Wonderful Photos Of 1954 Chevrolet Corvair, Which Was Touted As A New Aerodynamic Design

The Corvair dream car was an experimental two-passenger fastback. It was built with a fiberglass body and was touted as a “new aerodynamic design” for the closed sports car class. h/t: vintag.es The streamlined roofline swept back into the jet exhaust-type rear opening. It was originally a ruby-red color for the New York City Motorama in January but had repainted in a lighter hue by the time of...


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Concepts From Future Past: 1963 Chevrolet Corvair Testudo

The Chevrolet Testudo is a concept car built by Bertone on a modified Chevrolet Corvair Monza platform. The name comes from the Latin word for “Turtle”. The car debuted at the 1963 Geneva Motor Show. More: Wikipedia The car’s design was done by Giorgetto Giugiaro, who was then at Bertone. He said that his goal was to create a shape that merged the two typical views of a car.


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The Very Rare 1980 4-Door Chevrolet Corvette

Back in 1980, California Custom Coachworks did a limited run of just five Chevrolet Corvette sedans for customers (a total of six were produced, one of them being a prototype). They took the stock body Corvettes, lengthened them by 30 inches, adding a significant 500-lb weight gain to the body. The result however was a very rare four-door Corvette that featured four seats and a very peculiar...


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The Lost Corvettes: 36 Chevrolet Corvettes From NYC Barn Find To Be Raffled In Charity Sweepstakes

They’re the Corvettes that time forgot. And 30 years ago, they were the ultimate prize in one of the most outlandish sweepstakes ever. A rare armada of 36 Chevrolet Corvettes has once again seen the light of day. The incredible fleet, which originally cost cable music network VH1 $610,000 in 1989 for a sweepstakes, has sat nearly abandoned in a New York City storage lot for about 25 years. More:


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1969 Chevrolet Astro III Concept

Car designer Bill Mitchell’s breathtaking 1967 Astro I styling study enabled his designers to explore the boundaries between beauty and low-drag forms. At less than three feet high, it was the lowest concept model ever created by GM design, so low that passengers had to use elevator seats to get in and out. A touch of a flush release pad caused the canopy to rise electrically.


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Chevy Vega And The Vert-A-Pac Rail System In The 1970s

When Chevrolet started designing ‘Vega’ during the 1970s, one of the main objectives was to keep the cost of the car down around $2,000 in circa-1970 dollars. h/t: vintag.es At the time, the freight charge for moving a loaded railroad car from the Lordstown assembly plant to the Pacific coast – the longest distance that cars produced at Lordstown would need to travel – was around $4...


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Chevrolet Has Another Life-Size LEGO Build, This Time Its A Silverado

Commissioned by Chevrolet in collaboration with Oxford Community School’s FIRST LEGO League and Detroit’s Ralph Waldo Emerson Elementary’s A World in Motion Program, the LEGO version of Chevy’s 2019 Silverado 1500 LT Trail Boss was unveiled at the on-going North America International Motor Show 2019. And not surprisingly, this Full-size LEGO 2019 Chevrolet Silverado has something to do with the...


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A Restored Chevrolet Impala In Moscow, Russia

This old Chevy has a rich history. It was brought to Russia back in Soviet times by a Belgian diplomat. Then it was discarded and stayed somewhere in Moscow suburbs for years. Then, bought back in 2008 and then meticiously restored back to life. And here how it was. h/t: englishrussia This was a condition when it was acquired. However the car had all original inner parts intact – the 6 cylinder 4.


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