Japanese Artist Turns Tom’s Most Unfortunate Moments Into Sculptures, And The Result Is Hilarious

The names Tom and Jerry demand little to no introduction, as a lot of kids have spent their entire childhoods following the adventures of this notorious duo. Everyone probably recognizes Tom as a determined but impatient cat whose only life goal is to catch Jerry the mouse. However, the little rodent always proves to be a force worth reckoning with. Their clashes, which would often result in some...


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Berklee Online Campaign by Decoyimages.com“We were invited to…

Berklee Online Campaign by Decoyimages.com

“We were invited to work alongside Berklee’s team for the launch of their new animated series campaign. We illustrated, animated, and sound scored for Berklee’s new online videos. Inspired by the institution’s heritage, our team passionately worked non-stop to develop the first animation videos of their online series campaign. The visual aesthetics of the spots are influenced by the early visual music artists. The illustrations are composed by complexes of abstract shapes and forms floating into the brand’s colours. The animation and the sound design translated these abstract images into meaningful storytelling moving image. The animated spots represent visually and communicate the educational purposes and the structure of the institutes degrees. “

Art Direction & Illustration Christos Kourtoglou
Creative Direction & Animation Afroditi Bitzouni
Music & Sound Design Kyriakos Charalampides
Concept & Direction Yiannis Christoforou
Production decoy studios

Case Study

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Berlin Wall: A Data Visualization

When we think about the Berlin Wall, despite having an idea of how its length, we can’t easily...

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Portfolio Updates of Illustrator Michael Arnold

Michael Arnold 68

New works from Illustrator and Artist Michael Arnold continuing his bold and patterned style for clients such as Adweek, Tate Modern, Monocle Magazine, Nike, Wired UK, Fujitsu, Brita Water Filters, Atlantic & Prudential and as well as more animated styled works in the form of his experimental and psychedelic blog Bad Trip.

This year has seen him refine his work and solidify his style into shoes, t-shirts, zines, adverts and short films, which can be seen at www.mkrnld.co.uk

There is also a clearance sale on his shop with limited edition tees and zines.

SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/08/portfolio-updates-of-illustrator-michael-arnold/

Freedom Invaders – A Live Visual About Homophobic Prejudices

Freedom Invaders is part of Anatomie der Form‘s live audio-visual performance: a fictional video game about the homophobic prejudices, based on the song Love me Hate me Kiss me Kill me by Fukkk Offf (in the remix version by Gooseflesh).

For more info: www.anatomiederform.comwww.facebook.com/AnatomiederForm

SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/08/freedom-invaders-a-live-visual-about-homophobic-prejudices/