Spectacular Winning Images Of 2021 Black & White MonoVisions Photography Awards

Here are the single and series winners of the 2021 Black & White MonoVisions Photography Awards. There are total 12 categories in this contest like Abstract, Architecture, Conceptual, Fine Art, Landscapes, Nature and Wildlife, People, Photojournalism, Portrait, Street Photography and Travel.

The aim of MonoVisions Photography Awards to discover the best monochrome photographers from all over the world and deliver the best opportunities to be recognized and rewarded for their work.

The Cash prize of the series winner is $3000 and the single winner is $2000. You can submit your entries on their website for 2022.

Abstract, Single: 1st Place by Marcin Giba, Poland

I took the photo in my town of Rybnik at the beginning of winter. When I saw a swan swimming in the black water, I immediately felt that it was a symbolic image like a Yin & Yang.

More: MonoVisions Photography Awards, Instagram h/t: 121clicks

Architecture, Single: 1st Place by Zdeněk Vošický, Czech Republic

Drowned in the fog
Aerial view of the pilgrimage church of St. Jan Nepomucký on Zelená hora peeking out of the fog – a UNESCO monument. The work of the genius architect Jan Blažej Santini.

Conceptual, Single: 1st Place by Kohei Ueno, Japan

In my own bubble
Competitive Freedivers are often asked why they do what they do. Every freediver will have their own story to tell, but usually it is never about the idea of competing against others to see who can dive deeper, longer, faster or beating others. It is usually a competition where you compete against yourself, and a successful dive is always determined by whether or not you were able to reach the depth that you announced and managed to return back safe. Every Freediver has their own story to tell, their own target to hit, diving inside their own bubble that only they themselves can pop.

This is an image of Thibault Guignes, one of the French national champions diving to a depth of over 100 meters on one breath of air at the AAS freediving chapionships held in Bali, Indonesia.

Fine Art, Single: 1st Place by Peter Eleveld, Netherlands

Black Tulip
Photography has always been my great passion, mostly in working as a lecturer and for big companies (e.g. Rijksmuseum, Amazon). I made a career in photography for many years, analogue and digital. I came at a point where I couldn’t feel the excitement and creativity anymore and decided to leave the corporate world in 2014 to fulfill my lifelong ambition to work from my heart and soul, not in assignment anymore. The opportunity came along to buy an old Postoffice (in Olst, the Netherlands). We converted the monument (1879) to a gallery, studio and a home.

I wanted to work with my hands again (needed to feel the materials). I was always attracted to the old wooden cameras and historic photographic processes. I bought a big 8”x8” wooden camera and started experimenting with the wet plate collodion process. With this I could go back to the basis of photography.

The wet plate process is exciting and full of surprises. You only have one prepared wet plate and one chance to get it right. Think ahead about composition, light, time and aperture. It all comes together in one unique moment. This magic moment happens sometimes and then a one-of-a-kind photo develops in front of your eyes!

It’s soul satisfying to work with this process. It gives meaning to the material I use; I can lose myself for days in creating images. After developing, my collaboration with artisans, trying out different techniques to choose the best way to print is a big part of the creative process.

Landscapes, Single: 1st Place by Francisco Negroni, Chile

Ufo cloud
El Chaltén, Argentina. An incredible plate-shaped cloud sits just above Mount Fitz Roy in the Patagonia shared between Chile and Argentina. These clouds are common in areas with strong winds such as the extreme south of America.

Nature and Wildlife, Single: 1st Place by Shivang Mehta, India

Black Magic
Asian Elephants dust bathing in Corbett National Park in India.

People, Single: 1st Place by Sandra Ventura, Portugal

Life is made up of several cycles … The most important thing is to always have love … Because it is love that unites us!

Photojournalism, Single: 1st Place by Eduardo Lopez Moreno, Kenya

Abandonment and rural death by Covid-19
The inadequate transformation of a rural cottage to respond to the challenges of Covid-19. Desolation and sadness captured through the lens of my camera. A contrast of light and shadow, life and mystery, shelves full of empty hopes and desks without notebooks and pens.

Life is only provided by rays of light that penetrate through holes created by time and neglect in the wooden ceilings. A gallery of images made of saints and virgins populate some of the walls, invoking protection and shelter.

Exhausted and tireless, with a soul full of medicines, a nurse or a doctor approaches the sick, empty handed.

Time runs in the makeshift waiting rooms, gloomy and sad, welcoming patients and the sick, hoping that a miracle will come to that wooden cabin.

I want to visually document the health emergency that affects the countryside, portraying a story that in its own way and manner is replicated in different countries of Latin America.

A life story on the edge, at the border of pain and hopelessness, the resistance of each day, where everything, except death, is improvised. The rural world where the virus arrived much earlier and faster than the cure and the organized response. Where medicines, utensils, recipes and doctors like Brutus and Cassius in the work of Tiberius ”are conspicuous by their absence”.

A part of the world where smoke, clouds, daylight and shortages conspire to create a unique landscape that brings the sinister closer and takes us away from everything, and the rest.

A picture of a dead person whose only elements are a sheet that wraps him, a cot that supports him, and a ray of light that protects him. A body that seems embalmed and that remains us, as Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer wrote, “so fearful and sad.. that I thought for.

Portrait, Single: 1st Place by Szymon Brodziak, Poland

What you see, is who you are – says Szymon Brodziak, the master of black and white photography. The youngest artist exhibited at the Museum of Photography – Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin (2015). The best black & white campaign photographer of the world, acclaimed by the jury of FashionTV Photographers Awards, during 2013 Cannes Film Festival.

Street Photography, Single: 1st Place by Deepak Kumar, India

World within us
I made this image at yamuna ghat , New Delhi. That was to november evening and i saw a person with lots of face mark. Suddenly bird came in his background and i realize this can be a good photograph and i press the shutter.

Travel, Single: 1st Place by Roberto Pazzi, Italy

The Young Breeder
Portrait of a Mundari child with a bull of the cattle (South Sudan). Mundari are cattle herders of South Sudan, the world’s youngest country, who dedicate their lives to the care of their cattle. The Mundari live in symbiosis with their cattle and nothing is more important for them than their bovines.

In the cattle camps, kids are doing most of the daily work. They collect the fresh cow dung and put it into piles which are then set on fire to repel the numerous and voracious mosquitoes of the area.

Mundari also use the ash created by these fires to rub on themselves and their cattle, creating a protection against mosquitoes. They massage their animals twice a day.

When the herd come back from grazing the dust lift by the cattle, the smoke of the fires lighted on agains mosquitoes and the sun light, make the atmosphere of the camp almost mystical.

The young kids and the guardinas are sleeping with the cows. The ash from dung fires, as fine as talcum powder, is often used as bedding.

