Hilarious Illustrations Show What Famous Characters Would Buy At The Supermarket

Deadpool And Unicorn Soft Toy According to an artist Linda Bouderbala: “I’m sure my favorite characters have needs too. In our consumeristic society, I wondered what they could buy if they could do their shopping just like us in a supermarket… With all those mass market products within easy reach. Here’s the result of my imagination!” More: Instagram h/t: boredpanda Pennywise And Red...


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“On Fields Of Death & Desolation”: Dark And Haunting Illustrations By Tony Sandoval

You don’t hear enough about Mexican artist Tony Sandoval. Well, I don’t. And I’ve looked, I really have. His stories and sensibilities are unique, his artwork stunning in its layering and animation, and his ability to mix the dark with the irreverent in a way that isn’t either cloying or mercenary makes his work accessible but not pandering. He’s been nominated for three Eisners, but there’s not a...


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What Birds Would Say If They Could Talk

Humor writer and artist Jimmy Craig (previously) offers 100 colorful comics, including the inner thoughts of creatures from across the animal kingdom — from misunderstood sharks and trouble making bears to the often complicated relationship between you and your pet cat. “If you’ve ever wondered what our feathered friends might be saying, check out these comics by me.


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Artist Visualizes Freddie Mercury As The Protagonist Of Vintage Comic Book Covers

Artist Butcher Billy decided to create a fictional comic series called ‘Planet Mercury comics’, and you guessed right – we will be seeing a lot of the legendary band Queen’s charismatic frontman Freddie Mercury! To make it even more exciting, the artist used excerpts and titles from Queen’s songs and created each comic book cover with a different song from the...


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This Artist Illustrated Her Everyday Problems With Relatable Comics

Prudence is a 27-year-old Belgian illustrator and the creator of the “Planet Prudence” comic series. In her comics, the artist illustrates all of the funny and awkward moments she experiences every day that we’re pretty sure most people will be able to relate to. The artist says she started creating the illustrations as a comic diary but soon after many people started relating to her work and now...


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The Double Standards Of Our Society Revealed In 47 Comics

Source While many of our societies take pride in the accomplishments made in the field of equal treatment for everybody, there is still a lot of work to be done. And who better can reveal these absurd injustices than the illustrators, who are always on a lookout for those funny and sometimes painfully real contrasts? Below you’ll find a list of the most striking examples of double standards in...


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Comics About An Ice Cube Which Artist Created At The Lowest Point Of His Creative Career

According to Peng Ven Wong: “Like all artists, I aspire to create something that the world will fall in love with. Ironically, the inspiration for CubeMelt came at the lowest point of my creative career. I was lost on where my work was taking me and did not know what I should be focusing on to establish my career at the age of 36. It was during one of the regular moments of self-doubt that I...


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When Modern Love Meets Classic Comic Books

Peter Nidzgorski is the artist provocateur behind the site This isn’t Happiness. Under the name Peteski, he blogs about art, photography, design, and disappointment. One of the big attractions of his site is his clever manipulation of images like these altered panels from classic love story comic books. Nidzgorski asks his followers to suggest sentences or quotes which he then adds to a specific...


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Artist Fran Krause Perfectly Illustrates Your Deepest, Darkest Fears

Illustrator, animator, teacher, and comic artist Fran Krause has touched a collective nerve with his wildly popular web comic series and subsequent book Deep Dark Fears. Here he brings readers more of the creepy, funny, and idiosyncratic fears they love illustrated in comic form–such as the fear that your pets will tell other animals all your embarrassing secrets, or that someone uses your...


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This Artist Draws Stupid Comics For People With A Dark Sense Of Humor

According to Rémi Lascault: “Since last summer, where I shared with you my comics, I’ve been working a lot! Here are some new comic strips and some updated ones. I’m also happy to tell you that my book will soon be available. Check my Instagram or Facebook for updates! I’m 32 years old and have been drawing comics since I was a kid. About a year ago I started to draw little...


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