Golden Goose: Egg Scrambler


With the Golden Goose egg scrambler, impress everyone by making the fluffiest and yummiest scrambled eggs in a jiffy.



TIKI Lamplight Glowing LED and Flame Torch


The TIKI Glowing Handcrafted Decorative Torch creates a stunning visual effect – day or night. Multi-colored LED lights illuminate within so the decorative vessel can be seen at night.

Includes metal fuel canister, wick and snuffer to create the ambience of a natural flame. For best results, use with TIKI Brand Torch Fuel, deck clamps or torch stands.

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Hard Graft Snap Wallet Classic


It’s the effortless finesse and rugged feel which makes it so refined and unconventional. Balancing gracefully between naturally crafted and carefully finished. We play with the open raw edges against fine stitching.

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How To Use The Golden Ratio In Graphic Design


Leonardo Da Vinci was a scientist, mathematician, and one of the world’s most renowned artists. Hopefully you’ve seen his master painting, The Mona Lisa. (If not, take a field trip to an art museum and get some culture in your life ASAP.)

One thousand years before Da Vinci was born, ancient Greek architects designed one of the world’s most famous buildings, the Parthenon. Five hundred years after Da Vinci died, Salvador Dali rocked the art world with his surrealist paintings.

Yet despite the differences in time, style, and place, all of these artists share one common thread: the golden ratio.

What Is It?

The golden ratio is derived from a series of numbers called the Fibonacci sequence. Basically, the idea is that you add the numbers in the sequence together, starting with 0 and 1. As the resulting numbers grow bigger, the difference between each pair of numbers gets closer and closer to the golden ratio. (For you math nerds, the ratio is 1:1.618).

What Makes It So Special?

Once Fibonnaci discovered his sequence (and the ancient Greeks discovered the ratio within it), many scientists, mathematicians, and artists began to notice the golden ratio everywhere. It occurs naturally in plants and animals, like a sunflower’s seeds or the spiral shell of a snail or even in human faces. And of course, we’ve adopted it for architecture and art.

It’s no wonder, then, that the golden ratio has come to play a large part in graphic design. You can use it to make sure the elements of a logo are proportional or to see how headlines and body text should be sized relative to one another. The golden ratio even plays a role in photo editing: cropping with the golden spiral in mind does wonders for your photo’s composition.

Want to learn more about using the golden ratio in your designs—or wondering how “the golden spiral” works? Read the original post for in-depth examples and online tools, plus an infographic to walk you through Golden Ratio 101.


Helix Folding Bike


Helix Folding Bike features big wheels, and a Titanium frame. It is smaller, lighter, safer and easier to use than any other folding bike in the world.

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This Napmobile Was Designed to Sell Mattresses


Online mattress retailer Casper, have created a unique way of allowing people to try their mattresses by creating a mobile mattress showroom.

The trailer tours around American cities, where they invite people to try out their mattresses in person by having a nap in one of four pods.

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World is Not Just Red – The Mondrian Pepsi Can


Italian designer Andrea Salamino re-imagined the design and the can of the brand Pepsi by drawing his inspiration from neoplasticism, the colors of artists Piet Mondrian and Jean Gorin.

On the baseline “World is not just red”, he wanted to do something different from the cans we see usually by winking to Coca-Cola with the use of red and other colors, like a world with various facettes.


PerfectKit – desktop and mobile ready modern UI kit


PerfectKit is a clean, modern, sharp UI kit with lots of elegant component and modules. The kit is desktop and mobile ready and includes over 60 ready-to-use blocks and hundreds of elements. You can combine and customize them to create beautiful UIs for your projects, the possibilities are practically endless.

The free version of this kit includes 20 well organized, layered PSD files with desktop and mobile views. View full demo and download the freebie here.


The Purrfect Sunny Side Up Eggs – Cat Egg Mold

Cat Egg 1

Cooking isn’t just about eating. It’s about expression, creativity, love and most of all fun. Egg Addiction’s mission is to bring fun food to the masses and what better to do that with than EGGS?! They’re round, they’re nutritious and absolutely ADORABLE.

After months of sketching and prototyping, Egg Addiction finally created the perfect way to jazz up your morning – introducing Cat Egg Mold. A cat-shaped mold, guaranteed to make your sunny side up eggs Purrfect!

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Smart Froc, The World’s First Smart Highchair

Smart Froc monitoring app

The adjustable wooden high chair for toddlers Froc is now getting smarter. In addition to providing stable and safe seating for children aged 6 months to 10 years, it will now also allow parents to monitor their children’s weight.

The result is Smart Froc, the World’s first smart highchair. With weight sensors under the seat connected to an app, parents can easily monitor their child’s weight and progress simply by checking their smartphone. Keeping track of weight gain helps parents assess baby’s health and also helps them determine if the baby consumes the right amount of food.

“As a father of two, I got the idea for the Froc high chair with integrated scales from my own experience and the experiences of my friends,” explains the leader of the team who developed Froc and CEO of Rimarket Matej Košir. “Weighing a child in the first months of their lives is important, but fairly difficult, since toddlers are usually too light for normal scales and only rarely stand still. … The purchase of special scales is hence a financial burden as well as extra ‘junk’ in the apartment.”

The Smart Froc is available on Kickstarter.