Abstract, Series: 1st Place by Katia Shtina, Spain

In collaboration with nature and randomness
All human work goes through stages that lead to irreversible degradation processes. And from there, to ruin, abandonment and oblivion. Nature, however, is not consumed with death, but regenerates itself, emitting new forms and aesthetics.

We are always looking for a decadent and beautiful ending. Not beautiful in the sense of perfect, but in a new identity and abstraction that generates the concept of an inanimate garden, not exempt from scars or transitions, with a new interpretation of non-life.

The Japanese Wabi-sabi concept takes us to a visual state in which we accept the beauty of imperfection. But why do we consider the absence of life as a dark scenario and not as a new mutation?

The passage of time, diseases, winds and rains form unique traits in plants, the product of continuous transformation and randomness. An elegant, unique fracture typical of irregular beauty.

Architecture, Series: 1st Place by Marcel van Balken, Netherlands

The insignificance of man
Form studies focused on composition, perception and expression of architecture. Architectural spaces in a play of light and shadow form an almost surrealistic decor. Pure black-and-white images in which the photography of architecture begins to take on abstract forms, reinforced by the apparently disproportionate addition of man. Constructions and shapes, lines and surfaces photographed in sharp contrast to the insignificance of man.

Conceptual, Series: 1st Place by Anna Lazareva, Romania

Metaphysical Body Landscapes
My childhood I’ve spent at my grandmother’s house in Romania, near Carpathian Mountains. Seeing human’s strong bond with earth, observing nature, landscapes around influenced my understanding of earth beauty and mens connexion with it.

All being is something whole, indivisible. Earth, sky, plants, fruits, mountains, rivers, men, women, day, night- all merged together and flows into each other. This process is infinite and harmonious. Men came from earth, lives on earth and will return to earth. And landscapes of earth is seen in body curves.

Growing up I moved to live in big cities, my grandmother passed away and I felt loss of spiritual connexion with nature.

For reconnect I start to search the Landscapes in body in my photography.

Fine Art, Series: 1st Place by Alexandra Black, Canada

Coyopapalotl Itemic [coh-yoh-pah-pah-loh-khl eeh-teh-mik]
Partially funded by a Canada Council for the Arts Explore & Create Grant, Coyopapalotl Itemic [coh-yoh-pah-pah-loh-khl eeh-teh-mik] (my Nahuatl name, meaning the coyote butterfly’s dream) is an ambitious, multi-media exploration of displacement and belonging within Turtle Island’s colonial context.

Using a traditional Tarot deck as the visual framework, and Gloria E. Anzaldúa’s concept of Nepantla (a Nahuatl term) as the conceptual framework, this body of work beckons resilience in the spaces in-between displacement and belonging. Anzaldúa, a Chicana Queer Feminist Scholar, defined Nepantla as the state of “in-between-ness” experienced by people of mixed heritage. As a Mixed/ Mestiza Artist, this is a feeling I have endured my entire life.

By using my Nahuatl name Coyopapalotl Itemic, the project asserts my existence and commitment to Indigenous Futurity. Inspired by a traditional Tarot deck this work aims to capacitate explorations of self. Created in collaboration with models of diverse experiences, embodiments, and expressions, each Tarot archetype is imbued with the profundity of our shared resilience.

Coyopapalotl Itemic is a labour of love. I strive to be a part of a shift in consciousness and culture that affirms my being and that of others’; a shift that holds space for those of us who feel marginalized and/or unsure of where we belong while disrupting colonial constructs of worthiness, asserting: we belong! Developed through tintype photography, and collage in Photoshop, this project applies traditional and contemporary approaches to creation and meaning-making to offer invitations to reflection, healing, and integration.

Landscapes, Series: 1st Place by Janis Palulis, Latvia

Night power
Dark photo series with astrophotography. Photos taken from 2017-2020 year. I use different tehniques for shooting stars and nightscapes. Longest project take about seven hours. Enjoy!

Nature and Wildlife, Series: 1st Place by Petr Polách, Czech Republic

Mystery of flooded caves
This series of pictures was taken during cave diving in Yucatan in 2017-2019. The uniqueness of Mexican Yucatan lies hidden underground. While the surface has no apparent water flows that would support buoying jungle, the whole peninsula is connected through a vast labyrinth of underground rivers lasting for hundreds of kilometers. Each of the caves blooms with various spaces and stalactite decorations.

History indicates, this magical water system conceals the secrets of the Mayan culture. In my photos I tried to capture the beauty, diversity and mystery of those hidden places. Because of the pitch black darkness that rules there, taking pictures requires a specific knowledge and skillset to grab the impressiveness of those underground chambers in their entirety. To unlock the scenery in full glamour you need to use specialized diving flashes that need to be installed with great precision. Personally, I combine five flashes: three external and two connected to the camera case.

People, Series: 1st Place by Svetlin Yosifov, Bulgaria

Mursi People
“Mursi People” is a series of photos that were taken during my visit to Ethiopia and are part of the albums “Ethiopian tribes expedition 2018″and “SECOND ETHIOPIAN TRIBES EXPEDITION” 2019.

The African tribe of Mursi people is isolated in Omo valley – South Ethiopia near the border with Sudan. They are one of the most fascinating tribes in Africa with their lives being a combination of brutal reality and amazing beauty. What was really appealing to me, as a photographer, was to capture and recreate the perplexing nature of their culture and way of life. Suffering from extreme drought in the past few years has made their life cruel and sometimes dangerous, but has not left a single mark on their traditions. Living among them gave the sense of extreme authenticity and in the same time felt like an illusion. Their faces filled my insatiable passion for capturing pure, untouched souls of a culture on the brink of extinction.

Photojournalism, Series: 1st Place by Sharwar Apo, Bangladesh

Waiting for last wave
River erosion and flood of Bangladesh has now become a yearly catastrophe. Every year, millions of people suffer from the overflowing of the river Padma, Jamuna and face serious flooding events. During the rainy days, the northern Bangladesh faces heavy rainfall which causes the river to overflow. Every year new families are homeless, dreams are shattered and lives are ruined.

Also, melting of the ice-caps of the Himalayas and sedimentation of the river beds also play mentionable roles in these flooding events. Every year, people are stranded and submerged into the water for days. Stuck without enough food, drinking water and shelter- these people go through immense suffering every year.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in its Fourth Assessment (2008) report revealed that over the next 20 years, 2 degrees Celsius per decade. Global warming will increase at a rate of 1.8 degrees Celsius by 2100. As a result of global warming caused by the greenhouse effect, the ice in various Himalayan mountains has already begun to melt at a faster rate. Through the surrounding localities, farmland is flooded and also increasing river erosion.

