10 Cool Spy Gadgets That Were Used During the Cold War Era

Real Spy Gadgets

Here's a fascinating look at some cool gadgets that were used by real KGB spies during the Cold War, most of which are guns disguised as everyday objects. On a related note, the KGB was the main security agency for the Soviet Union from 1954 until its break-up in 1991. Its main functions were foreign intelligence, counterintelligence, operative-investigatory activities and guarding the State Border of the USSR. Click here to view the first image in today's viral picture gallery. Continue reading to view the five most popular internet videos of today.


【( ˘ω˘)スヤァ】コタツで眠る猫のポーズがwwwwww

コタツから頭と前足をちょこんと突き出して、まるで人間のように眠る仔猫。はじめての温もりなのでしょうか、恍惚の表情を浮かべております。 続きを読む

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Elgin Park is Not a Real City, Just a Mind-Boggling Optical Illusion

Elgin Park

Photo credit: Michael Paul Smith via Colossal

At first glance, the top image appears to be cars parked in front of a snow-covered house, but those vehicles are just optical illusions. We've featured Michael Paul Smith's work before, but he's just released a new video that takes you behind-the-scenes of his mind-boggling forced perspective optical illusions. Simply put, Elgin Park is a fictional 20th century town filled with miniature 1/24th-scale models of cars and buildings. He uses hand-crafted model sets, die-cast automobiles and real backdrops to create the scenes. You can also check out his book here. Continue reading for more pictures and information.


Vimeo Staff Pick: Hallucinations caused by inappropriately high…

Vimeo Staff Pick: Hallucinations caused by inappropriately high doses of candy. Video by Rita Louro Music: We Had Visions by Violet Label: One Eyed Jacks Software: C4D and Adobe After Effects.

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「人口密集地を避け被害最少に」 台湾・旅客機墜落事故、機長の最後の行動に賞賛の声

台湾の旅客機墜落事故で、機長がマンションなどへの衝突を避けて旅客機を川に不­時着させようとしていた可能性があるとして称賛の声が上がっているという。「努力して被害を少なくしたと思います。偉­大な機長でした」 続きを読む

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USB Drives Are Being Placed in Random Walls Worldwide, You’ll Never Guess Why

USB Project Wall

When you see a USB drive randomly sticking out of a wall, the last thing you'd think of would probably be an anonymous file sharing network, but that's exactly what this project is all about. Started 4-years-ago by Berlin-based media artist Aram Bartholl, "Dead Drops" encompasses a wide variety of file types, including movies, games, television shows, comics, family videos, photos and even art projects. To partake in "Dead Drops", you need to first find or create a hole in a wall, crack open the USB drive, wrap it in waterproof tape and then place it in the hole, with only the port exposed. To ensure that it doesn't fall out, use fast-setting concrete to cement the stick into the crack or hole. The largest capacity drive so far was is located in Sydney - a 120GB drive installed by a Chinese exchange student. Continue reading for a video, more information and a link to the Dead Drops database page.


Vimeo Staff Pick: In September 2014 my brother and me travelled…

Vimeo Staff Pick: In September 2014 my brother and me travelled Vietnam, 45 days amazing adventures. Canon 5D Mark III RAW ML Music “My Home” by Talisco Website : http://ift.tt/15UJMvQ Facebook : http://ift.tt/1k8qWqa Twitter : http://ift.tt/1i6tKkS georgy.tarasov@gmail.com

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30 Funny Valentine’s Day Cards That Geeks Would Love

Funny Valentine's Card

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and some geeks like to do things differently, or at least when it comes to greeting cards. For example, the card you see above is a parody of Google's auto-complete search bar. On a related note, did you know that about 1-billion Valentine's Day cards are exchanged in US alone each year? After Christmas, that's the largest seasonal card-sending occasion of the year. Continue reading for some more cards that geeks would love.



ペットボトルを利用したネズミ捕獲器の作り方を教えてくれる興味深い映像。特別なものを使うことはなく、割り箸と輪ゴムを使ったシンプルな仕掛けで、今すぐにでも実践できそう。そして動画の6分20頃から、実際に試してみたドキドキなシーンがあります。 続きを読む

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