Polish Stalkers Turned The Lights On In Pripyat, 31 Years After Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster

Pripyat is a radioactive ghost town just outside Chernobyl, the site of the infamous nuclear disaster in 1986. Deep within the Exclusion Zone, the city has been permanently evacuated. Because of the contamination, officially you can’t live there, although 200 or so defiant oldster locals still do. They just kept on going back to their houses until the officials gave up.

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Disaster junkies and radioactivity enthusiasts flock from all over the world to make their nuclear pilgrimage to Chernobyl. There’s a shuttle from Kiev, frequent official tours, even a hotel you can stay overnight in.

The group tags itself “Naprowmieniowani.” The expedition, and its associated photoset, have been making their way rapidly through Russian-language social media.

“We wanted to prove that if Soviet technology doesn’t fail instantly, it’ll last forever,” they declared.

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【動画】 おぎやはぎ小木、体罰問題で「関西弁を無くすべき」発言に批判殺到ww

この日、バイキングでは関西地方で発生した某少年野球チームの体罰問題を特集・・ 続きを読む

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【動画】 コンビニで謎の男が大暴れ、店内めちゃくちゃに! 投稿動画に衝撃走る

ファミマで修羅場。 続きを読む

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DCN Video Pick: Emergence – Preview by Universal Everything //…

DCN Video Pick: Emergence - Preview by Universal Everything // Emergence is an open-world environment, expressing the primal feeling of maintaining your individual identity whilst being part of a crowd. As you immerse yourself in a crowd of thousands, shafts of light beckon you closer. As you touch the light, the environment – its atmosphere, its gravity and the choreography of the crowd – transform in powerful ways, continually challenging your perception. This unique experience of crowd behaviour, showing 5000+ intelligent human behaviours, is only possible with the latest graphics technology - creating a powerful experience never felt before. — PC application available on request - Creative Director: Matt Pyke Developer: Chris Mullany Sound Design: Simon Pyke Senior Producer: Greg Povey

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9月18日発売の「週刊女性」が、お笑いタレントの加藤茶が意識朦朧の状態で極秘入院したことを伝えた。病状が気になるところだが、加藤は入院中、意外なものを食べていたという・・ 続きを読む

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 その一部始終をとらえた動画がこちらだ。 続きを読む

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【動画】 ゲリラ豪雨の熊本でゴキブリが大量に噴出し現地騒然

熊本で騒動が。 続きを読む

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Excuse me human but you’re on my pillow (Source:…

Excuse me human but you’re on my pillow (Source: https://ift.tt/2OD2xOS)

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I’m a VVVAMPIRE!!! (Source: https://ift.tt/2OANrcw)

I’m a VVVAMPIRE!!! (Source: https://ift.tt/2OANrcw)

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前澤友作氏の月旅行に早くも暗雲か・・ 米司法省が捜査に着手「マスク氏はアウト」の声、1000億円パーの可能性

一部報道によれば、1人当たりの出発代金は約70~80億円。彼らの“お代”も前澤氏が持つため、総額700億円超の費用がかかる計算になる・・ 続きを読む

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