Portrait, Series: 1st Place by Donald Graham, United States

One Of A Kind
“ONE OF A KIND”, published by Hatje Cantz in April 2021, is a series of portraits that examines the diversity and complexity of the human experience through portraiture. The series began with a portrait of my mother who had multiple sclerosis. Each succeeding photograph referenced it by focusing on finding beauty in character, uniqueness and the imperfections in the human spirit that make it whole, while honoring my conviction that there is truth at the heart of humanity that can be captured with a camera.

Street Photography, Series: 1st Place by Roberto Di Patrizi, Italy

Railway Station III
All my photos at the Station are pre-Covid19. Before the lock-down, I crossed the station every day to go to work. Every day I took pictures as I walked to take the subway after getting off the train. I was a commuter. Now I am unemployed because of the pandemic, I don’t know until when. But I always remain a streepher.

Travel, Series: 1st Place by Sylvia de Swaan, United States

Who Am I Really?
Who am I really I ask myself as I travel on Flight #4787 en route to Berlin in 1990; or when I gaze at my shadow on the tracks along Lake Ontario; or when I see my reflection in a shattered window on route #59; or when I’m with a long ago lover in Penny Arcade photo booth; or when I’m traveling by train through post communist Eastern Europe looking at my I.D. photo that was once affixed to my refugee papers; circa 1946; or when I’m looking at the map of the topography that I come from; or when I finally arrive in Czernowitz, my legendary native city & gaze in wonder at my shadow cast against an ancient wall; or when I gaze at my self portrait at age 70 and I ask myself, who am I, How did I get here?

SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2021/08/spectacular-winning-images-of-2021-black-white-monovisions-photography-awards/

Winning Photographs from The World of Water Competition

Top Photographer: Emmanuel Fazembat – France

Billed as the world’s greatest photo game, GuruShots is an online platform that provides a fun, structured way to showcase your images while gaining global exposure for your work.

By competing in epic challenges against millions of photographers, you can get instant feedback from over three billion monthly votes and increase your ranking from Newbie to achieve the ultimate status (and bragging rights) of Guru. GuruShots’ challenges are voted on by the platform’s Gurus and the wider community, and there’s a fresh challenge every day. Winners can receive prizes from GuruShots’ sponsors such as Adorama, Kodak, Lowepro and Lensbaby.

The ‘World of Water’ competition asked the community to explore all aspects of water, from its life-giving properties and air of mystery to its power to rage and create destruction.

More: GuruShots

Top Photo: Michal Vaněk – Czechia

Guru’s Top Pick: Dominique Schreckling – Switzerland

Ailon Glitz – Israel

Finephoto.berlin Zielinski – Germany

Marco Auddino – Italy

Gil Shmueli – Israel

Zdeněk Janovský – Czechia

Margie Troyer – United States

Sana Filipovic – Sweden

Fabiano San – United States

Véronique Labelle – Canada

Jose Mor – Spain

Hasan OK – Turkey

shutterspiks – Gambia

Matthew DiGiacomo – United States

Ennio Pozzetti – Italy

TheDevil – Iceland

Cristian Barbu – Great Britain

Dmitry Pasikhov – United States

Brad Maroske – Australia

Roxport – Canada

Capt J.Lewis – Canada

SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2021/07/winning-photographs-from-the-world-of-water-competition/

Stunning Finalists Of The 2021 World Report Award

Master Award Short List: Cabello Orcasitas Max, Peru. “Peruvian Post Conflict Stories: Chungui and Oronqoy”

The eleventh edition of the World Report Award: Humanity Documenting ended on May 28, 2021.

Here are the finalists of 6 categories Master Award, Spotlight Award, Short Story Award, Future Generations Award, Student Award, and Single Shot Award.

These candidates represent the shortlist of photographers selected from over 800 applications, received from 756 photographers, from 60 countries and 5 continents.

Around 13,000 photographs submitted to the Master Award, Spotlight Award, Short Story Award, Generations Future Award, and Student Award categories were selected by the international jury composed of Lauren Steel, Svetlana Bachevanova, Gary Knight, Alberto Prina and Aldo Mendichi.

The photos submitted to the Single Shot Award category were selected by Alberto Prina.

More: World Report Award, Instagram h/t: 121clicks

Master Award Short List: Cinque Alessandro, Italy. “Peru, a Toxic State”

Master Award Short List: Lempin Jérémy, France. “Doctor Peyo and Mister Hassen”

Master Award Short List: Pinnizzotto Emiliano, Italy. “Emptying of the Andes”

Master Award Short List: Tighehsaz Farshid, Iran. “The New Name of Death”

Spotlight Award Shortlist: Corso Javier, Spain. “Matagi”

Spotlight Award Shortlist: Fitch Alex, USA. “Somewhere Beyond The Eyelids Of Frightened Eyes”

Spotlight Award Shortlist: Nowicki Jędrzej, Poland. “The Scars”

Spotlight Award Shortlist: Ókin Frioli Nicola, Italy. “Piatsaw* A Diary On The Resistance Of The Native Peoples Of Ecuadorian Amazon After Texaco”

Spotlight Award Shortlist: Ridley Kiran, United Kingdom. “After The War: Armenia’s Uncertain Future”

Spotlight Award Shortlist: Smith Byron, USA. “Halcyon Days Gone By”

Spotlight Award Shortlist: Unruh Irina, Germany. “I Am Jamilia”

Short Story Award Shortlist: Bizet Didier, France. “Brave New World”

Short Story Award Shortlist: Fidder Marijn, Netherlands. “Naughty Cells”

Short Story Award Shortlist: Li Gioi Dario, Italy. “The Hidden Zoo”

Short Story Award Shortlist: Pazoumian Alexis, France. “Black Garden”

Short Story Award Shortlist: Rosso Nicolò Filippo, Italy. “Consumed by Grief”

Future Generations Award Shortlist: Kepesz Natalia, Poland. “Niewybuch”

Future Generations Award Shortlist: Mirabella Stefano, Italy. “DOM”

Future Generations Award Shortlist: Poturovic Midhat, Bosnia Herzegovina. “The Superhero Without the Cape”

Future Generations Award Shortlist: Vita Daniele, Italy. “Bagnanti”

Student Award Shortlist: Andreoli Francesco, Italy. “(UN)VAXXED: a Photographic Survey”

Single Shot Shortlist: Antonio Aragon Renuncio, Spain

Single Shot Shortlist: Avinash Alok, India

Single Shot Shortlist: Banks Jonathan, United Kingdom

Single Shot Shortlist: Eh Callie, Malaysia

Single Shot Shortlist: Mancini Andrea, Italy

Single Shot Shortlist: Preti Davide, Italy

Single Shot Shortlist: Schroeder Alain, Belgium

Single Shot Shortlist: Zavoli Elisabetta, Italy

SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2021/07/stunning-finalists-of-the-2021-world-report-award/

Winners & Merit Awards Of AAP Magazine’s B&W Photography Contest

Here are the 25 talented photographers who won the “AAP Magazine Black and White Photography Contest.

