10-Year-Old Girl Follows In Dad’s Footsteps To Become Tattoo Artist

Noko Nishigaki, daughter of a famous Japanese tattoo artist, “Gakkin”, recently moved to Amsterdam. She worked for three years on her drawing techniques, and now she tattoos amazing images in the studio. More: Instagram h/t: dazeddigital View this post on Instagram Which insect do you like? I had a Mantis as a pet when I was 5. I made a little forest in the big insect cage.


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Anonymous Artist ‘Wanksy’ Draws Penises On UK Potholes To Make Government Fix Them

After another cyclist friend was injured by potholes, Wanksy, an artist from Greater Manchester, England, decided to act. He used washable paint to draw penises around potholes in his neighborhood, and suddenly, they were repaired in 48 hours.

More info: Facebook, Manchester City Council (h/t: boredpanda, huffpost)

“People will drive over the same pothole and forget about it,” Wanksy said in an interview. “Suddenly you draw something amusing around it, everyone sees it and it either gets reported or fixed.” A Bury Council spokesman disagreed: “Painting obscenities around potholes will not get them repaired any quicker, but simply waste valuable time and resources.”

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Custom Spectacles Craftsman From Chicago Re-Invents The Frame With Light-Reflecting Eyewear


Since 2005, Scott Urban has been creating bespoke wooden eyeglasses for clients all over the world. Now, his latest mission is to make eyewear shine — literally. He is calling them Reflectacles and they work by borrowing the same highly reflective technology used on road signs. Reflectacles improve night visibility for bicyclists and pedestrians, while they also provide facial-privacy from the highly invasive camera-phone culture. If his past work is any indication, Reflectacles will be made with the highest attention to detail. I would know; I own a pair of Scott’s expertly crafted wood spectacles.

I first met Scott back in 2006 at a DIY craft fair in Chicago. While most of the vendors had a tented space with neat little displays, Scott showcased his beautifully hand carved wooden specs on a suspended bicycle which he had converted into a table. And he wasn’t selling anything; he was just spreading the word on his newest creations. I took a liking to the kid (at the time) and I have been following his work ever since. Throughout the years, Scott has always maintained his Do-Everything-Yourself mentality, and he is bringing this same approach to Reflectacles.

More Info: Reflectacles, Urban Spectacles (h/t: Boingboing)

“People in eight cities have stopped me on the street to ask where they could get their own pair, and they were the hit of the playa at Burning Man this year — they turned out especially great in the dark, catching the ambient light of the art cars and the flashes on peoples’ cameras.” – Cory Doctorow (via BoingBoing)

I first reached out to Scott Urban four years ago to have my own pair of his custom work. He invited me into his workshop where he lives with his dog and has amassed a large collection of well designed objects from thrift stores and garage sales. I mean, he had stacks of Eames chairs that it seemed he preferred to study rather than sit in. He pulled out calipers to measure my facial features, showed me many different wood options and he wanted to feel me out over a beer to assess my personal style. After many rounds of design options and a few months later, I was wearing his impeccably crafted eyewear and still do to the day.

“Afnan”, Hand Carved Ebony Macassar, 2014

“Amber”, Applied Baltic Amber to Verawood, 2015.

“Dots”, Ebony Gaboon with Olivewood insets. 2013.

“Snake Mills”, Snakewood, 2013. (The specs I wear)

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The DELINEATED Kickstarter, a Multimedia Exploration of the Human Form


In the DELINEATED Kickstarter, artist Michael Millhollen, is creating a series of photographic images using different media to illustrate the individual beauty of the human form without actually showing the body. The majority of the images utilize a method of dripping lines of paint across the bodies of different models then removing (most of) the models themselves, capturing the inherent motion and unique contour of each body in stunningly graceful compositions.

For those unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it’s a crowdfunding website that brings together a community of over 9 million people to help artists and other creative individuals obtain the financial support they need to make their ideas a reality.

The inspiration for this particular Kickstarter project began with an image called “Trapped” (shown below), which depicts a scarf blowing in the wind, caught against the silhouette of a ghostly unseen figure.

The image inspired the idea of capturing the human form through its interaction with other media, and Michael discovered that paint did a particularly amazing job of capturing nuanced variations between models.

