20 Amazing Photos Of A Young And Hot Axl Rose In The 1980s

It’s hard to believe it now, but there was a time when Axl Rose was on top of the world. Axl Rose was born William Bruce Rose Jr. on February 6, 1962, in Lafayette, Indiana. He eventually moved to California, working odd jobs and playing in bands until the formation of Guns N’ Roses in the mid-1980s. Rose was frequently in trouble with the police and spent time in jail on charges of public...


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Beautiful Pics Of Madonna Photographed In Alphabet City, NYC By Richard Corman In 1982

Richard Corman had just finished an apprenticeship with Richard Avedon in 1982 and was referred to Madonna by his mother who was casting Martin Scorsece’s The Last Temptation of Christ. h/t: vintag.es At the time, Madonna was an aspiring dancer, actress, and singer. She had auditioned for the movie and Richard’s mother saw something special in the unknown Madonna that her son could capture on film...


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Photographer Shows The Atmosphere Of Utopian Hong Kong Of The 80s, Its Landscapes And Surreal Architectural Forms, Frozen In Timelessness Ander The Diffused Sunlight

Alexey Kozhenkov tries to capture the era of change which saw an incomprehensible amount of development as it relates to the business world. Now, as seen in the photographs, Hong Kong is marked with the reputation of a dense jungle of concrete buildings and lavish real-estate. The style of architecture may be seen as old in the new modern world, but at the time...


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Cool Pics That Defined The ’80s Punk Fashion

Punk fashion is the clothing, hairstyles, cosmetics, jewellery, and body modifications of the punk subculture. It varies widely, ranging from Vivienne Westwood designs to styles modeled on bands like The Exploited to the dressed-down look of North American hardcore. The distinct social dress of other subcultures and art movements, including glam rock, skinheads, rude boys, greasers...


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Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go! Brilliant 1980s Pop & Rock Music Publicity Photos

Can you remember the bands and solo pop and rock music acts in the publicity stills below? Better yet, can you hum one of their hits? h/t:


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Liverpool In The 1980s: Photographer Dave Sinclair’s Stunning Images Show A City That Refused To Lie Down In The Face Of Adversity

Liverpool in the 1980s were a time of turmoil and upheaval. Unemployment and economic instability led to widespread disquiet which culminated in public shows of resistance such as the 1981 Toxteth Riots. Liverpool also elected its first Labour council in 1983, who promised to stand up for what they saw as unjust cuts under the Thatcher government. h/t: flashbak Demo in support of Liverpool Council...


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London Underground 1970-1980 By Mike Goldwater: Down In The Dimly Lit Tunnels, The Tube Was One Photographer’s Playground

Wembley Park 1979 The first thing that strikes anyone who regularly rides on the London Underground is how clean it looks in Mike Goldwater’s photographs. Taken during the 1970s, Goldwater shows us a Tube a million miles up wind from New York’s filthy Subway, a place so disgusting, violent and vandalised that the only respite from the dystopian stench and fear of impending doom was a self-made...


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Something’s Going On: Mary Lou Fulton’s Newly Rediscovered Photographs Of Punks, Mods, And Rockabillies From The 1980s

The radio blasted fast, easy headline news. Punks go on rampage at Huntington Park…$25,000 worth of damage…Police called to quell disturbance… h/t: flashbak The announcer’s voice wafted out cars gridlocked nose-to-tail on the L.A. freeway. Sweaty, vein-tense drivers, thinking, What the hell’s wrong with kids today? Rioting, burning stuff, tearing shit down. Never woulda happened in my day.


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Running In The Night: The Superb ’80s Cyberpunk Artworks By Daniele Gasparini

Daniele Gasparini is an Italian freelance artist who loves art, graphism and web. He created The Skie Graphic Studio project in Rome in 2007. Graduated in graphic design from a school in Rome, he is currently working as webmaster and graphic designer in Adobe Authorized Training Center (AATC). His influences are large: video games, films, art, books, 90’s and also apocalyptic and retro vibes…


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Back In 1980, Citröen Had A Somewhat Amusing Idea Of The Future

The French manufacturer Citroën knew a lot to surprise with its incredible design. This is not just about new cars, but cars that in the past have been of great interest to the automotive community. Namely, in 1980, the company introduced an incredible model called Karin. Citroën Karin was a concept car presented at the Paris Motor Show in 1980. h/t: vintag.es The car featured a striking...


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