A Group Of Czech Students Recreate Weird And Strange Scenes From Medieval Books

Legalization of marijuana in the Czech Republic has brought about the effect of. But the effects are different. In an old castle of Pořešín, for example, you can see a group of Czech students recreate strange scenes from old printing.


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/08/a-group-of-czech-students-recreate-weird-and-strange-scenes-from-medieval-books/

This Heartbreaking Sculpture Depicts The 82 Kids That Were Handed Over To The Nazis In The Town Of Lidice Back In 1942

World War II is known to be the deadliest conflict in human history. Somewhere between 50 to 85 million people lost their lives due to the pointless, mindless war that was based on two Utopian ideologies. Needless to say, the combat only served the upper men instead of those who fought them. Unbelievably cruel massacres and atrocities were carried out both by Soviets and Nazis – the Holodomor...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/07/this-heartbreaking-sculpture-depicts-the-82-kids-that-were-handed-over-to-the-nazis-in-the-town-of-lidice-back-in-1942/

No, This Is Not Skyrim, This Is Czech Prachov Rocks In Bohemian Paradise

Prachov Rocks are not very large, but full of beautiful views on the shire, full of ravines, chines, lonely sandstone towers, pins, gullets and many other shapes of rocks which you can imagine. Mainly it is a great place for climbers and tourists. There is also a pond. Prachov Rocks are a national natural reservation and they have been protected since 1933. No doubt this magnificent landscape will...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/01/no-this-is-not-skyrim-this-is-czech-prachov-rocks-in-bohemian-paradise/