Butterflies & Biotops From Polygonia: Stunning Digital Art By Chaotic Atmospheres

“Butterflies From Polygonia” and “Biotops From Polygonia” are the series of randomly generated butterfly species by the Swiss artist Chaotic Atmospheres that deals with polygonic insects. “This is my third set for Neonmob, following “Biotop from Polygonia”, who was about polygonic insects. When I made “Biotop from Polygonia”, I wanted to add...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2018/10/butterflies-biotops-from-polygonia-stunning-digital-art-by-chaotic-atmospheres/

Striking Three-Dimensional Interventions by Mr. June Layer Geometric Paintings Onto Architectural Elements

Since 1985 David Louf, aka Mr. June, has been creating striking urban interventions, recently producing murals that layer three-dimensional effects onto architectural elements. Within the last year his vibrant geometric abstractions have challenged viewer’s perceptions in projects across the world. Whether he is painting a graffiti piece, working in his multi-disciplinary graphic design studio...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2018/10/striking-three-dimensional-interventions-by-mr-june-layer-geometric-paintings-onto-architectural-elements/

How to draw a crushed can of beer 3D.Marcello Barenghi

How to draw a crushed can of beer 3D.

Marcello Barenghi

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