Spectacular Winning Photos Of The British Wildlife Photography Awards 2018

Urban wildlife winner: Magpie in the Snow (Magpie), Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow. (Photo by Christopher Swan/British Wildlife Photography Awards) Animal behaviour winner: Life and Death at the Edge of the World (Great Skua and Puffin), Fair Isle, Shetland. (Photo by Sunil Gopalan/British Wildlife Photography Awards) Overall winner: Contrails at Dawn (Daubenton’s Bats), Coate Water Country Park...


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Guardian Readers’ Travel Photography Competition 2018: October Winners

“Art installation by Felice Varini on the medieval walls of Carcassonne, France. At sunset there was a crowd of people where the concentric circles aligned. I was intrigued by this lady sending a hand-written message on a pink Post-it note”. (Photo by Katy Bridgestock/The Guardian) More: Guardian “An apprentice geisha. The half-painted lips indicates to others that she is in training...


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Spectacular Wining Photos Of The Siena International Photo Awards 2018

Siena International Photo Award is one of the photo contests with the highest international participation ever. 2018 edition has received nearly 48.000 images from amateur and professional photographers from 156 countries worldwide. Snowy Owl, Canada, by Andrew McLachlan. I live in a farming area in south-central Ontario. Every winter, snowy owls fly south from the Arctic to spend the winter...


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Spectacular Winning Photos Of The Astronomy Photographer Of The Year 2018 Contest

The Royal Observatory Greenwich has announced the winners of its annual Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition. American photographer Brad Goldpaint beat thousands of amateur and professional photographers from around the world to take the top title. His shot shows immense red rock formations with the Milky Way looming overhead on the right and the Andromeda galaxy on the left.


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Spectacular Winning Photos Of The Landscape Photographer Of The Year 2018 Contest

The winners of the Landscape Photographer of the Year 2018 have been announced. This international contest is designed to showcase the beauty and diverse nature of the British landscape, although the competition is open to photographers around the world. Pete Rowbottom was named Landscape Photographer of the Year 2018 for his striking image of Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands...


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Spectacular Winning Photos Of The 2018 Nikon Small World Contest Reveal The Hidden Beauty Of A Microscopic World

Eye of a “Metapocyrtus subquadrulifer” beetle, Yousef Al Habshi For the 44th year, Nikon celebrates the invisible world by organizing Small World Photomicrography Competition. As imaging and microscope technologies evolve, scientists, professional photographers continue to push the boundaries of micrograph. This year over 2500 scientists and artist from 89 countries submitted their work.


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These Winning Photos Of The 2018 Underwater Photographer Of The Year Contest Will Take Your Breath Away

The ocean is stunning as it is terrifying. Underwater Photographer of the year contest awards those who use their creative skills to capture the stunning beauty of ocean and marine life. The winners of this year contents have been announced, photographers from 63 countries submitted over 5,000 photos in 11 categories. German photographer, Tobias Friedrich, won the grand prize for his photograph...


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Stunning Winners Of The 2018 Dog Photographer Of The Year Contest

‘The lady of the mystery forest’. Dog Photographer of the Year 2018 Overall Winner and Oldies Category 1st Place Winner, Monica van der Maden, Netherlands The Kennel Club has received almost 10,000 entries came in from over 70 different countries around the world, including the UK, China, Israel, Russia, Argentina and South Africa for it’s “The Dog Photographer of the Year 2018”.


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The 2108 UK Royal Society Of Biology Photographer Of The Year Shortlist

Organic crystals by Henri Koskinen. Taken in Helsinki, Finland. Describe what is pictured? Citric acid in crystal form. Citric acid is a weak organic acid that occurs naturally in citrus fruits. In biochemistry it is an intermediate in the citric acid cycle, which occurs in the metabolism of all aerobic organisms. How does this image fit with the theme of the competition? My image depicts citric...


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Beautiful Winning Photo Works Of The 2018 Environmental Photographer Of The Year Contest

The Environmental Photographer of the Year competition awards those who use their creative skills to document the state of the planet. The five photographs were selected as winners from 89 countries, for their powerful storytelling abilities and high-quality techniques. The annual contest is run by The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM)...


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