Picture Hats: One Of The Favorite Fashion Styles Of Edwardian Women

The Edwardian fashion era is often remembered by large over-sized hats stacked with plums of feathers, bows, flowers, birds, lace, and tulle. They were called Gainsborough or Picture hats for how they framed a lady’s face. This is a very broad category of hat; some versions may be similar to the halo or cartwheel hat. This style featured in virtually every decade of the 20th century...


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Elegant Photos That Defined Edwardian Fashion Styles Of Young Women

One of the primary changes of the Edwardian Era included the change in clothes of the women. A typical Edwardian Woman was very fashion conscious and this era hence brought about remarkable new trends in women’s attire. Curvy hips and fuller low chests were the unique characteristics of this era because they emphasised slim and trim fits. In short, Edwardian women’s fashion is actually a...


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