Berklee Online Campaign by“We were invited to…

Berklee Online Campaign by

“We were invited to work alongside Berklee’s team for the launch of their new animated series campaign. We illustrated, animated, and sound scored for Berklee’s new online videos. Inspired by the institution’s heritage, our team passionately worked non-stop to develop the first animation videos of their online series campaign. The visual aesthetics of the spots are influenced by the early visual music artists. The illustrations are composed by complexes of abstract shapes and forms floating into the brand’s colours. The animation and the sound design translated these abstract images into meaningful storytelling moving image. The animated spots represent visually and communicate the educational purposes and the structure of the institutes degrees. “

Art Direction & Illustration Christos Kourtoglou
Creative Direction & Animation Afroditi Bitzouni
Music & Sound Design Kyriakos Charalampides
Concept & Direction Yiannis Christoforou
Production decoy studios

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