These amazing photographers come from 13 different countries, their work reflects their personal aesthetic and unique approach to black and white photography. It was wonderful to discover so many great works and compelling pictures. Clearly black and white photography continues to hold a prominent place in our hearts and imaginations!

The top 3 winners will be awarded $1,000.

1st Place Winner ($500 Cash Prize) – Donald Graham – Foxy, Los Angeles, California

Featured in my new book, “Donald Graham: One Of A Kind”, published by Hatje Cantz, April 2021.

More: AAP Magazine, Instagram, Facebook h/t: 121clicks

2nd Place Winner ($300 Cash Prize) – Angelika Kollin – You are my mother

This project is the exploration into the deep seeking for intimacy, for sense of belonging, for being loved and being able to love back. A primordial human desire for safety and acceptance, that starts during our childhood years and shapes the way we live our lives as adults.

3rd Place Winner ($200 Cash Prize) – Andrea Borgarello – “Notes on Migration” – Which is the plan for “l’Aventure” or the “Backway”?

“They never say «you leave tomorrow» you will never know that. For the clandestine departure, from the beginning until the end, it is on the same day.” “When they say” today we are moving to Italy “, everyone gets at ease. And when we went out, around 5 pm, we gave … everything you had to our friends. Everyone started sharing clothes.” Picture / Senegal, 2017.

Merit Award – Erberto Zani, Switzerland – Exodus

Portrait of an orphan. Until now, more than 300.000 children are victims of violence.

Merit Award – Peter Eleveld, Netherlands – Still Live with Glass

Shot was taken with old an WetPlate camera on glass, collodion process.

Merit Award – Eric Elmore, United States – Say their names

“I CAN’T BREATHE” became an anthem at the numerous BLACK LIVES MATTER protests in Phoenix, AZ.

Merit Award – Klaus Lenzen, Germany – Construction Art I

Art in everyday life – this is also to be discovered on construction sites.

Merit Award – Emmanuelle Becker, France – Flat Iron under renovation

There is beauty in mystery and mystery in beauty. In my work, I am interested in a mysterious and dreamlike treatment of architecture. I represent the urban landscape with expressionistic chiaroscuro to create an existential atmosphere in which man is absent. Odd angles and points of view add to the cinematic drama of the image.

Merit Award – Pierre Delaunay, France – Day of glory

Merit Award – Ingetje Tadros, New Zealand – Wondering what the day will bring

Amanda Lewis lays on the couch in Esther’s house in Kennedy Hill wondering what the day will bring. The word is that Kennedy Hill will slowly but surely be completely demolished. It is now seven dwellings left. When all the dwellings are gone, where will all the people moved on by the Mallingbar Aboriginal Corporation go? The land may either be sold or in some sort of joint venture developed. Broome, Western Australia.

Merit Award – Alexej Sachov, Ukraine – Inside the wave. The storm is coming.

Merit Award – Emmanuel Monzon, United States – URBAN SPRAWL, EMPTINESS- About the night

When I am working on a black & white series, what is important for me is that the color black must be truly black and that the color white must be truly white. To be more precise, the black and white play important roles in photography, and I use them to create the atmosphere that I desire. I mostly do black and white photos during the night, because I think the black and white contrast more during the night. Generally, it is in these conditions that a unique atmosphere can be created.

Merit Award – David Dhaen, Belgium – The gatekeeper

This is a portrait of a priest, guarding one of the gates of Lalibela, Ethiopia. He was really smiling when i took his picture and showed him.

Merit Award – Terése Conway, United States – Holding the Line

Inspired by the textural quality of collodion wet plate images, my goal with this series was to capture the landscape of Carmel Valley in a timeless way.

Merit Award – Ivan Ferrer, Israel – Working Mother

A working mother waits for her child to finish work.

Merit Award – Tuan Nguyen Tan, Vietnam – Children playing on Nam Cuong sand hill

Merit Award – Tatiana Ilina, United States

Merit Award – Jon Wollenhaupt, United States – Man With Cigar

Mourning in the Treme: Documenting a Second Line Funeral Procession, New Orleans. A second line is an element of a jazz funeral procession that is composed of two parts: The main or “first line” that comprises the parade leader, the brass band and the krewe or club with which the band is affiliated, and members of the funeral party. The second line is made up of spectators—friends of the deceased, neighbors, and even tourist—who follow the main line dancing and reveling in the moving spectacle.

Merit Award – Dirk Roseport, Belgium – CLOSER TO THE GODS – GLACIER #2

Closer tot he gods explores the places where we, as humanity, feel small. Where nature impresses us and looks like it could crush us at any moment. It is in our vulnerability that we admire what nature offers us. At no cost, free, for all to see and experience. I see it as important to record these gifts and show them to those who cannot be there.

Michael Ruggiero, United States – Tunnel Vision – Yankee Stadium, New York City

From the Series: Anonymous Citizens.

Merit Award – Ari Jaaksi, Finland – Ice Fishing

Frozen lake. Minus 20 degrees Celcius. Nothing moves. No sound. Ice fishing is a form of meditation where catching fish is not the main purpose. Shot with a Rolleiflex 2.8F camera on Kodak Tmax 100 film in January 2021, in Tampere, Finland.

Merit Award – Joseph-Philippe Bevillard, Ireland – Boy with Striped Shirt, Galway, Ireland 2017

Irish Traveller Boy with striped shirt at a horse far.

Merit Award – Jacque Rupp, United States – Agnes

Agnes drove her 3 young children across the country at the beginning of the war. No interstates, no maps … just sheer determination to protect her children and bring them to a safer place. The is an image from my “Outliers” project which explores the strong women in my life and the tension that exists between their adventurous spirit and lonely isolation. They pushed the boundaries, paved the way but at a price. I combined family photographs and family to bring their stories to life.

Merit Award – Stephen Hoffman, United States – Getting ready

I spent a lot of time photographing Melinda . Here she getting ready to attend Sunday morning church services. She has serious drug problems but she is constantly trying to get herself clean and sober.

