I Am Better Than You, Hooman

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Silly Dog Playing

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Baby Shows Huge Dog Who’s in Charge

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Vancouver Cops, Four-Legged Pals Pose For 2019 Police Dog Charity Calendar

Vancouver police have released their 2019 canine calendar, starring action-packed and cuddly photos of their police dogs. The $15 calendar features police dogs and their handlers in their best crime-fighting poses and was created by retired Sgt. Mike Anfield in honour of his wife, Candy, a police officer who died of breast cancer in 2004. Since 2010, calendar sales have raised more than $200,000.


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A Cute Pug Puppy Playing with a Ball

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Lazy Corgi Struggles to Reach Ball

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White German Shepherd Cuddles with Baby Goat

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You Tasty, I Want to EAT You.

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Gotcha Yo Tongue!

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