(via Христина Соловій – Тримай (official video) – YouTube)…

(via Христина Соловій – Тримай (official video) - YouTube)

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NHKヤラセ疑惑で番組製作のカラクリが露呈、テレビ業界内に衝撃 「NHKにこれを認められると痛い」

話題のNHK「クローズアップ現代」のやらせ疑惑騒動。調査委員会が9日発表した中間報告をめぐり、民放の報道番組関係者が「NHKにコレをやられると痛い!」と真っ青になっているという。衝撃的だったのは、番組制作の“カラクリ”を明かしてしまったことだという・・・ 続きを読む

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Man Spends 40-Years Building Theme Park in Free Time, Complete with Kinetic Rides

Backyard Theme Park

Photo credit: Buzzfeed

Bruno, a man who lives in northern Italy, built a theme park in his very own backyard. His story begins in June 1969 when he purchases a a jug of white wine and a jug of red wine and five or six kilos of sausages to the forest. Bruno then set up a grill in the shade of a tree and awaited his first customers, and says: "I wanted to see if we would sell something or if people would come." Fast forward to today, and Ai Pioppi has human-powered swings, slides, seesaws, gyroscopes, a ferris wheel and even a roller-coaster. Click here to view the first image in this week's WINS gallery. Continue reading for a viral video of a blind painter who learned to master his craft.


Vimeo Staff Pick: Directed by Austin Vesely…

Vimeo Staff Pick: Directed by Austin Vesely (http://twitter.com/AustinVesely) Written by Austin Vesely and Chancelor Bennett Cinematographer | Nathan Salter Steadicam Operator | Blaine Baker 1st Assistant Camera | Ian McAvoy 2nd Assistant Camera | Marion Tucker 1st Assistant Director | Angie Gaffney Line Producer | Angie Gaffney Production Designer | Amanda Brinton Art Director | Drew Bender Carpenter | Blake Paine Painter | OJ Hays Painter | Rae Reichlin Painter | Mary Mooney Painter | Chesney Gregorie Painter | Erika Hood Painter | Jennifer Herrig Painter | Lena Rush Lighting Design | Michael Apostolos 2nd Lighting Design | Scott Sheffield Lighting Assistant | Bob Zegler Choreography | Ian Eastwood Choreography | Dlow Footwork | Pause Eddie Footwork | Lil Bit Lead Dancer | Trevor Takemoto Lead Dancer | Monyett Lead Dancer | Ade Wardrobe | Megan Spatz Wardrobe | Kate Grube Make-Up and Hair | Sarah Lawless Dancers: Allen Washington Isaiah Sosho Renzell Roque Alexander de Guzman Kelley Bode Franz Luigi De Guzman Arianna Rozen Natiya Reggans Sebastian Rodriguez Andrew Phan Keenan Morales Felecia Hubbard Brittany Buena Jacob Ford Production Assistants: Danny Farber Trevor Hollis Claire Dobbs Zoe Lubeck Tyler Krawczyk Julia Hogikyan Molly Hickey

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If the Star Wars Universe Invaded Los Angeles, This is What it Would Look Like

Star Wars Los Angeles

It is only a matter of time before we see a Marvel and Star Wars crossover film, but until that happens we have to settle for fan films like this one, which depicts the Imperial army invading Los Angeles. You'll see AT-ATs, TIE fighters, and more dropped over the Los Angeles skyline, with shots of Santa Monica Pier and The Queen Mary, as the Imperial/Rebel battle over the city of angels. Continue reading for more.


女性が幻滅する「男性の嫌な言葉遣いランキング」 1位はダントツで・・・

女性に比べ本質で勝負する男性にとっては、言葉遣いは特に気を配っておきたいポイント。20~40代の女性を対象に「思わずどん引きしてしまう男性の言葉遣い」についてアンケートを取ってみた。 続きを読む

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These are Not Optical Illusions, Just Spiraling Geometric Sculptures Created with Layers of Glass

Spiraling Geometric Sculpture

These are not optical illusions, just real spiraling geometric sculptures created with layers of laminated glass. For the past 3-decades, Japanese artist Niyoko Ikuta has explored the properties of glass to make etheral geometric sequences manifested as layered sculptures. Her installations have been showcased at V&A in London and the Corning Museum of Glass in the U.S. Continue reading for more pictures and information.


「お腹の脂肪が全然落ちない」 意外な原因 4つ

食生活も改善したし、エクササイズも頑張ってるんだけど、お腹の肉だけはなかなか減らない・・・ そんな努力していても「お腹の脂肪が落ちない」原因を検証してみた。 続きを読む

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