Merit Award – Jefferson Caine Lankford, United States

SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2021/07/winners-merit-awards-of-aap-magazines-bw-photography-contest/

Wildlife Shines Bright in the 2021 Nature TTL Photographer of the Year

The winners of the 2021 Nature TTL Photographer of the Year have been revealed, highlighting a stunning set of images that showcase the diversity and eccentricity of wildlife in all its glory. A mind-bending shot of an orangutang scaling a tree in Borneo took out the top prize, while other highlights include wild dog pups dancing in the dust and some incredible closeups of insects in action.

Canadian photographer Thomas Vijayan took out the grand prize in the 2021 Nature TTL Photographer of the Year awards, beating out more than 8,000 other entries with a striking image of a large orangutang that appears to have been shot looking upwards at the sky.

A pine marten investigates a toilet in an abandoned cottage in the Scottish Highlands. (James Roddie)

More: Nature TTL h/t: newatlas

A fish is snapped up by a crocodile in South Africa. (Johan Wandrag)

A pair of wild dog pups play in the dust in South Africa, after photographer Bence Mate tracked them for five weeks. (Bence Mate)

A wild Eurasian lynx wanders in front of a home made camera trap. (Vladimir Cech Jr.)

Overall winner of the 2021 Nature TTL Photographer of the Year award, captures an orangutang scaling a tree in Borneo, with water mirroring the sky. (Thomas Vijayan)

Colors and clouds move over the mountains of Rum island in Scotland. (Luigi Ruoppolo)

A wasp carries away its prey, a poor unsuspecting honeybee. (Simon Jenkins)

An acorn weevil prepares for takeoff. (Christian Brockes)

A Norwegian beach beneath the magical Northern Lights. (Ivan Pedretti)

Birds loiter in a lake beneath huge flashes of lightning. (Bence Mate)

Ogoy Island in Lake Baikal, Russia. (Amos Ravid)

Mountain goats share fighting lessons in Switzerland. Runner-up of the Under 16 category. (Raphael Schenker)

A peregrine falcon approachs a starling murmuration. Winner of the Under 16 category. (Thomas Easterbrook)

A sea lion plays with a starfish off the coast of Canada. (Celia Kujala)

A bluebottle at sunrise in Sydney. (Grant Thomas)

Langurs aboard a bunch of bicycles in Hampi, India. (Yevhen Samuchenko)

An Arabian Red Fox in the city of Kuwait. Runner-up in the Urban Wildlife category. (Mohammad Murad)

The elusive Pallas’s Cat covered in snow in eastern Mongolia. (Amit Eshel)

A lion cub plays with the tail of a dead giraffe. (Charl Stols)

A polar bear takes a rest in Svalbard, Norway. Winner of the Wild Portraits category. (Dennis Stogsdill)

SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2021/06/wildlife-shines-bright-in-the-2021-nature-ttl-photographer-of-the-year/

Spectacular Winning Images of The Siena Creative Photo Awards 2021

Here is the list of winners of the Siena Creative Photo Awards 2021. Photo of the year won by Iranian photographer Masoud Mirzaei for his photo “The Lake”. It was selected among tens of thousands of images submitted by photographers from 137 countries. The Creative Photo Awards competition includes 17 categories for contemporary photographers, whose innovative approaches to photography challenge the viewer’s expectations and offer surprise and delight at every turn.

The winning images for each category will be showcased at the exhibition “I Wonder If You Can” during the Siena Awards Festival, from October 23rd to December 5th.

Photo of the year – The Lake by Masoud Mirzaei

“Lake Urmia, the largest lake in the Middle East and the sixth-largest saltwater lake on Earth, is located between the provinces of East Azerbaijan and West Azerbaijan.”

More: Siena Creative Photo Awards, Facebook h/t: 121clicks

Food & Beverage – 1st Classfied: Fish by Claudio Dell’osa

“The undisputed star of the shots that I propose in this selection is the light. Everyday objects and typical products of our land emerge from Caravaggio style backgrounds, monochrome and very dark, illuminated by flashes of light.”

Food & Beverage – Runner Up: Forbidden Food by Ana Straze

“The idea was to research and experiment with completely common objects like fruits and vegetables. I discover materials and observe the best combinations with the details that fit together. As well as joining and subtracting elements, I am trying to find different patterns and give them a new meaning while keeping in mind their essential is still being themselves. With the Forbidden Food series I’m trying to discover the limits of aesthetics.”

Product – 1st classified: Car by Andre Boto

“This image is the result of the search to create a background that emphasizes and gives all the importance to this model car and the light that shines on it.”

Product – Runner up: The Waves by Carlo Marchi

“So my mind sinks in this immensity and foundering is sweet in such a sea! This is my personal interpretation of Absolut Citron Vodka bottle.”

Music – 1st classified: The Sound of Solitude by Eric Politzer

“Cuba has one of the best arts, especially performing arts, education systems in the world. This is fitting, as music always has suffused the air wherever you go in Cuba. This photo captures the type of musical excellence you can find in a concert hall being played in a defunct Havana movie house.”

Music – Runner up: Visual Symphonic by Amber Griffin

“The cohesive combination of individual artists unifying to form a visual depiction of the intensely majestic synthesis of our national Symphony Orchestra.”

Fashion – 1st classified: The Colorful Fragile Bubbles by Zejian Li

“Although communication is more and more convenient now, we still feel very lonely, and our deep feelings are as fragile as the bubbles we blew when we were children.”

Fashion – Runner up: Free Fall by Arun Mohanraj

“I always wanted to create something away from the ordinary in fashion shoot. When an opportunity arrived as a commission for a fashion shoot for a web portal, I decided to do underwater shoot with a few models in different attires and experiment with their expressions. We bought some retro design wear to add a sense of timelessness to the images.”

Beauty – 1st classified: Composed by Robert Piccoli

“In this image I wanted to explore the concept of beauty from within. Beauty is a state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled. It is essentially, part of your body, mind and soul. She emanates a sense of equilibrium.”

Beauty – Runner up: My Love Has the Prettiest Rose Petals by Kristian Piccoli

“The profusion of pink rose petals in this image speak to me of gentleness and enduring beauty. Beauty lingers in the fragility of the petals.”

Open Theme – 1st classified: Losing Our Minds by Eddy Verloes

“My series “Losing our Minds” was taken at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis: a bizarre, but extremely fascinating period. Man loses his mind because a stormy situation presents itself that is new and challenging for him. Fear tries to overpower him, he freezes, starts to reflect on the world and on the punishment that Mother Nature seems to send us. We have treated our Mother Earth too lightly, demanded too much of her in our egoism.”

Open Theme – Runner up: Together in the Face of Uncertainty by Miguel Muñiz

“The year 2020 will be remembered as the year of the pandemic, especially hard for the elderly. An elderly couple enter the sea in the summer of the pandemic, the two facing the front towards a wall of fog… Uncertainty comes to mind, I keep staring and I see your hands intertwined… Together there is hope.”

