Dragon Ball Z Pop Culture Fusion


Dragon Ball Z Pop Culture Fusion illustrations by Pierre-Marie Lenoir.

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Meet The Mr T Lookalike Who Won’t Quit His Jibba Jabba – Lecturing Students In Digital Media And Design


John Lashley as Mr T (Caters News)

John Lashley, 34, is a visual effects consultant who lectures in digital media but in his downtime he earns a little extra from his striking resemblance to the popular A Team character. John has even appeared as the popular character on Britain’s Got Talent and in the televised Snickers adverts but he’s never eaten a bar because he’s allergic to nuts and chocolate!

John Lashley in his lecture theatre with his Mr T mug (Caters News)

John, who lives in Northampton, has lectured at Staffordshire University for six years but hits the gym five times a week for over an hour and a half a time to keep himself in shape for the Mr T persona.

John Lashley dressed as Mr. T in his lecture theatre (Caters News)

John, originally from New York, said: “I got into Mr. T work by going to an 80’s birthday party dressed as him and it’s spiralled out of control from there.”

John Lashley as Mr T (Caters News)

“Most of my students don’t have a clue I’m a Mr T lookalike until I show them the footage of me on BGT in 2010. It’s usually a graduation surprise I play for their last class. It’s always popular and it always gets a few laughs I don’t think they can believe their lecturer could do something so cool!”

John Lashley dressed as Mr. T in his lecture theatre (Caters News)

Hair Direct, a hair-product company based in the United States, sponsor John and make him hair units to mould the perfect Mohawk for his persona. He had to send them a cast of his skull and they created custom-made human hair unit for him so he is able to live a normal life with a fully shaved head but become Mr T at a moment’s notice.

John Lashley in his lecture theatre (Caters News)

“I love that looking like Mr. T has become a supplementary income – doing this has made me realise that most people do judge on looks and it’s taught me not to judge a book by its cover.”

John Lashley as Mr T (Caters News)

He has a partner who would prefer to remain unnamed. She has a 5-year-old son while John has a 8-year-old son called Leo.
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It Looks Like a Piece of Grass, But at the Push of a Button, an Underground Garage is Revealed

Underground Garage

The innovative Cardok underground parking system doesn't look out of place when not in use, but at the push of a button, a Batcave-inspired parking space is revealed. Simply drive your vehicle into the Cardok space, hit the remote switch, and its four hydraulic actuators lowers your vehicle safely into the ground. Available in Mono and Multi sizes, the latter gives you the option to park 4 of your vehicles underground. Click here to view the first image in this week's geeky life gallery. Continue reading for a viral video of a bizarre restaurant for singles in Korea.


Street Artist Mobstr Unveils A Giant Mural In Vilnius, Lithuania


Mobstr is currently in Lithuania where he was invited to create some of his unique work by the good lads from the excellent Vilnius Street Art Festival.

Innovative, brash, satirical and often bold, these are the words to describe the work of world renowned street artist Mobstr. From Newcastle, Mobstr sometimes tells stories through his work while at other times they are merely entertaining. Mobstr is passionate about his work which ranges from the very simple to deeper meanings. His work can be said to be a critique of consumerism, advertising and society as a whole.

The British artist was given a mega building where he wrote one his signature quotes which reads “In The Future Every Building Will Be World-Famous For Fifteen Minutes”. This piece is a tribute to the expression credited to Andy Warhol, who included the words “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes” in the program for a 1968 exhibition of his work at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Sweden.

Continue reading for a bunch of extra images on this artwork and then check back with us soon for the latest updates from Eastern Europe.

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ウッチャンがゴールデン番組2本を打ち切りになった真相 実は自ら望んだ決断か

内村光良さんが司会を務める「そうだ旅(どっか)に行こう。」が、9月いっぱいで打ち切られることが明らかに。内村司会の番組では、「笑神様は突然に…」も終了が発表されたばかり。ゴールデンの番組が一気に2つも打ち切りとなり、苦境に立たされたと思いきや・・・ 続きを読む

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LEIF Tech Creates World’s First eSnowboard for Tearing Up the Streets in All Seasons

LEIF eSnowboard

Powered by two lightweight brushless 2000W electric motors, the LEIF eSnowboard delivers power to ride in any direction - forward, backwards, sideways and uphill - like you would a traditional snowboard. It can achieve speeds up to 20 mph, complete with a wireless remote that has a thumb slider to control the cylinders. The board weighs in at 15-pounds and good for 8-miles on a single charge. Continue reading for three more videos and additional information.



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cuties (Source: http://ift.tt/1Jzm8YB)

cuties (Source: http://ift.tt/1Jzm8YB)

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突然いなくなったホームレス、監視カメラが捉えた意外な姿に涙 タイの感動CMが話題に

最近投稿された、タイの防犯カメラメーカーvizer社によるプロモーション動画が人気。 続きを読む

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