#NotYourValentine: Controversial Brand Honey Birdette Lingerie Flashmob Takes To Sydney

Controversial lingerie brand Honey Birdette’s latest campaign – #NotYourValentine – encourages women to forget flowers, ditch the diamonds and decline that invitation to a candlelit dinner this Valentine’s Day. The campaign, which is aimed at empowered women embracing their sexuality will launch today in Sydney’s CBD with a flash mob of “Honeys” on Harleys. Models will take to the streets riding...


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Alessandro Servadei Captures Stunning Photos Of Abandoned Industrial Landscapes In Australia

Stunning urbex shots by Alessandro Servadei, a talented self-taught photographer, drone pilot, and music composer from Forlì, Italy who currently lives and works in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Alessandro focuses mainly on abandoned, urban, industrial, and drone photography. He likes to explore Melbourne to capture incredible colorful abandoned landscapes. More: Instagram h/t:


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/02/alessandro-servadei-captures-stunning-photos-of-abandoned-industrial-landscapes-in-australia/

Spectacular Winning Photos Of The Australia’s 2018 Photographer Of The Year Contest

Australian Photography’s Photographer of the Year is the largest amateur photography competition in the Southern Hemisphere, with photographers competing for a prize pool valued at over $46,000 in cash and prizes in 2018. Jasmine Vink/Australia’s 2018 Photographer of the Year by Panasonic A series of striking images of endangered amphibians has won Brisbane ecologist Jasmine Vink the...


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The 2019 Australian Firefighter Calendar Is Here And Still The Hottest Way To Raise Money For Charity

The 2019 Australian Firefighters Calendar is here and these sexy dudes are back at it, posing shirtless to raise money for the Children’s Hospital Foundation. The tradition has been around since 1993. Firefighters first began posing to raise money for research into childhood burns and they’ve been able to raise over $2.3 million since starting. The concept is simple:


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2018/10/the-2019-australian-firefighter-calendar-is-here-and-still-the-hottest-way-to-raise-money-for-charity/

Kangaroo. Source

Kangaroo. Source

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Video: Australian Guy Saves Kangaroo with Chip Bag Stuck on His…

Video: Australian Guy Saves Kangaroo with Chip Bag Stuck on His Head

[Glenn Turner]

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Celebrity Mugshots Get A 1920’s Makeover


Mugshot Doppelgänger takes actual mugshots of current celebs and combine them with vintage mugshots of whores, gangsters, fraudsters, and crooks from 1920’s Australia.

There’s a strange connection that draws us into vintage photographs. Seeing doppelgängers (look-a-likes) in old pictures is our brain’s way of linking us to the past. We see what isn’t there – someone recognizable, a family member, maybe a friend, and then there are the ones that bear an uncanny resemblance to modern day celebrities. We’re so used to seeing celebrity faces on our tv, on blogs, and we even know what their mugshots look like.

The tacky looking mugshots we have today are in stark contrast to the mugshots taken in the 1920’s. Vintage mugshots have an eerie beauty to them that’s lost in current mugshot photography. What would celebrity mugshots, the ones we’ve become accustomed to seeing on TMZ, look like if instead they were taken in the 1920’s?

Welcome to this photographic archive of celebrity criminal history. It’s a world similar to our own just shifted a little. It’s a site we like to call, Mugshot Doppelgänger. From the artist Michael Jason Enriquez.

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The Quokka

The Quokka

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