Parked Cars Under Streetlamps In 1970s New York City

Beween 1974 and 1976, American photographer Langdon Clay documented the cars parked along the streets of New York and Hoboken, New Jersey during his nocturnal city wanderings. We are treated to splendid images of Eldorados to Cadillacs and even a Ford Gran Torino, taken during the evening under neon signs and street lamps. These gorgeous cars were more than just transportation:



Law Abiding Dog.(via  exitstrateG)

Law Abiding Dog.

(via  exitstrateG)


gifaknet: Germany RX | FIA World RX [video]


Germany RX | FIA World RX [video]


Volkswagen Trust Campaign Illustration


In light of the recent accusations against Volkswagen for deliberately cheating the emission tests this campaign championing the trust their customers should have in Volkswagen as a rather odd meaning I guess.

The images are created by Raphael Ghisalberti and Tom Haugomat.

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