Free Simple Line Icons


Here is free simple line icon that can be used for yournext design project. The set can be used for several design project like: web desig, mobile apps ui, print templates, presentation templates, promotional materials, stationary and others.

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Technohull Omega 41 – by Alexander LiaSkò Design


Technohull Omega 41 – by Alexander LiaSko Design l The Unique high performance Offshore Powerboat Coupe in black carbon fiber version.

Sporting the same dynamic lines, uncompromising finish and bespoke details for which the fleet of Technohull Ribs has become known, Technohull OMEGA 41 offers a level of style and power never seen before in its class and is ready to break many records.

Staggering, aggressive, powerful and stylish. Technohull 41 is designed by Alexander LiaSko Design (Alexandros Liaskovitis), Milan (Italy) based architect , specialized in architectural and Interior Design of High-End Luxury environments and products. For many years works in the fashion industry and collaborates with the most prestigious brands of this sector in worldwide projects. His design was made around a stepped hull designed in UK by Adam Younger Design, known for his famous British powerboat designs and with many years of racing experience.

An elegant 41ft long RIB without equal in its class. Technohull 41 will open your mind to a new definition of dynamic design and high performance at sea. Unique, Sophisticated design, noble materials, balance and elegance from the core of our philosophy.


The Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Vehicle


Hot Wheels takes over New York City with a fleet of Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper vehicles to celebrate Force Friday on Thursday, September 3, 2015, in Paterson, N.J. (Photo by Andy Kropa/Invision for Mattel/AP Images)

A Star Wars decorated Dodge Charger modeled after a First Order Stormtrooper Car is seen near a First Order Stormtrooper Car toy in a warehouse Thursday, September 3, 2015, in Paterson, N.J. Inspired by the film Star Wars, Hot Wheels is taking over New York City on “Force Friday” September 4 with a fleet of Stormtrooper vehicles. (Photo by Mel Evans/AP Photo)

A row of Star Wars decorated Dodge Chargers modeled after a First Order Stormtrooper Car are lined up outside a warehouse Thursday, September 3, 2015, in Paterson, N.J. (Photo by Mel Evans/AP Photo)

An Uber rider requests a free ride in a Dodge Charger modeled after a Hot Wheels Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper character car, Friday, September 4, 2015 in New York, to celebrate Force Friday. (Photo by Diane Bondareff/Invision for Mattel/AP Images)


Stunning On-Air ITV2 Rebranding Project

ITV2 Rebranding 2

Regarded as a naughty sibling of the ITV family, ITV2 has been rebranded into a badly-behaved channel system that disregards the norms of regular scheduling.

Designed by ManvsMachine, this ITV2 rebranding outcome takes a slice of colour and shoots you right in the face.

Rather than delivering a pre-packaged set of idents, ManvsMachine worked with the ITV Creative team to develop an automated modular play-out system that assembles the idents on the fly.

Similar to a digital tombola, the system randomly sequences snippets from bespoke ITV2 branded ‘scenes’, resulting in over 300,000 ident combination outcomes. That’s a lot!

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Astonishing Artificial Limbs Created By Scott Summit


Maybe using the word “astonishing” as an adjective for the following artificial limbs was not the smartest choice, since when a person has an artificial limb usually implies that he or she was involved in an unfortunate event.

But if we manage to take the best from the worst situation, these artificial limbs are definitely pieces of art that will bring a drop of joy in the life of suffering people.

The designer of these limbs is Scott Summit, a designer with 20 years old experience in the field.

He used 3D printing technology to create one of a kind artificial limbs for each of the patients. Even more, he allows each patient to bring their own ideas on how they can customize the shape or the design of the prosthetics.

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Mesmerizing Crystal-esque 3D Printed Pieces by Iris van Herpen


Dutch designer Iris van Herpen created his latest fashion collection in collaboration with Prof. Neri Oxman, Julia Koerner, Stratasys and Materialise. She combined traditional handwork techniques with modern day digital technology such as 3D printing and laser cutting.

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Pocket Plastic Bag Holder


This compact plastic bag holder is ideal for dog walking.



Uber Is Offering Mad Max Rides In Seattle


For all its corporate skullduggery and obnoxious, rules-don’t-apply-to-me swagger, it’s hard to deny that Uber has some clever promotions at times. In a partnership with Warner Bros, the company is offering limited edition rides straight from the post-apocalypse to celebrate the September 1st release of the Mad Max video game. The cars are available for a limited time in Seattle only, but at least the rides are free because “dollars are worthless in the wasteland.”

The cars themselves may not be up to Mad Max’s insanely spiky standards (although congratulations to whichever driver above thought that baby blue was an appropriate color for the post-apocalypse), but they’ve definitely been entertaining attendees at the ongoing PAX gaming convention.

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Artist Wendy Tsao Transforms Kids Drawings Into Adorable Plush Toys


Wendy Tsao brings kids drawings to life by transforming them into amazing plush toys. Wendy made her first toy (which she calls ‘softies’) back in 2007, based on a self-portrait her 4-year-old son had drawn.


Oxo Good Grip: Make Perfect Pineapple Rings


The OXO Good Grip Pineapple Slicer will make creating perfect pineapple rings a breeze.

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