Opal Nugget Ice Maker


Opal Nugget Ice Maker is the first in home portable nugget ice machine created by FirstBuild, a co-creation community backed by GE appliances. Opal creates ice that is soft and chewable; and not only does this ice chill your drinks fast, but also, absorb the flavor of the beverage. Simply add water to its reservoir and expect your first nugget of ice in 15 minutes, filling up the bucket at a rate of 1 pound per hour.

The Opal Nugget Ice Maker is very lightweight, made of stainless steel and very portable. All you need is a 120V power supply and clean water without a dedicated water line.

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SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/08/opal-nugget-ice-maker/

Impressive Wire Sculptures By Richard Stainthorp


The English artist Richard Stainthorp creates life-size sculptures with metal wire. Its special feature is to capture, accurately, all the energy and fluidity of the human body.

SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/08/impressive-wire-sculptures-by-richard-stainthorp/

14 Epic Pieces Of Edible ‘Harry Potter’ Food Art Made By Fans


While J.K. Rowling will be getting a few birthday wishes from fans today, we’re willing to bet she’ll only get one life-size, edible bust of Harry Potter’s head. A group of food artists from around the world collaborated to create some seriously impressive Potter-themed food art in celebration of the author’s 50th birthday, ranging from large character sculptures to intricate recreations of key scenes from the books. The project has been in the planning for the last year, after two U.S. bakers came up with the idea and recruited other members from across the world.

Harry Potter Bust, by Lara Clarke. IMAGE: LARA CLARKE

British cake sculptor and owner of Tasty Cakes, Lara Clarke, took part in the project by baking a life-size, edible bust of Harry Potter. “I didn’t time myself,” she told Mashable when asked how long it took her. “I watched the first three Harry Potter films while I was making it – so it probably took around six hours in total.”

Divination, by Ruth Rickey. IMAGE: RUTH RICKEY

Hogwarts Owlery, by Jean Schapowal. IMAGE: JEAN SCHAPOWAL

Black Lake, by Liz Marek. IMAGE: LIZ MAREK

Draco Malfoy, by Kyle Miller. IMAGE: KYLE MILLER

Hog’s Head Inn, by Myton Ouano. IMAGE: MYTON OUANO

Hogwarts Kitchen, by Emma Ball. IMAGE: EMMA BALL

Gringotts, by Paul Joachim. IMAGE: PAUL JOACHIM

First Floor Girls’ Toilets, by Jane Reyes. IMAGE: JANE REYES

Hagrid’s Hut, by Karen Keaney. IMAGE: KAREN KEANEY

Dumbledore’s Office, by Raewyn Read. IMAGE: RAEWYN READ

James and Lily’s Cottage, by Raewyn Read. IMAGE: RAEWYN READ

Quidditch Pitch, by Tanya Cox. IMAGE: TANYA COX

Albus Dumbledore, by Avalon Cakes. IMAGE: AVALON CAKES

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SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/08/14-epic-pieces-of-edible-harry-potter-food-art-made-by-fans/

Student Takes Used Skateboard Decks And Turns Into Guitars


Self-taught woodworker and industrial design student, Nick Pourfard of Prisma Guitars, designs and makes one-of-a-kind guitars out of his workshop in San Francisco, California. Excited by his love of skateboarding and music, Nick chose to join the two and ended up creating vivid guitars using broken and used skateboard decks. Nick has also produced a variety of guitar accessories too.


SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/08/student-takes-used-skateboard-decks-and-turns-into-guitars/

Stunning Sculptures from Layered Glass by Ben Young


Today we want to present you some stunning glass sculptures by artist Ben Young, made from layers of cut laminate window glasses. The bodies of water described in Young’s work are usually cut into cross-sections akin to textbook illustrations, creating translucent geometric islands that can appear both monolithic or chasmic.


SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/08/stunning-sculptures-from-layered-glass-by-ben-young/

Negative Space – Great Way To Attract The Attention


The negative space is the space surrounding the elements in the picture. Equally important as the object itself, the negative space helps define the boundaries of space and a positive balance of the entire composition. It’s a great way to attract the attention of potential customers and get them thinking.

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SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/08/negative-space-great-way-to-attract-the-attention/

Versatile Spreader


Slice, scoop, scrape and spread with this multipurpose kitchen tool.

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Trio Cable


Avoid the need for multiple chargers with the Trio cable.

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Wearable Wrist Contactless Payment


The PureWrist is a wearable wrist bracelet that allows for payments to be made using the MasterCard Gratitude on-the-go with a swipe of the wrist.

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Victorian House in West London Transformed into Modern Dream Home


Design team at Callender Howorth transformed an outdated Victorian house in London into a modern dream home.

The house features a shower alongside the back door, which helps the owners keep the house tidy when they come home after having done sports or if the pet is dirty after a walk in the park. The shower is accompanied by a laundry room with lots of storage space for sports equipment. It is basically a dream home for any sports mum.

The idea was to give the house, which had not been renovated since the 1980s, a relaxed, yet contemporary feel.

This was achieved with the help of soft tones and elegant items of furniture, such as Arne Jacbsen swan chair.

A wooden console table installed in the hallway provides an organic contrast next to a reflective pendant light.

Luxurious and practical bathrooms were designed to give maximum functionality. The design studio managed to keep the bathrooms not “overly designed” – a look that can become dated way too soon.

More pictures and information can be found here.

SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/07/victorian-house-in-west-london-transformed-into-modern-dream-home/