Experimental – 1st classified: Hotel Paradise by Giulio Fabbri

“his image represents the positive side of the spirit of adaptability of mankind; the people are real figures with an apparently normal and peaceful life despite the habitat in which they live is a disturbing-looking urban agglomeration.”

Experimental – Runner up: When Claudine Drinks Coffee …by Matthias Jung

“I love to combine the security of being at home with physical freedom. The houses are from Menton in France. The landscape is from the Island of Sylt in Gemany. The full title is “When Claudine drinks coffee she often thinks of the sea”.”

Still Life – 1st classified: Rembrandt Still Life by Olga Rudenok

“I like the light Rembrandt draw on his paintings very much. And it seems this light is perfect not only for the portraits Rembrandt draw so magnificent. It is ideal for the still life picture too.”

Still Life – Runner up: Still Life With Dandelions by Iwona Czubek

“Still life with dandelions refers to Dutch painting. The photo was taken in 2020 in a home studio, with tripod and daylight. I used a Canon 6D camera and a 85 mm lens.”

Portraiture – 1st classified: Robbie by Steve Wise

“Robbie was burned in an accident in his bedroom when he was 4 years old. It resulted in burns to 95% of his body and the loss of his fingers. He has had a tough life but continues to work hard and live as normal an adult life as possible.”

Portraiture – Runner up: African Flower by Reiny Bourgonje

“Little African girl processed in the painting of the artist Eelke Jelles Eelkema who lived from 1815-1839 in The Netherlands. The dress is made of recycled plastic.”

Animals/Pets – 1st classified: Priceless by Pedro Jarque Krebs

“$60,000 USD a kilo, that’s what a rhino horn costs on the black market. More expensive than gold. But life is priceless. Unlike elephant tusks, which are made of ivory, rhino horns are made of keratin, the same material as nails. But the ignorance and superstition of some humans give it non-existent medicinal properties. As in everything, as long as there are buyers, there will be sellers. This will only end in education.”

Animals/Pets – Runner up: Chameleon in the Bedroom by Jo Sax

“Blue panther chameleon camouflaged in a bedroom against a blue vintage floral wallpaper background. Shot on Hassleblad H5x with mixed lighting .”

Architecture – 1st classified: Eternit by Ingun Alette Maehlum

“Eternit boards was the perfect building material. The cement mixed with asbestos was supposed to be maintenance free and became very popular, particularly along the coast where the weather can be rough. In the seventies it was discovered that the asbestos was highly dangerous when handled. In Norway it was forbidden in 1978. Still there are eternit board houses spread around the country.”

Architecture – Runner up: Insomnia by Claudio Sericano

“At night everything stops, the lights go off and people rest. The sleepless man observes the darkness from his window, waiting for the world to restart.”

Wedding – 1st classified: The Flying Bride by Soven Amatya

“Jewish weddings are fun, with so many moments and emotions. No wedding is complete without The Horah. It’s a very lively dance and usually ends up with the bride and groom being thrown in the air.”

Wedding – Runner up: Light and Shadow by Fabio Mirulla

“Lights and shadows in the historic center of Siena. The geometries that can be found in the city are perfect to frame couples on their wedding day.”

Nature & Landscape – 1st classified: Palm Grove by Hans Wichmann

“The photograph was taken from the deck of a cruise ship on the Nile River in Egypt. As I always had my camera with me when I was on deck, I was able to capture this scene which a few seconds later was gone. It is reminiscent of ancient days, 2,000 years ago.”

Nature & Landscape – Runner up: Gunung Bromo by Jun Epifanio Pagalilauan

“Mount Bromo is an active somma volcano and part of the Tengger mountains, in East Java. At 2,329 meters (7,641 feet) it is not the highest peak of the massif, but the most famous. The area is one of the most visited tourist destinations in East Java, and the volcano is included in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.”

Conceptual – 1st classified: Innocence by Jairo Alvarez

“Where to walk when no path seems clear? Or is it that trapped in our thoughts we are not able to see the infinite possibilities of the landscape?”

Conceptual – Runner up: Taste of Freedom by Debratna Ghosh

“The photo draws a line of contrast in the freedom of expression between different subjects. The pleasures of freedom in the two different scenarios are opposite but connected in the same generation forced to exist in different worlds.”

Abstract – 1st classified The Fork #28 by Filippo Drudi

“I like forks, I’m fascinated by them. Sinuous, elegant, feminine and symmetric, yet menacing and seductive. I wanted to look deep into it and find out its many personalities. In this photograph – part of my project “The Fork”- I wanted to bring out the geometric, almost abstract qualities of this daily object.”

Abstract – Runner up: Bozell II by Ibrahim Nabeel Salah

“A work inspired by my city, Amman, which consists of seven mountains surrounding the Citadel Mountain in central Amman.”

Series – 1st classified: Spin Club Tapestry by Astrid Reischwitz

“My project “Spin Club Tapestry” explores cultural memory by embroidering photographs, inspired by the tradition of spin clubs in Northern Germany. I grew up in a small farming village in Northern Germany. A village that is bound to its history and that stands out through its traditions even today. Long ago, village women met regularly in “Spinneklumps” (Spin Clubs) to spin wool, embroider, and stitch fabrics for their homes.

I imagine their conversations as they worked, the beautiful stories that lifted their spirits, as well as the stories of sadness, sorrow and loss. In modern times, village women continued to meet in this tradition, but shared stories over coffee and cake instead of needlework. In this series, my composite images take the form of tapestries, combining images of embroidered Spin Club fabrics with new and old photographs from the village. I connect the present and the past by re-creating and re-imagining pieces of the embroidery. Spin Club tablecloths, napkins and wall hangings (some dating back to 1799) have been passed down from generation to generation. By following the stitches in these fabrics, I follow a path through the lives of my ancestors – their layout of a perfect pattern and the mistakes they made.

Along the way, I add my own mistakes. The fabrics also reveal the passage of time, stained and distorted after sometimes decades of use. The patterns I have stitched myself into the paper are only abstractions of the original Spin Club designs, fragments of memory. After all, memory is fleeting, and changed forever in the act of recollection. Sometimes the stitching is incomplete, creating an invitation for future generations. Every decision we make is influenced by our history, our environment, and the society we live in. The tapestry of my life belongs to me but is stitched through with the beauty and heartache of past generations.”

Series – Runner up: Remembering the Twilight by Molly Mccall

“My recent work expands an ongoing investigation of the interaction of memory, the passage of time, a sense of place, and of identity through the visual interpretation of “Into the Twilight” by Irish poet William Butler Yeats in 1899. Yeats wrote “Into the Twilight” at a very dark period in Ireland, and believed that the country was on the verge of a reawakening. He compared this period poetically to twilight, a magical, transformational time when the day is full of possibility.

