Children of the Cosmos dir. by Apostolos  Stefanopoulos…

Children of the Cosmos 

dir. by Apostolos  Stefanopoulos @AretephosStudio

It is within the capability of all of us to understand our beginnings, and Children of the Cosmos offers an alternative musical narrative, filled with drama, romance, passion, and ultimately: obscurity of what will be.

Artists: Apostolos Stefanopoulos & Andrijana Janevska



Syncretic Noise dir. by Stephen Bullen @StephenJBullenA man…

Syncretic Noise dir. by Stephen Bullen @StephenJBullen

A man dances secluded from a city in battle with itself. Syncretic Noise explores how we respond to chaos around us. The dancer’s natural motion continues across cuts over discontinuities of space from forest landscapes to gritty urban life. In a silent dialogue of motion the dancer’s movement convey a struggle to find solace between his permanent objectivity from societal indignations and using dance as an engine to find enlightenment.

Director & Editor | Stephen Bullen


Motion Portraits by James Autery jamesautery.comMotion portraits…

Motion Portraits by James Autery

Motion portraits are seamlessly looped video that is meant to feel like a photograph that’s alive. The environment is moving with smoke, wind, water, fire, etc. and the subject is still. Often, the video is manipulated to where some parts are going at different speeds, direction of time, and loop duration. The result is a disparate behaviour of time and movement.


Ida Long – Mannen på taket (The man on the roof)@ida_long Winner…

Ida Long - Mannen på taket (The man on the roof)

@ida_long Winner of Best Music Video at the Exit Filmfestival 2016 and Local Heroes Awards 2017. A collaboration between Ida Long ( and cinematographer Michael Larsson.
“We are all one, connected. Even in solitude that captivates.”


The Hubschrauber – KeplerDirected by GUAP…

The Hubschrauber - Kepler

Directed by GUAP

This place feels cursed now. There has to be something better. Something new. Into the great unknown. Music video for ‘Kepler’ by The Hubschrauber, the first single of their debut album 'Kepler-186f’


Uvify Draco Launch Film by Bolder…

Uvify Draco Launch Film by Bolder Creative


“We were approached by Racing Drone manufacturer Uvify to create a launch film for their state of the art racing drone, Draco. Assets also included online promo graphics, print imagery and creative content to be showcased at the latest CES Expo. We created a motion sequence outlining the key features and attacking nature of the drone in combination with visual metaphors of a mythical dragon.”
View case study on Behance


denial of service – OnryōThe latest work from enigmatic musician…

denial of service - Onryō

The latest work from enigmatic musician and visual artist denial of service, slides deeper into his signature brand of tech-noir chaos combining reaction-diffusion algorithms and “excruciating rotoscoping.”


Ballroom Fusion Choreography performed by Alena Shoptenko…

Ballroom Fusion Choreography performed by Alena Shoptenko team

HUSH! Dance production


Goudy & Syracuse: The Tale of a Typeface FoundThe story of…

Goudy & Syracuse: The Tale of a Typeface Found

The story of rediscovering Sherman, a typeface designed by Fredric Goudy in 1910 and revived by Chester Jenkins in 2016 for Syracuse University. It’s a fascinating tale that sheds light on the charismatic Will La Moy and the ripples of how his discoveries influenced the work Pentagram did rebranding Syracuse University.
Directed by Dress Code


DCN Pick: COPENHELL 2017 by Toke Blicher Møller In an…

DCN Pick: COPENHELL 2017 by Toke Blicher Møller

In an apocalyptic future a man is searching for something. On his way through the wasteland he passes the remains of some of Copenhagen´s most iconic buildings (Queen Louise’s Bridge, Round Tower and The City Hall). He finally arrives at his destination at a dark and sinister looking place. He lights a flare, and the iconic wolf from Copenhell´s festival venue appears in front of him. The earth cracks open and hell breaks loose. Welcome to Copenhell 2017.