Polish Stalkers Turned The Lights On In Pripyat, 31 Years After Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster

Pripyat is a radioactive ghost town just outside Chernobyl, the site of the infamous nuclear disaster in 1986. Deep within the Exclusion Zone, the city has been permanently evacuated. Because of the contamination, officially you can’t live there, although 200 or so defiant oldster locals still do. They just kept on going back to their houses until the officials gave up.

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Disaster junkies and radioactivity enthusiasts flock from all over the world to make their nuclear pilgrimage to Chernobyl. There’s a shuttle from Kiev, frequent official tours, even a hotel you can stay overnight in.

The group tags itself “Naprowmieniowani.” The expedition, and its associated photoset, have been making their way rapidly through Russian-language social media.

“We wanted to prove that if Soviet technology doesn’t fail instantly, it’ll last forever,” they declared.

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【動画】 「2人の喧嘩をピザが解決した事件」 投稿動画に感動の声あふれるww

ピザのパワー。 続きを読む

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お笑い芸人の狩野英孝(35歳)が、ライオンに噛まれた。 続きを読む

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These two pups at the Washington, D.C. Women’s March…

These two pups at the Washington, D.C. Women’s March today: (Source: http://ift.tt/2DrJZiN)

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「一昨日、会社の仲間が突然亡くなりました・・」 その原因に衝撃走る

脱水症状からの脳出血。 続きを読む

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There’s A “Stranger Things” Ouija Board

Netflix has partnered with Hasbro and Mystifying Oracle to create an upside down version of the classic Ouija board inspired by the popular Stranger Things television series.

Supernatural forces were uncovered, a young boy was rescued from a parallel dimension, and monsters—both human and otherworldly—were defeated. Gather around the Ouija: Stranger Things Edition game, if you dare, and unlock secrets from a mysterious and mystifying world of the Upside Down.

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【動画】 「2人の娘からのメッセージに動揺する羽生善治さん」 投稿ツイートが反響ww

羽生善治先生、照れる。 続きを読む

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The Incredible Art Of Maciej Kuciara, Who’s Worked On The Last Of Us, Ghost In The Shell & Crysis

Maciej Kuciara is one of the most talented concept artist on the planet. And you’re about to see just why.

He’s worked for a number of high-profile companies and clients over the years, including stints at Ghost In The Shell, Crytek (Crysis series), CD Projekt (Cyberpunk), Blur (Halo 4’s launch trailer) and Naughty Dog (The Last of Us).

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ウニに廃棄キャベツを与えたら実がぎっしり! 短期間での養殖に成功ww

神奈川県三浦市で、海藻を食い尽くすと駆除されてきたウニに廃棄されたキャベツを与え、短期間で養殖することに県水産技術センターが成功した。味も好評で、新たな特産品へと期待が高まっている・・ 続きを読む

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