yuichihiranaka: 新刊『ベルリン日和』表1の写真として、最初はこちらを考えていました。最終形は、現在アマゾンでご覧いただけます: http://amzn.to/2ijva89 スマホやパソコンから、kindleアプリでぜひ読んでみてください:)ホームページ http://yuichihiranaka.com からもリンクをはっています❗ #berlin #trafficsignal #feu #greenlight #green #suburb #kindle #ベルリン #ドイツ #信号 #緑 #郊外 #canon #powershot #powershotn


“A moment.” …それは《気づき》の時。

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Berliner Dom , 2014

Berliner Dom , 2014

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Today featured on #Berlin based @renk.magazin! Many thanks to…

Today featured on #Berlin based @renk.magazin! Many thanks to Tarik Kemper for the article and Sarah Ungan for the photographs! Please have a look at Renk-magazin.de for it. (SALT Galata)

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Berlin Wall: A Data Visualization

When we think about the Berlin Wall, despite having an idea of how its length, we can’t easily...

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“BALOU” Or What Is Happening To Our Bodies After Coming Home From A Long Party Night? (NSFW)


Moritz Jekat’s work Balou is a project about bodies and about what is happening to them in the meantime between a long party night out and going to bed.

He was questioning himself what is happening to our bodies, once we get back home after a long and intense night out?
The mind is probably still at the club and you could still hear the music, but your body is exhausted and hangs around at your home or some friends, or strangers place.

How do you feel? How does your body feel? Is there anything left from the night, what has happened to your body, any marks on you? And what is happening in the meantime between the night out and going to bed? In which place do you end up and with who? How much energy is left?

Moritz took pictures of himself and his friends after club-nights and private parties. Sometimes he was alone with them, sometimes he went home in a group. All pictures are taken in spontaneous situations. Its all shot analog with his old Minolta.

SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/09/balou-or-what-is-happening-to-our-bodies-after-coming-home-from-a-long-party-night-nsfw/

Please have a look at what some great people from Berlin have…

Please have a look at what some great people from Berlin have done from scratch. The social project called “people” is having a temporary shop at Auguststrasse 35, Mitte. They have really cool and unique stuff there! Here is how they describe the project:

Together with street children, designers and creatives work on “editions”, incorporating fashion and objects around fashion, in order to give a voice to the kids´ideas.
People Berlin is a project of KARUNA e.V., an NGO (Help and future for young people) and offers the chance of engagement with fashion and art to street children, young people with a background of addiction or mental desease. The creative work in the project helps to overcome the lack of prospects and to discover own strengths.

People Berlin acts as a forum, a posssibility for creative exchange, and shall invite young people, that often have no access to various creative fields.
Can there be a social project in an elitist field like fashion?
Can fashion be democratised and what is fashion able to give back?

With the first edition people actually call expectations towards perfection or assumed differentness i nto question.
perfection is a moment in time, does perfection even exist – and does it last?

On Friday, 14th August, we actually open our very first Temporary Shop, where the result of the work will be sold from 15th to 29th August 2015.
If you are in town, we would love to see you there!

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Thielenbrücke Pendulum, Berlin, 2015 

Thielenbrücke Pendulum, 

Berlin, 2015 

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Pendulum experimentBerlin, 2015

Pendulum experiment

Berlin, 2015

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SwingGörlitzer Park, Berlin, 2015


Görlitzer Park, Berlin, 2015

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The Mass OrnamentA compilation from my second solo show “The…

The Mass Ornament

A compilation from my second solo show “The Mass Ornament” which took place in Galerie Michael Schultz Berlin between March 21 -April 18 2015. 

These are the smaller GIF versions of original high definition video works.

Titles in order:

  • The 99 Percent, 2015
  • Stumblers, 2014
  • Taksim Spiral, 2013
  • Schlesisches Tor, 2014
  • Rats, 2013
  • Camondo Stairs, 2013
  • Berliners, 2014
  • Lichtgrenze, 2014
  • Hierapolis, 2013
  • Light Dome, 2014

SOURCE: http://erdalinci.tumblr.com/post/116661623260