The poem eloquently speaks to the coming of enlightenment, the divine power of nature, and the transformational force that converges as a result of joining the two. My interest in this poem came through my Irish ancestry. The stories of the magic and lore of Ireland permeated my childhood and were ever present within the lives of my parents and grandparents, and their grandparents as well. As my work revolves around memory, I am keenly interested in how it forms our sense of being and how that can be affected by the contradictions that the past and the present pose. I found this poem to speak to both the past and the present in light of the current of change and unrest that has taken over the world today.

As a visual artist, I have found the qualities of photography, darkroom and digital manipulation, and the malleability of fine-art materials—paint, wax, and pencil—to be uniquely sympathetic to my investigation. These allow me to intercede in the moment that a fixed image presents, juxtaposing within it a deeply subjective view of reality, formed in the shadow of remembrance. This body of work combines darkroom photograph prints created from my own photographs and vintage photographs that I have found.

The images are printed, then toned with coffee and painted with oils, then become part of the overall collage with vintage book pages and pigment-printed acetate photographs. These materials are layered in two-page-spread layouts echoing the format of a book without words. There is one image for each of the 16 stanzas in the quatrain-style poem with the title of each image representing a stanza of the poem. The elements of new and old together create a metaphorical allusion suspending the imagery into a timeless state connecting nature, time, and memory.”

SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2021/06/spectacular-winning-images-of-the-siena-creative-photo-awards-2021/

Best Entries So Far From Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021

Here are the 11 best entries of Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021.

Now in its seventh year, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards has already received thousands of entries from around the world – catching some of wildlife’s funniest moments on camera. This year, the competition organizers are releasing some of the shots that have already had them howling like hyenas, to inspire both professional and amateur photographers to enter their own images before 30 June 2021.

Bald Eagle Gets a Surprise by Arthur Trevino

“When this Bald Eagle missed on its attempt to grab this prairie dog, the prairie dog jumped towards the eagle and startled it long enough to escape to a nearby burrow. A real David vs Goliath story!”

More: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, Instagram, Facebook h/t: 121clicks

ROFL by Giovanni Querzani

“A young lion in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, who apparently is laughing at my photography skills.”

Missed! by Lea Scaddan

“Two Western Grey Kangaroos were fighting and one missed kicking him in the stomach.”

Yay – It’s Friday! by Lucy Beveridge

“A young springbok, all ears and spindly legs, caught in midair while pronking as the sun started to rise over the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. Thereâ€s not much information on why the Springbok pronk but some theories suggest it is a way of showing fitness and strength to ward off predators and attract mates. It has also been said that this small, dainty and largely unappreciated antelope also pronks out of excitement, jumping for joy!”

Sweet lips are for kissing by Philipp Stahr

“This picture was taken at Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean. Usually box fishes are difficult to take pictures of, since they do not have a problem of a diver coming close, but if you show interest, they always turn the back and not the face to you. Thatâ€s why I tried to swim 0.5m above the fish and showing no interest at all to him. The same time I had my camera not in front of me, but below at my chest pointing to the bottom. When the right moment had come, I turned the camera 90 degrees to the front and just point and shoot, hoping to have the fish in focus. Never expected to have its beautiful lips that close!”

Happy by Tom Svensson

“These penguins was surfing on the waves on to land and looked so happy each time”

Houston – we’ve got a problem! by Txema Garcia Laseca

“This fish is astonished when has been trapped for a fisher bird”

Monday Morning Mood by Andrew Mayes

“I took this shot while photographing a group of Pied starlings perched in a tree at the Rietvlei Nature Reserve in South Africa. It perfectly sums up my mood on most Monday mornings :)”

Quarantine Life by Kevin Biskaborn

“Isolated inside with your family eager to get out and explore the world? These eastern raccoon kits are too. Just when you think there’s no more room in the tree hollow, mother raccoon appears and displays just how compact the space is. The babies clambered all over their mom and each another, struggling to take a look at the exact same time. This photo was taken in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. After exploring a particular area with numerous tree hallows, I identified it as a hot spot for raccoon families. Since raccoons will move from den to den, often not spending more than one night at a time in a particular den, locating an area with numerous options is key to locating the animals. I stumbled across this family and immediately worked on leveling the camera with the hole to prevent an upward angle. When the camera and tripod were ready, the baby raccoons were extremely curious (and cooperative), sticking their heads out for a closer look!”

Yoga Bittern by KT Wong

“A Yellow Bittern was trying very hard to get into a comfortable hunting position. I got this shot when it was between 2 stalks of lotus flower.”

Cranky hippo by Rohin Bakshi

“The baby hippo wanted his mother’s attention, but it seems he wasn’t getting any..”

SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2021/05/best-entries-so-far-from-comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-2021/

Istanbul Photo Awards 2021 Winners

The winners of this year’s Istanbul Photo Awards, organised by Anadolu Agency, have been announced.

Photo of the Year 2021 & Single News First Prize. Mohammed Shajahan’s photograph titled Mom Love, selected from among nearly 15,000 photographs submitted from different parts of the world, won the Photo of the Year 2021 award. (Photo by Mohammed Shajahan/Istanbul Photo Awards 2021)

More: Istanbul Photo Awards

Single News Second Prize. Members of the MS-13 and 18 gangs in an overcrowded cell at Quezaltepeque prison in El Salvador. (Photo by Yuri Cortéz/AFP Photo/Istanbul Photo Awards 2021)

Single News Third Prize. Refugees and migrants carrying their belongings flee a fire burning at the Moria camp on the north-eastern Aegean island of Lesbos, Greece. (Photo by Petros Giannakouris/AP Photo/Istanbul Photo Awards 2021)

Single Sports First Prize. Football players of the Bohemians 1905 Prague thank their fans after a match against FK Pribram. (Photo by Vondrouš Roman/Istanbul Photo Awards 2021)

Single Sports Second Prize. Garrett Gerloff (31) and Sandro Cortese (11) crash in the World Superbike warm-up during the World Championship on Phillip Island, Australia. (Photo by Scott Barbour/AAP Photo/Istanbul Photo Awards 2021)

Single Sports Third Prize. Georg Filser-Mayerhofer of Germany climbs a log pile while doing some bouldering training in Kochel Am See, Germany. (Photo by Adam Pretty/Getty Images/Istanbul Photo Awards 2021)

News Story Second Prize. A woman grieves the death of her mother who was killed in an attack on the village of Karayusuflu, in the Barda district of Azerbaijan. (Photo by Ugur Yildirim/Istanbul Photo Awards 2021)

