UIIo Wine Purifier


UIIo is a revolutionary new wine purification product that removes sulfites, for Headache-free drinks!

SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/08/uiio-wine-purifier/

Secret Agent Clock: Never Miss A Mission


The Spy Gun Alarm Clock will make mornings fun, and will actually make you look forward to waking up.

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SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/08/secret-agent-clock-never-miss-a-mission/

Fallen Tree Bench by Benjamin Graindorge


Frech artist Benjamin Graindorge created the Fallen Tree Bench with an intention to highlight the natural beauty within the piece of wood he was shaping. The skill with which he brought forth his idea is motivating.


SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/08/fallen-tree-bench-by-benjamin-graindorge-2/

Graava Action Camera


It’s all great when you are on vacation filming your adventures, but once you come back to reality, reviewing and editing your footage becomes a very tedious task. This is where Graava Action Camera comes into play by automatically selecting the most exciting parts of your video using its motion sensor, microphone, GPS and accelerometer; and then, editing it for you.

Simply select the length of the video that you want through the app and Graava will do its job. It even matches the footage with the beat of your favorite song. Graava can also cut the video to the most appropriate length so you can easily share it on social media.

Watch Video At: Spendingitall.com

SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/08/graava-action-camera/

Anti-Gravity Case


The Anti-Gravity Case by Mega Tiny Corp is the first smartphone case that features nano-suction cups on the back that sticks on smooth and flat surfaces. Mirrors, whiteboards, kitchen cabinets, tiles, you name it; The Anti-gravity case will give you the easiest hands free solution to take a selfie or watch something on your phone. Available for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge and iPhone 5/5s.

Watch Video At: Spendingitall.com

SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/08/anti-gravity-case/

Nike Air Max 95 OG


Two decades have passed since the Air Max 95 debuted. The performance running paradigm shifter, with its distinctive pop of neon yellow, radiated a rare confidence, as if aware of its soon-to-come acclaim. Looking nothing like the products merchandised around it, the shoe demanded immediate attention. Available now.

SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/08/nike-air-max-95-og/

Copenhagen: Wireless Speaker So Good, You Want To See It, Hear It And Never Let It Go


Created by Danish company Vifa is the Stockholm, a simple yet elegant wireless speaker that features a specially-woven cover by textile design company Kvadrat.

Copenhagen weaves years of refined craftsmanship with contemporary lifestyle. With its light Nordic design, the loudspeaker plays elegantly together with the surroundings, while it fills your room with great sound from virtually any music source. Simple to use and portable, Copenhagen lets you create the atmosphere to suit your moment.

The Nordic design is a distinct characteristic of Copenhagen. Keynotes are respect for materials, for details, and for the user. The music listener’s experience has been key to the realization of simple, yet desirable solutions. The loudspeaker for anyone who values exclusive design just as much as great sound.

The Nordic design of Copenhagen is reflected in its shape and in the choice of materials. Contrasts interplay with each other; the warm, rough ‘look and feel’ of the textile against the smooth, matte polished aluminum frame. The discretely embossed logo and embroidered volume buttons complement the understated look of Copenhagen.

To highlight your experience, Copenhagen comes in six selected colors. Each color has its own vibrant character. Energetic, elegant or understated.

SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/08/copenhagen-wireless-speaker-so-good-you-want-to-see-it-hear-it-and-never-let-it-go/

There’s A Big Head Made From Reclaimed Wood And Found Objects Lying In A Park In New York


Brooklyn-based artist Nicolas Holiber, has created “Head of Goliath,” a sculpture made from reclaimed wood and found objects.

Inspired by the biblical tale of David and Goliath, Nicolas Holiber created just the head of Goliath to represent the challenges that people find when they come to New York.

“People come to New York to be the underdog and beat whatever obstacle is in front of them…The head of Goliath was David’s trophy and I hope viewers will find inspiration in this piece and think about what Head of Goliath, as a symbol, means to them. For myself and many friends of mine, New York is the Goliath,” says the artist.

Via Contemporist

SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/08/theres-a-big-head-made-from-reclaimed-wood-and-found-objects-lying-in-a-park-in-new-york/

Multifunctional Bathtub: Water-Saving Tub


The Multifunctional Bathtub tilts into three different positions that helps you save water; foot baths, half body, or full baths, no water goes to waste.

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SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/08/multifunctional-bathtub-water-saving-tub/

Geometric Renaissance Minimalism Book


Perspectiva Corporum Regularium (Perspective of regular solids), designed in 1568 by German goldsmith and printmaker Wenzel Jamnitzer (1508–1585) is a research in shapes inspired by the five Platonic solids: tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron.

In this book, Jamnitzer twists and slices each of the solids to explain how they function as the building blocks of the world.


SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/08/geometric-renaissance-minimalism-book/