Jadayupara, The Largest Bird Sculpture In The World

Jatayu Earth Centre – The worlds largest bird sculpture is the new attraction of India, which is in Kerala 50 kilometer from Trivandrum towards North (Cochin direction). Traveling from Cochin to Trivandrum, this is 170 kilometer from Cochin, 114km from Alleppey and is 40km from Kollam. This is the masterpiece creation of Mr. Rajiv Anchal with a dedicated work of 10 years and the message being...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/04/jadayupara-the-largest-bird-sculpture-in-the-world/

The ‘Weird Ass Bird Found In Venezuela’ Is A Potoo, Have The Cutest Face You’ve Ever Seen

Potoos (family Nyctibiidae) are a group of near passerine birds related to the nightjars and frogmouths. They are sometimes called Poor-me-ones, after their haunting calls. There are seven species in one genus, Nyctibius, in tropical Central and South America. These are nocturnal insectivores which lack the bristles around the mouth found in the true nightjars. They hunt from a perch like a shrike...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/02/the-weird-ass-bird-found-in-venezuela-is-a-potoo-have-the-cutest-face-youve-ever-seen/


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“I’m the Best! I’m the Best! I’m the Best!”

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Eric the Cockatoo Makes a Huge Mess

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Smart Macaw

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Happy Cockatoo is Happy

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Pelicans Declare War Against The Sea

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Cool Bird

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When a Seagull Steals Your Food, But Karma Hits It Hard

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