a solar panel.

watch the video

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