Powerful Portraits Show The Faces Behind The Women’s March On Washington

With the Women’s March on Washington rapidly approaching, photographer Clayton Cubitt set about immortalizing some of the organizers and activists involved with the event. On January 21, 2017, women and advocates for women’s rights will march in Washington—as well as in other cities and countries during sister even. Cubitt’s set of powerful portraits gives a voice to the women behind the march, their faces glowing and vital as they explain why they’ve decided to participate.

More info: Women on the March, Clayton Cubitt, Instagram (h/t: mymodernmet)

“As a woman I feel I need to be vocal about oppression. As a veteran I’m obligated to stand up for my rights and for the rights of others.” – Jessica:

“Without reproductive freedom this country isn’t free. We aren’t free.” – Heidi:

“I want to be on the frontlines of the resistance. The Women’s March is not only a show of our power but a reminder of our collective responsibility to love, protect and protest.” – Faiza:

“I’m marching because so much will be at stake for women of color under a Trump presidency, and we need to be the leaders that steer our country toward progressive change.” – Erin Malone:

“There is so much at stake in this upcoming administration. Women are the majority in this country. Our voices should hold weight.” – Candice:

“I’m twelve years old, looking too grown, my body the first woman to betray me.

Above me, weight. Below me, a thick and fraying gymnastics mat in the corner of our school’s gym.

Three boys. One drools with laughter. Another keeps his distance, or maybe is keeping watch, or worse yet, both. The third, who would later wind up dead but we’re not that far into the story, states his defense, unprompted:

get used to it, you’re a girl

and later I walk home alone, counting my steps, each one bringing me further from that moment and closer to my bedroom- my paints and pastels, my keyboard, cat, my diary, mirrors and mother, the smell of garlic dancing up the stairs and the scratchy feel of the rug on my cheek that I would lay on while counting my freckles and the hours left until the school bells rang again.

There are many things I’ve gotten used to and lying still beneath the fragile weight of a man is not one of them. And so I march, like I always have. I’ll march with my sisters and count my steps. I’ll link arms and kick up dirt, I’ll yell for all the times I couldn’t, I’ll shout for women who can’t. I march because each step forward floats my body home. – Hannah:

“As an Air Force vet & proud daughter of a Honduran immigrant, like endless women before me, my life is anchored in service and fearlessness. Inequality maims us all, and this march is a show of strengths and our collective leadership.” – Pam Campos:

“I march because our democracy is a dumpster fire. I march because structural patriarchy must be dismantled. I march because we fight sexism with solidarity.” – Winnie Wong, coiner of the phrase “Feel the Bern,” on why she’s marching in #womensmarch:

“I have no choice but to organize to protect my family and the communities that I love. We must stand up and fight back, people’s lives depend on it.” – Linda Sarsour:

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This bowl is all mine (Source: http://ift.tt/eA8V8J)

This bowl is all mine (Source: http://ift.tt/eA8V8J)

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Apparently the owners even put up little reindeer antlers above…

Apparently the owners even put up little reindeer antlers above the holes at Christmas time! (Source: http://ift.tt/2psdQhf)

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When you go to the pool with your short friend (Source: http://ift.tt/2pvKBdo)

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Little Egyptian horse goes for a trot (Source: http://ift.tt/2fuuw5d)

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SOURCE: http://karapaia.com/archives/52255497.html


同じモデルで、ガソリンエンジンとハイブリッド・パワートレインが設定されているとき、「ハイブリッド車を選べば価格差をガソリン代でペイできる」と考えてクルマを選ぶのは意味がない、という指摘がある・・ 続きを読む

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