Before & After: The Transformation Of A Split-Level House By Ami McKay


Interior designer Ami McKay has modified a dated 1980’s split level home in Vancouver, Canada, into a clear and plain contemporary house. Working with her clients, Ami was able to identify their favored design of vivid modern, and determine a home that they could make their own.



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Photo series showing abandoned gas stations in the USA by Robert Götzfried.


Luxurious Resort: The Pond House by Holly & Smith Architects


The Pond House is a luxurious retreat designed by Holly & Smith Architects.

Located at Ten Oaks Farm in Hammond, Louisiana, the beautiful resort is a 1,250 square foot, net zero energy house that sits on the edge of a stunning pond and views a peninsula of 10 oak trees that grow out into the center of the lake.

The house is completely open with panoramic views of the surrounding landscape; the ground floor features an outdoor area that includes a fireplace and outdoor kitchen, that are perfect for entertaining family and guests.



A Place for Artists to Mull Over Kintyre


A zinc rock jutting out of the Scottish Kintyre peninsula, the Midden Studio was not designed by Studio Weave to blend in with the scenery.

And yet, it’s form and function are direct descendants of its context. The building serves as an artist’s studio, a program most apparent in the bare interior, which is “wallpapered” with birch ply that can be easily replaced as it’s subjected to the creative process.


Loft 9b, Sofia, Bulgaria


With a history that stretches over seven millennia, ruin-rich Sofia is one of Europe’s oldest cities and a great place for a one to blend history and contemporary design. The loft Karanikolov and Nikolova reconstructed is a relatively new apartment in the centre of Sofia.

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‘Messner Mountain Museum Corones’ Nestled Inside the Italian Dolomites by Zaha Hadid


Mountaineer Reinhold Messner is a famous adventurer who has achieved impossible feats: he was the first person to climb Mount Everest without an oxygen tank, and also the first to climb all 14 mountains around the world that are higher than 8,000 meters.

Since earning these achievements, he’s created a series of museums devoted to mountain culture over the Alps. His sixth and final installment is named the Messner Mountain Museum Corones.

Designed by architect Zaha Hadid, it’s a striking concrete building embedded within Mount Kronplatz.

The large museum sits 7,000 feet above sea level and occupies over 10,000 square feet of space. Three angular canopies rise from the ground, simulating large boulders that you’d see on the mountainside.

They made from glass-reinforced fiber concrete, and they have a pale gray exterior that blends into the nearby limestone surface.

To offset the surface, the inside of the building has slightly darker tones that match the anthracite coal hidden deep underground. Hadid’s design proposes an awe-inspiring look at the neighboring landscape.



Balint House


Located in a suburban region of Valencia – Spain, the home´s prominent design feature is a profoundly elliptical form, with almost seamless surfaces, and large open spaces that flow indoors and out.


Magical $23 Million Fairy-Tale Home in Germany


Showpiece features beyond the serpentine architecture include rolling intarsia wood floors that combine teak, cherry, and other fruitwoods; and 7 unique fireplaces. The more time you spend in the home, the more leaf, branch, and petal shapes you begin to notice among the ceilings and walls. .

The curved spaces also accommodate a library, a gym, a music room, and a unique car elevator that enters an underground, six-car garage. A nearly Olympic-size indoor swimming pool sits among multicolored mosaic decking and trunk-like green columns. In the steam room, ergonomic lounges facilitate relaxation, and experience showers reinvigorate.

Outside, a second pool is disguised by park-like gardens to look like a natural swimming hole. If you’re ready to spend $23 million – check





The property located in an area with a steep slope is for a family that would go on weekends and spend the holidays in Ubatuba a beach town near São Paulo,Brazil.

Located in a neighbourhood where the surrounding construction aims to gain height to get the best views and as a result horizon is hidden for passers, the BLNDR House proposes a house in 4 levels alternating built volumes and open levels for recreation. So it is through an open intermediate level allowing skyline views that the entrance to the house is proposed, being the most social level of the house ideal for making parties, events or receiving friends without them entering the house.

The project aims to delve into the possibilities between the public and the private, between intimacy and externality. Above all, public and private, not in the old day terms but addressing the public, street, views, etc. and its relation to privacy, to take over the horizon, the sea and marking a difference not only in terms of purchasing power but also to mark this portion of horizon as mine.

From the consideration on these issues is that the decision-making arises and organizes the house making every effort to socialize views and not monopolize the enjoyment of the sea and the distant horizon.

designed by Najmias Office for Architecture


Amangiri Resort


Located near Utah and Arizona border, the Amangiri Resort is an architectural gem designed to blend into the landscape with natural hues and materials and is situated on 600 acres in Canyon Point.

The Resort features 34 suites in total, built around a centralized swimming pool, where guests can enjoy a spectacular view of the Escalante National Monument. The facility also includes a library, restaurant, a full service spa and an art gallery.