Spectaculr Photos Of The Astronomy Photographer Of The Year 2019 Contest Shortlist

Gum 12. Eddie Trimarchi (Australia). The Gum nebula, or Gum 12, is an emission nebula that extends 36° across the night sky and is actually the 12,000-year-old remnant of the Vela supernova. It mainly consists of red hydrogen and blue doubly ionized oxygen. (Photo by Eddie Trimarchi/National Maritime Museum) Orion. Paul Villaverde Fraile (Spain). This mosaic of nine photographs depicts several...


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The National Geographic’s Travel Photo Contest Is Over And Here Are The Winners

People’s Choice, Nature: ‘Couples Goals’ By Brian Larrosa “Instead of taking the bus tour to Rainbow Mountain, I camped the night before, about an hour and a half away, to be the first up at sunrise. That morning was full of fog, and when I arrived, I could barely see the seven-color mountain. I waited an hour for the fog to clear, but it didn’t. On my way down...


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Spectacular Winners Of The Society Of German Nature Photographers’ Nature Photographer Of The Year 2019

During their annual general meeting last weekend, the Society of German Nature Photographers (Gesellschaft Deutscher Tierfotografen – GDT) selected the GDT Nature Photographer of the Year 2019. The overall winner is Klaus Tamm from Wuppertal, Germany with the photo of a yellow-collared mouse. Winner, mammals and overall winner: Klaus Tamm, “Nuisance” (mouse and mosquito). (Photo by Klaus...


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Spectacular Black & White Winning Photos From The International Garden Photographer Of The Year 2019

The International Garden Photographer of the Year has announced the winner of their Black & White Photo Project 2019. Petar Sabol, 1st place. Night butterfly, Croatia. (Photo by Petar Sabol/The International Garden Photographer of the Year) More: IGPOTY Bob Dallow, 2nd place. Canalside, England. (Photo by Bob Dallow/The International Garden Photographer of the Year) Minghui Yuan, 3rd place.


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World Press Photo Contest 2019 Winners

The winner: crying girl on the border, by John Moore. Yanela, from Honduras, cries as her mother, Sandra Sanchez, is searched by a US border patrol agent, in McAllen, Texas, US. This image was also nominated in the “spot news” category. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images/World Press Photo 2019) General news, singles winner: the disappearance of Jamal Kashoggi, by Chris McGrath.


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25 Of The World’s Best Drone Photos Of 2018

People’s Choice Prize, “Red Train” sebastianmzh Every year photographers from all over the world compete in the annual drone photography competition organized by SkyPixel. The participants compete in two main categories, video and photography, and the winners receive over $12,000 worth of photography gear. This year German photographer Deryk Baumgärtner’s photo of the Saint Michael’s Mount won the...


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Most Stunning Photos From The National Geographic Instagram Photography Contest

National Geographic has made a name for themselves with their earth-shattering photographs, so it was no surprise that they made Instagram history as the first brand to reach 100 million followers (those are almost Kim Kardashian numbers). To celebrate in true Nat Geo fashion, they opened up a photography contest across the photo-sharing platform – using the hashtag #natgeo100contest.


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The Spectacular Winning Photos From Underwater Photographer Of The Year 2019

Underwater Photographer of the Year has just announced the winners of its 2019 photo contest. Photographer Richard Barnden of the UK won both Underwater Photographer of the Year 2019 and British Underwater Photographer of the Year 2019 for his photo titled “The Gauntlet”. Behaviour category winner. The Gauntlet by Richard Barnden (UK) in Fakarava South Pass, French Polynesia. “The estimated 700...


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Apple Highlights Best Photos Shot On iPhone Around The World

Alex Jiang (US), iPhone XS Max @justphotons iPhone photographers around the world shared their best photos for the Shot on iPhone Challenge, capturing remarkable moments with the world’s most popular camera. The 10 selected winners will be featured on billboards in select cities, in Apple retail stores and online. The winning shots came from a range of models, from iPhone XS Max to iPhone 7...


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World Press Photo Contest 2019: See The Nominees For Prestigious Photography Award

The World Press Photo Foundation has unveiled its global photojournalism prize nominees for 2019. Here are some of the finalists’ images, in categories from the environment to sport. The winners will be announced in April. Photo of the year nominee: Akashinga – the Brave Ones, by Brent Stirton. Petronella Chigumbura, 30, a member of an all-female anti-poaching unit called Akashinga...


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