Rare And Amazing Photographs From The First Australasian Antarctic Expedition Between 1911-14

Cavern carved by the sea in an ice wall near Commonwealth Bay, circa 1912

In 1911 a group of scientists and adventurers left Hobart under the leadership of Dr Douglas Mawson. They were bound for Macquarie Island and the then unknown parts of Antarctica.

The scientists of the expedition produced information that later made an major contribution to knowledge of the region. The exploration of new lands established precedence to claims, formalised in 1936 as the Australian Antarctic Territory. Although James Francis (Frank) Hurley was the official photographer to the Australasian Antarctic Expedition, other members of the expedition also took photographs.

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F. Bickerton looking out over seas near Commonwealth Bay, circa 1912

Wreck of the ‘Gratitude’, Macquarie Island, 1911

Mushroom ice formation, 1912

A radiant turret lit by the midsummer midnight sun, circa 1912

Huskies pulling sledge, circa 1912

Hamilton hand-netting for macro-plankton from Aurora, circa 1912

Arthur Sawyer and sea elephant pup, circa 1912

Skeleton of sea-elephant and Harold Hamilton, circa 1912

Australian Antarctic Expedition members in the kitchen, circa 1912

Wild and Watson in sleeping bag tent on sledge journey, circa 1912

Blizzard, the pup in Antarctica, circa 1912

Ice cased Adelie penguins after a blizzard at Cape Denison, circa 1912

Frozen Adelie, Antarctica, circa 1912

Shags defending nest, Macquarie Island, circa 1912

Basilisk and Ginger at Main Base, circa 1912

Ice mask, C.T. Madigan, circa 1912

Young sea-elephants on the beach, Macquarie Ilsand, Antarctica, 1911-1914

Female sea-elephant, Macquarie island, Antarctica, 1911-1914

King penguins, Antarctica, 1911-1914

Victoria penguin, Antarctica, 1911-1914

Weddell seal, Shackleton Ice Shelf, Antarctica, 1911-1914

Winter quarters, Queen Mary Land winter, 1911-1914

A dreamy Venice in seal-land, 1911-1914

Sclater penguin, 1911-1912

In full sledging gear on the plateau, 1911-1914

Photograph from the Expedition [group portrait], 1911-1914

The Aurora seen from within a cavern of the Mertz Glacier Tongue, Commonwealth Bay, Dec. 1913

Cape Denison during a blizzard, crampons had to be worn on boots and ice-axes used, even so progress was very difficult and could be perilous

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