If You Had A Gloomy Day, These Illustrations Will Probably Make Your Worries Go Away

Watching movies while snacking in a comfy bed, drinking warm coffee in a cozy place when it’s snowing outside, or celebrating something while being surrounded by friends and family?

That is what happiness is for Shweta Singh. She is an Indian artist who creates illustrations depicting happy moments, whether one is with family, pets, friends, or alone. The passion for doodling led Singh to the creation of an Instagram page, “Doodle Shoodle,” where she experiments with different styles. The artwork is colorful and full of happiness. Do you recognize your happy moments in these illustrations?

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Snapshots of a Family Trip to Michigan’s Prehistoric Forest in 1979

“My dad was an amateur photographer back then,” write Trina Ferris, a native of Kalamazoo, Michigan. “He has hundreds of pictures of us. I got these from him because I am an urban explorer and went to the prehistoric forest for an adventure.”

The pictures of Trina take us back to 1979, a family trip to the Prehistoric Forest in Irish Hills. Opened in 1963, the attraction featured life-sized dinosaurs created by James Q. Sidwell, a former dinosaur exhibit designer at Chicago’s Field Museum.

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Artist Illustrates What It’s Like To Live With An IT Guy And Their Dog In Wholesome Comics

Meet a 30-year-old Chinese comic illustrator Bonnie Pang, the person behind the popular webcomic series called the “ITguyARTgirl.”

Some might recognize the illustrator already as she is represented by the Astound agency. However, one should not forget, that Bonnie is a creative genius that loves to make illustrations that include surprising, funny, and relatable everyday situations featuring her husband and their dog Milky. All of this, especially added to Pang’s creative visual style, makes for a brilliant combination that can put a smile on one’s face almost instantly.

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Red, White, Blue and Awkward: 20 Hilarious 4th of July Family Photos From the 1980s and 1990s

Some people celebrate the Fourth with fireworks, others celebrate by taking the most awkward family photos of all time.

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Photographer Uses Her Dad’s Old Slides To Create A Nostalgic Photo Series

Catherine Panebianco is an artist whose work longs for a sense of place, catches hold of memories, and chases the spirits of those we currently love, and those that continue to surround us from our past. Her work explores how we connect with others, with our past, and with ourselves.

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The said artist is an award-winning US-based photographer. Recently, she started working on a new project where she took her father’s old slides and did some “then and now” comparisons of places, hoping to create a touching visual tribute full of memories and nostalgia.

The old slides her father took were full of Panebianco’s family photos, but there was a much deeper reason as to why the photographer felt so attached to the slides themselves, as she even gave an explanation on her website. “No Memory is Ever Alone is a visual conversation between me and my dad. Every Christmas, he used to bring out a box of slides that he photographed in his late teens and early 20s and made us view them on an old projector on our living room wall telling the same stories every year. It was a consistent memory from a childhood where we moved a lot and I never felt like I had a steady ‘place’ to live and create memories.”

Given that, we invite you to scroll down and take a look at some of the sentimental photos the photographer decided to share with the world.

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Previous Generations Sure Knew a Thing or Two About Style

“My movie star looking grandparents sitting for a portrait in the early 1940s”


Do you ever get the feeling that people are not as stylish and glamorous today as they were in the past? Many of us had this thought pass through our minds when watching a period drama or even when looking through old family photos. It could be that people put more effort into their appearance back then, or it could be the fact that taking a picture was a much rarer occurrence than today, so everyone made sure they looked their best when it happened.

The photos below were shared online by people who just had to show the world how dashing their grandparents looked, and they are certainly right. We could definitely learn a thing or two from previous generations when it comes to style!

“My grandma at 19 years old, taken around 1950”


“My grandparents on their wedding day (1948). My nana is wearing a dress she already owned, my grandfather is wearing his uniform. He spent over 2 weeks’ wages to get those red roses during winter because they were all his bride wanted.”


“My grandmother looking like a real-life Disney princess, 1955”


“My grandparents on their wedding day, the 1950s”


“My grandma turns 100 years young today! This is her circa the 1950s.”


“My grandma holding my mom, 1958.”


“My grandmother in Venice in the 1960s.”


“My grandparents on their honeymoon, 1962.”


“My grandmother in the 40s, in her nursing garb. Today is her 93rd birthday. Classy then, even classier now.”


“My grandpa around 1970 looking like he just solved one of Agatha Christie’s infamous cases.”


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This Family Has Been Creating Beautiful Ice Trees Every Christmas, for Over 60 Years

Every year since 1961, the Veal family has been celebrating Christmas by creating their now-traditional giant ice tree on their property in Indianapolis, Indiana. It has become known as the Veal Ice Tree and is considered a seasonal tourist attraction. More: Instagram, Facebook h/t: odditycentral If you’ve had enough of traditional Christmas trees and you’re looking for something more original...


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Beautiful Vintage Photos Show How Cool Moms Were in the 1960s

“Mom at a New Year’s Eve party at Aunt Mary & Uncle Frank Martinelli’s house on Redmont Rd., Dec. 31, 1965” The 1960s saw a flourishing in art, music and fashion. The term “The Sixties” is used to denote the complex of inter-related cultural and political trends around the globe during this era. Some use the term to describe the decade’s counterculture and revolution in social norms about clothing...


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This Family Started Staging Their Funny Christmas Cards 7 Years Ago, And Their Creativity Is Brilliant

“I’m Dreaming of a White (Trash) Christmas” – 2013 – Pregnant with 1st Child This family has a tradition that makes their friends and relatives look forward to the holiday season. Every year, Danielle and Mike and their kids produce a humorous family Christmas card. More: Imgur h/t: boredpanda “Our Finest Gifts We Bring, Pa Rum Bum Bum Bum” – 2014 “I came up with the idea when I was pregnant with...


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Artist Makes A Fun Virtual Road Trip With Her Photoshopped Family

According to Brynn Shuller: “I moved back home from Los Angeles to Cincinnati (thanks, Covid) and decided to take my photoshopped family along with me on a road trip. “We” took a picture in each state we drove through. Yes, I went to all these places, dressed up as each character, and then photoshopped “myselves” together to create each photo! I was lucky enough to have my mom fly out to drive...


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