8 Digital Paintings Of Famous Characters And Their Pets By Aleksei Vinogradov

Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley in “Pirates of the Caribbean”) Aleksei Vinogradov is a Russian freelance digital artist who shares his skills and talent with 120k followers on Instagram. His charming artistic touch, masterful use of pastels and subtle brush strokes create lively portraits full of character and attract the attention of art lovers from around the world. His beautiful works are...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/03/8-digital-paintings-of-famous-characters-and-their-pets-by-aleksei-vinogradov/

The Weird World of Competitive Dog Grooming

Feast your eyes on the most outlandish pooches you are ever likely to spot courtesy of America’s most extreme dog grooming competitions. Some people really shouldn’t be allowed to own pets… What do you think? Leave your opinion in comments. h/t:


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“Under-Cats”: Photographer Andrius Burba Captures Photos Of Cats From From Underneath In Colorful Backgrounds

According to Andrius Burba (previously featured here and here): “Hi guys, my name is Andrius Burba and I’m a photographer from Lithuania. I’m happy to present my new project photographed on the glass plate from underneath! “Underlook” project started four years ago when I saw a ridiculous looking picture on the Internet. It was a cat sitting on a glass table that was photographed...


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A Shocking Campaign Uses Graphic Images To Point Out The Damage That Plastic Pollution Has On The Ocean’s Wildlife

A simple plastic bag seems harmless, but it can represent extreme suffering – and even death – for thousands of animals in the oceans. Depicting this unfortunate truth through strong images, Sea Shepherd, an NGO focused on the conservation of marine wildlife, is launching a plastic awareness campaign. 3D ads have been created in partnership between Tribal Worldwide São Paulo and DDB Guatemala...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/03/a-shocking-campaign-uses-graphic-images-to-point-out-the-damage-that-plastic-pollution-has-on-the-oceans-wildlife/

This Is A Tiny Hamster Rides Her Own Personal Subway Train

In 2009, Brooklyn photographer Victoria Belanger took Edie, her tiny hamster for a ride on her own personal subway train. Little Edie wandered throughout the car, checked out the distinctive orange and yellow seats and even had a chance to peek outside before having to “stand clear of the closing doors”. “This train is really slow.” Edie rides the model subway. Fall 2009. More:


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/03/this-is-a-tiny-hamster-rides-her-own-personal-subway-train/

This Woman Set Up A Photo Booth For Birds In Her Yard, And The Results Are Extraordinary

“This bird has teeth!” Birds have always been a symbol of freedom. But because of their liberating ability to fly, they seem so unreachable and mysterious to us. Luckily there is a way to meet with nature face to face and explore the beautiful feathered creatures in their natural setting without scaring them away or causing any harm. Lisa, who goes by the name Ostdrossel on her social...


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Pet Photographer Photographer Fell In Love With Foxes After Taking Their Photos In Her Studio

Pet photographer Rhiannon Buckle has recently has came across something she described as a “one in a lifetime opportunity” – she got to take portraits of foxes in her studio! “Pet foxes are not a normal thing in the UK so this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and it was hard to resist putting fox cuddles before taking the photographs,” said the photographer. “I got lucky to work with Joy’s...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/03/pet-photographer-photographer-fell-in-love-with-foxes-after-taking-their-photos-in-her-studio/

Corgi Gets Photoshopped Into Popular Movie Posters

The 91st Academy Awards just honored the best films of 2018, but there was one other celebration for last years movies you should know about. New York-based filmmaker and creative director Bryan Reisberg edited his and his wife’s corgi Maxine into some of the most popular 2018 flicks, and let’s just say a star was born. “My wife and I love movies, and Maxine’s Instagram is movie-themed.


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/02/corgi-gets-photoshopped-into-popular-movie-posters/

A Black Cat Interrupted A Football Match And Unsurprisingly Refused To Leave

Over the weekend, the Premier League match between Everton and Wolverhampton Wanderers had a short delay as a black cat had wandered onto the pitch – and refused to leave. The game, which took place at Goodison Park in Liverpool, saw the four-legged spectator wandering around the goal and sidelines. The crowd looked on in delight as none of the players or officials even tried to chase away the...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/02/a-black-cat-interrupted-a-football-match-and-unsurprisingly-refused-to-leave/

The Most Expensive Cat Toy That Your Cat Might Actually Play With

Mousr is the only toy designed from the wheels up to play the way your cat wants. Mousr’s variety of tail attachments means he’s customizable to match just about any cat’s play style. With a switch of his tail, it’ll be like your cat is meeting Mousr for the very first time! Bring the excitement of a cartoon cat and mouse chase right into your living room! Mousr’.


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