News Story First Prize. Italian Red Cross operatives enter the house of a patient suspected of having contracted Covid-19 in Nembro. (Photo by Fabio Bucciarelli/The New York Times/Istanbul Photo Awards 2021)

News Story Third Prize. Artist and musician Raymond Essayan plays a piano in a destroyed building following the port explosion in Beirut, Lebanon. (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images/Istanbul Photo Awards 2021)

Sports Story First Prize. A game of Kok Boru, the national sport, in the village of Sovietkoe,40 km from Karakol in Kyrgyzstan. (Photo by Alain Schroeder/Istanbul Photo Awards 2021)

Sports Story Second Prize. Canoeist Jiri Prskavec trains in front of his house during a coronavirus state of emergency in the Czech Republic. (Photo by Barbora Reichová/Istanbul Photo Awards 2021)

Sports Story Third Prize. Children practise during a karate lesson in Aleppo, Syria. (Photo by Anas Alkarboutli/dpa/Istanbul Photo Awards 2021)

Daily Life Story First Prize. Marion, who has metastatic cancer, embraces her son Ethan in the presence of Peyo, a horse used in animal-assisted therapy, in the Séléne Palliative Care Unit at the Centre Hospitalier de Calais, in Calais, France. (Photo by Jeremy Lempin/Istanbul Photo Awards 2021)

Portrait Story First Prize. Armin Karami won for Foreign Mirror, a series of portraits made in Iran. (Photo by Armin Karami/Middle East Images/Istanbul Photo Awards 2021)

SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2021/05/istanbul-photo-awards-2021-winners/

Winners Of The Emerging Talent Award By The Independent Photographer

Here are the top 10 photographs of the Emerging Talent Award photo contest by The Independent Photographer.

The Emerging Talent Award is designed to bring exposure and discover the best upcoming photographers of all ages, backgrounds and working in all photographic fields. Fine art, landscape, street, documentary, portrait, still life: There were no boundaries and we wanted you to release your creativity in as many inventive ways as you could imagine!

1st Prize: Junko Akita

“The child in a cabin window with the reflection of the magnificent Norwegian landscape beyond is a gorgeous metaphor for both childhood and identity. Beyond the extraordinary light and composition, the gaze and expression captured here at once combine innocence and strength. Locking eyes with this girl through her sister, the photographer, is a powerful experience and a privilege.” – MaryAnne Golon, the Competition Judge.

More: The Independent Photographer, Instagram, Facebook h/t: 121clicks

2nd Prize: Sirli Raitma

“This series of Eha, an older person suffering from depression, is sublime. This particular portrait, with the modern device and clothing adorning a regal white-haired woman, is a profound statement regarding technology and aging. The soft lighting and curls against the alien devices and red lips are truly haunting. The creativity and love that created this series through the artist is a wonderous experience and memorable feat.” – MaryAnne Golon.

3rd Prize: Matthew Bagley

“Mathew Bagely’s subaquatic portrayal of a sea lion is truly astonishing, a somewhat surreal, and deeply cogitative image that effectively articulates the rare poignancy of the moment. Profoundly moving, it perfectly expresses Bagely’s intense appreciation of his subject, whilst engendering the same sense of joy and awe, as all great depictions of the natural world.” – The Independent Photographer Editors.

Finalist – Fleur Louwe

Finalist – Kaka Ivancic

Finalist – Julia Fullerton-Batten

Finalist – Alessandro Malaguti

Finalist – Boyang Hu

Finalist – Conard Golovac

Finalist – Joseph-Philippe Bevillard

SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2021/05/winners-of-the-emerging-talent-award-by-the-independent-photographer/

Spectacular Winning Images of the 7th Fine Art Photography Awards

Nominee, Conceptual, Amateur. ‘Extinction – No One Left to Follow’ by Justin Peters

The winners of the 7th Fine Art Photography Awards present a surreal assortment of shots from sci-fi styled snaps of subways to spectacularly sublime landscapes. We’ve handpicked our highlights from this year’s massive collection of celebrated images.

Founded in 2014, the Fine Art Photography Awards is an exceptionally broad photo contest. Spanning 20 categories, each with separate Professional and Amateur sections, this is a big and diverse competition with no real overarching thread other than celebrating creativity and innovation.

More: FAPA h/t: newatlas

Nominee, Landscape, Professional. ‘The Monarchs’ by Raphaelle Monvoisin

Overall Winner, Professional. Series of images titled ‘Moon For Sale’ by Miloš Nejezchleb

Gold, Architecture, Professional. Close by Michal Zahornacky

Nominee, Architecture, Professional. ‘Snakes and Ladders’, Berlin by Martin Deeley

Nominee, Architecture, Professional. ‘The Upside Down’, China by Po-Yi Li

Nominee, Architecture, Professional. ‘Artex’ by Fabien Sans

Winner, Cityscapes, Professional. ‘Civilization’ by Zak van Biljon

Nominee, Cityscapes, Professional. ‘Without’, Venice by Walter Luttenberger

Nominee, Nature, Professional. ‘Epitaph’ by Marek Jackowski

Gold, Night Photography, Professional. ‘Alien World’ by Craig Bill

Gold, Photojournalism, Professional. ‘Time of Coronavirus’, Wuhan by Aly Song

Gold, Street Photography, Professional. ‘Diagonal’, Japan by Satomi Kikuchi

Nominee, Travel, Professional. ‘Devoluy’s Journey’ by Mathieu Nonnenmacher

Nominee, Abstract, Amateur. ‘Tainted Space’ by Noah Hamlett

Silver, Architecture, Amateur. ‘U-Bahn’, Munich by Fabio Galvez

Nominee, Architecture, Amateur. ‘Parking Lot’, France by GM Sacco

Nominee, Landscape, Amateur. ‘Sunflowers’ by Marc Barthelemy

Nominee, Landscape, Amateur. ‘Shanty Town’, Namibia by Barbara Brown

Nominee, Landscape, Amateur. ‘Geothermal Weather’, Iceland by Craig McGowan

Silver, Street Photography, Amateur. ‘Geometric Hong Kong’ by Jason Au

Nominee, Travel, Amateur. ‘Nepal – Earthquake Damage’ by David Ensor

Nominee, Travel, Amateur. ‘Guarding Antiquities’, Egypt by Michael Wasserman

Gold, Wildlife, Amateur. ‘Murmurations’ by Daniel Dencescu

Nominee, Wildlife, Amateur. ‘Compare’, Kenya by Hong Chen

Nominee, Wildlife, Amateur. ‘Venturing Beyond the Threshold’, Austria by Connor Young

SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2021/04/spectacular-winning-images-of-the-7th-fine-art-photography-awards/