(via A$AP Rocky – LSD – YouTube)

(via A$AP Rocky - LSD - YouTube)

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英ロンドンの宝飾店街で先月、コンクリートの壁に穴を開けられ72の貸金庫から過去最悪規模の推定2億ポンド(約375億円)相当の宝石が盗まれた事件で、英警察は19日、男9人を逮捕した。 続きを読む

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The Bug, by Spyderco, is a fully functional slip-joint folding knife in an incredibly tiny package. When closed, the micro-sized knife is not much larger than a paper clip, and although small, it offers reliable high performance from its teensy high-carbon stainless steel, razor sharp blade (take a look at the insanely happy Amazon reviews). The keychain knife features a very strong slip joint that keeps it rigid during cuts, and has a lanyard hole to accommodate a chain or a key ring.

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Miito is an exciting new item developed bearing in mind a more efficient way of heating water. Why? Well most of us, when in need for boiled water normally heat an excess of water, say you just want a cup of tea, most electrical kettles have a minimum of 0,5 ltr in order to work, needless to say you?re wasting valuable resources. It operates through an induction system in a very simple and interesting way. The system has a metal rod, supported by a small disc that you place inside the recipient you want to use, and the induction base does its thing and gets your water to the boil, using just the right amount of energy to do it. It works with non-ferrous vessels, and with other liquids too, such as milk or soup. Designed and developed by a German team, you?re sure to get build quality and a simple one button operating machine. Smart, beautifully designed and environmentally friendly. watch the video

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Venture 30 is the new charging kit by Goal Zero, developed for all of those who love outdoor life but just can?t give up the need for electric power to charge their portable devices. This power source can be charged up either by an USB port, which will take about 4 hrs, or by direct sunlight, using the Nomad 7 Solar Panel, included in this kit, in which case it will take twice as long. Fully charged it can provide up to 2-3 full charges for your smartphone or 1 full charge for your tablet, or up to 5 for headlamps and cameras too. Featuring two high-speed ports that charge your devices using the same time as if they were connected to a normal power socket, it?s also very rugged and durable, built to withstand the harshest conditions. This kit is also very light, with a weight of only 1.5 lbs so you don?t have to worry about the extra weight in your backpack. With built in cables on its frame you won?t ever worry again about carrying them around, a micro USB on one side and another USB on the other. Also included is a charge indicator that doubles as a handy flashlight. watch the video

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Oxboard is like a Segway without armrests, looks much cooler, and is much easier to carry and store. Developed by a Dutch company, Oxboard combines the technology of Segway and the cool of the skateboard culture, it is easy to ride and extremely agile. The two-wheel electric vehicle is operated with your feet and subtle body shifts, you can move forward, backward, make turns and even rotate 360 ​​degrees around your axis. It contains enough energy after a full charge to propel it up to 12 miles, with a maximum speed of 6 miles per hour. Available now at Oxboard?s website in a choice of red, black, or white.
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Ron Walotsky – Against the fall of night, 1970.

Ron Walotsky - Against the fall of night, 1970.

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Luis Royo – Evolution

Luis Royo - Evolution

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Le Voyage dans la Lune de Georges Méliès (1902) est considéré…

Le Voyage dans la Lune de Georges Méliès (1902) est considéré comme le premier film de science-fiction.

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