The workstation is a sacred place where many of us spend most of their day. For this ultimate dream desk setup we focus on gear to make your office space functional, clutter-free, and showcase products to help you work in a more ergonomic environment, and of course, put them all together in a nice clean, minimalist and sophisticated design. We hope this right mix will allow you to become your most productive, efficient and creative self.

The Jimmy Cooper Chair is crafted from exquisite, genuine, buffalo leather. The water buffalo leather is especially suited for vintage style products because of its unique characteristics, the leather naturally has a worn look, full of individual markings and wrinkles. Every piece of skin is hand-colored, sanded and waxed according to age-old techniques.
$578 | BUY

A great clock that looks good and runs smoothly, adding charm and functionality to your space. The numerals and chapter ring are perforated for an unexpected, yet subtle graphic detailing. Made with a silent sweeping quartz mechanism, this is a silent, battery-operated clock.
$50 | BUY

Mid A.N.C. is an active noise cancelling headphone with Bluetooth aptX technology. It delivers superior wireless audio while dampening the sound around you, letting you enjoy what matters most ? the music. It offers up to 20 hours of wireless playtime when active noise cancelling is engaged or 30+ hours of wireless playtime without anc.
$279 | BUY

This over-the-door hanger lets you store everything in one convenient place, whether it is your coat, your helmet, your backpack, your umbrella or your keys. It has a clean, modern design to blend seamlessly with any decor. You can also screw this piece directly on the wall near your entryway.
$40 | BUY

Logitech have introduced the Craft Keyboard for creative and professional users. The advanced wireless keyboard features a built-in creative input dial (a large silver knob in the top left corner of the keyboard) that can be customized to work with Adobes Creative suite and other apps for a more efficient and immersive workflow.
$179 | BUY

Life is busy and our to-do lists are constantly outpacing us. For the extra busy life, there is this cool notepad with fifty lined pages to keep tabs on all the things you need to accomplish. So if the shit you gotta get done is a bit more complex, this is the way to go.
$12 | BUY

This is the thing to get if you take your hot beverage seriously, should it be your latte, coffee or tea, the smart device is sure to keep it at the temperature of your choice through the app that enables you to manage it. It keeps coffee or tea at a precise temperature for about an hour, or for an unlimited amount of time on its charging saucer.
$79 | BUY

Pen Type A is a brilliant and durable encasing designed and built in the USA for Hi-Tec-C ink cartridges. These ink cartridges have a nice quality but their cheap plastic housing did not do them justice. The Pen Type A is machined from a solid block of high grade stainless steel, where you get a sleeve compartment, that?s also a ruler and a solid shaft, that works as the pen itself.
$160 | BUY

Long work sessions on a computer can lead to discomfort and even injury, particularly with the constant use of a mouse. Logitech has announced the MX Vertical, an advanced ergonomic mouse meant to reduce muscle strain, decrease wrist pressure, and improve posture.
$99 | BUY

This wooden Bluetooth speaker is 100% natural walnut hand crafted, it has a brilliant and echo-friendly design, bringing you a better sound quality, listening experience and a nice aesthetic than other traditional metal or plastic speakers on the market. It also supports FM and AM radio.
$59 | BUY

These scissors are ideal for design lovers. The pair of scissors also turns into a box cutter with a just simple flip. The scissors are both beautiful and ergonomic with their lightweight blades made from Japanese stainless steel and Taiwanese craftsmanship that provide a smooth and accurate cut.
$45 | BUY

The ergonomic Slice, features a ceramic blade that is 10 times sharper than metal blades and is very durable, lasting 20 times longer and never rusts. You can adjust its blade to three lengths plus it has a non-slip grip that wraps around your fist for better protection.
$18 | BUY

Its small size and its geometric shape enables Hyppolite to fit everywhere. Its three drawers, can host all your papers and documents to work on a clean desk. Hyppolite has been created by the designer Florence Watine. Structure made of MDF and high quality walnut veneer. Matte finishing. Metal legs with a matte black painting.
$1,050 | BUY

The Fisher Space Pen writes smoothly, evenly, and dependably, upside down, underwater, over grease, and in extreme temperatures. Thanks to a pressurized ink cartridge with specially developed ink, it can even write in zero gravity, hence the name and its inclusion on every manned NASA space mission since 1968.
$19 | BUY

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 ということでこの子ヤギ、犬とあいさつを交わしたかったようだ。二足立ちから犬の頭に頭突きをストン。そのあと頭を押し付けた。 続きを読む


【動画】 エグい飛び方・・ センターラインをはみ出した車がバイクとモロに衝突、投稿動画にネット衝撃




15 Inhumane Ways Cities Are Preventing The Homeless From Sleeping In Public Places

You’ve Got To Be The Worst Kind Of Heartless Twat If You Can Go Around Slashing Homeless People’s Tents Source Let us introduce you to something called “hostile architecture” – a design strategy that aims to manipulate peoples’ behavior through certain design elements. One of the most widely used elements of hostile architecture is the so-called “anti-homeless spikes” – metal or stone studs on...



【動画】 京阪・守口市駅で通過中の特急列車に爆竹を投げつける男・・ 投稿動画に衝撃走る




隣の家が泥棒被害にあい、なぜか自分が警察の取り調べを受ける事に・・ 疑われた理由に驚きの声





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image credit:CISF/Twitter




 逮捕された男性は、「アメリカで仕事を探そうと思っていた」と話しているという。 続きを読む


【動画】 ディズニーまさかのハプニング・・ プーさんフロート故障で立ち往生、謎の黒い車が登場で会場騒然ww




DCN Video Pick: Inmergo – concept video by ROCCO GIOVANNONI // A…

DCN Video Pick: Inmergo - concept video by ROCCO GIOVANNONI // A project by Rocco Giovannoni Video production by Studio-Kore Music by Marco Spaggiari


【動画】 あぶない! ヤビツ峠で危険走行のロードバイクと危機一髪、告発動画に衝撃走る






image credit:YouTube