The initial photo shoots turned out so well, that soon over 30 models, including both men and women of various body types, had asked to be a part of the project. Michael has now completed the 10th photo shoot with images completed or in the works for 7 different media/techniques, and additional photo shoots are underway. The Kickstarter ends on October 31st, 2015, or you may contact Michael through his website.

About Michael Millhollen

Michael’s passion for photography stretches back over 25 years. At the age of 12, his parents gave him his first Nikon SLR, he had his first photo accepted into a gallery photography competition, and made his first gallery sale.

His original focus was almost exclusively on nature photography, however, his subject matter expanded with time in order to touch a wider range of emotions and tell more complex stories in his images. His primary focus for the last two decades has been digitally manipulated photography, combining the realism of photography with the creative freedom that photo manipulation allows.

In addition to creating, exhibiting and selling art photography, Michael works with a wide variety of companies, primarily in the Kansas City area, across many industries, providing all manner of marketing and advertising materials and related services.

SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/10/the-delineated-kickstarter-a-multimedia-exploration-of-the-human-form/

Artist Jessica Hische Creates Amazing Typographic Artworks


Many typographers fit the designer mold “to a t”, after all it does take a critical eye to weigh over such small detail so thoroughly. Jessica Hische is one young typographer who is breaking that mold and as the field sees a new renaissance, she’s one designer you should keep your “I’s” on.

The field of typography is one design niche that is currently undergoing a groundswell of appreciation. One undisputed leader pushing this focus on type is an unassuming young woman from “Nowheresville, Pennsylvania” named Jessica Hische. Besides her fundamental understanding of the field, she also brings her own quirkiness, originality, and sense of humor to her work. The result is an original approach to a timeless challenge – Giving words the ability to communicate both thoughts and emotions.

Besides working with an amazing array of clients who appreciate her work, she’s also picked up a few industry awards worth noting. Forbes has listed her twice as a “30 under 30” in Art and Design, ADC has titled her a “Young Gun”, STEP Magazine has designated her as one of “25 Emerging Artists”, and she also serves on the Type Directors Club Board of Directors. In my opinion one of the most engaging aspects of Jessica’s work is that she seems to have found her passion at such a young age.

You‘ve probably seen her work on recent AmEx commercials, MailChimp branding, or Wes Anderson movies.

Read more on haeckdesign

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Artist Katherine Mavridis Creates Futuristic Wearable Wool Sculptures


With days getting colder, comfy clothes and warm places are always a good idea. Inspired by fall and winter trends, we decided to share with you an amazing project by designer Katherine Mavridis who has turned pure wool into art.

With her wool sculpting, this artist is able to “explore the bold, almost architectural bubbling around in her head”. And although certainly wearable, Mavridis’ designs are also undoubtedly statement pieces, created for those with a taste for the bold and dramatic.

While it could technically be described as a knitted sweater, in reality the garment is far more exciting: a vibrant, deconstructed tangle of interlocking knitted tubes that calls to mind a variety of references in the natural world ranging from an orchid to the human heart.

It is a stunning fusion of practical and fanciful, and a tantalizing hint of the great things still to come from Mavridis’ workshop.

“By creating these I hope that I am able to inspire, excite and translate these dreams to others – and to create a more beautiful imaginative world”, said the artist.

Via Boca Do Lobo

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Jungle Custom Hand Engraved Lighters by Rocco Malatesta


Whether out in the jungle or starting a camp fire, it’s no secret that lighters are a good companion. Rocco Malatesta hand engraved Zippo lighters are designed and engraved by hand and limited to one piece.

SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/09/jungle-custom-hand-engraved-lighters-by-rocco-malatesta/

A Dance of Strength: Beautiful Black and White Photos by CrzyPnda


CrzyPnda is a black and white photographer with a knack for capturing the rawness of female sensuality. In his latest set, Sundance, he showcases an exotic beauty, worshiping the sun with her dance of silence and strength.

See more of his work:
Website: www.crzypnda.com
Instagram: @crzy_pnda
Tumblr: www.crzypnda.tumblr.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/CrzyPnda

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Pencil Type


Colorful artwork installation created from the sort of color pencils by Jasper Gilsing, designer from Netherlands.

To see more of his work click here

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