Custom Spectacles Craftsman From Chicago Re-Invents The Frame With Light-Reflecting Eyewear


Since 2005, Scott Urban has been creating bespoke wooden eyeglasses for clients all over the world. Now, his latest mission is to make eyewear shine — literally. He is calling them Reflectacles and they work by borrowing the same highly reflective technology used on road signs. Reflectacles improve night visibility for bicyclists and pedestrians, while they also provide facial-privacy from the highly invasive camera-phone culture. If his past work is any indication, Reflectacles will be made with the highest attention to detail. I would know; I own a pair of Scott’s expertly crafted wood spectacles.

I first met Scott back in 2006 at a DIY craft fair in Chicago. While most of the vendors had a tented space with neat little displays, Scott showcased his beautifully hand carved wooden specs on a suspended bicycle which he had converted into a table. And he wasn’t selling anything; he was just spreading the word on his newest creations. I took a liking to the kid (at the time) and I have been following his work ever since. Throughout the years, Scott has always maintained his Do-Everything-Yourself mentality, and he is bringing this same approach to Reflectacles.

More Info: Reflectacles, Urban Spectacles (h/t: Boingboing)

“People in eight cities have stopped me on the street to ask where they could get their own pair, and they were the hit of the playa at Burning Man this year — they turned out especially great in the dark, catching the ambient light of the art cars and the flashes on peoples’ cameras.” – Cory Doctorow (via BoingBoing)

I first reached out to Scott Urban four years ago to have my own pair of his custom work. He invited me into his workshop where he lives with his dog and has amassed a large collection of well designed objects from thrift stores and garage sales. I mean, he had stacks of Eames chairs that it seemed he preferred to study rather than sit in. He pulled out calipers to measure my facial features, showed me many different wood options and he wanted to feel me out over a beer to assess my personal style. After many rounds of design options and a few months later, I was wearing his impeccably crafted eyewear and still do to the day.

“Afnan”, Hand Carved Ebony Macassar, 2014

“Amber”, Applied Baltic Amber to Verawood, 2015.

“Dots”, Ebony Gaboon with Olivewood insets. 2013.

“Snake Mills”, Snakewood, 2013. (The specs I wear)


“Fashion”(via  i124qnds)


(via  i124qnds)


100 Years of Beauty. (Kenya). [video]

100 Years of Beauty. (Kenya). [video]


100 Years of Fitness Fashion in 3 Minutes. [video]

100 Years of Fitness Fashion in 3 Minutes. [video]


The BullRest is Redesigning Travel Pillows


When we set out to design a new travel pillow, we wanted to solve two issues that face frequent travelers. One, current options are too big to fit into a small carry-on. And two, they kind of look ridiculous. Introducing the BullRest.

It’s 80% smaller than regular pillows using a unique ergonomic design. It has memory foam inserts, so it doesn’t sacrifice comfort over form. And we made sure it fits over 90% of the adult population.

It’s the world’s first travel pillow that is fit for the modern traveler.

We have a project live on KickStarter now. If you like the idea, check it out for more details!


Together As One


Production company Stellar Circus, the young director Menzkie and the cinematographer Robert Maly teamed up to create these three TVC for the Indian brand Killer Jeans with shooting in a nice forest near Moscow.

The concept of this campaign was to make something beautiful together with animals. The main characters of this project are real, rushing wild animals. Wolves, bear and a Bengal tiger.

Besides the TV commercials, there was a photo campaign shoot by the famous Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova.


From Patagonia to the World!


Sergio Miranda, a photographer from Patagonia Argentina, based in Middle East, travels the world and exhibits his view through his Instagram account.

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Ksenia Schnaider New Campaign F/W 15-16


The F/W 15-16 collection of Ksenia Schnaider Studio refers to the combined image of a typical Ukrainian “Zarobitchanin” – a person who makes hard labor job to feed his family. The road service works, building, cleaning, farming and other similar occupations dictated styles and colors of the collection.

F/W 15-16 collection is re-thinking uniform and worker’s clothes. The designers Ksenia and Anton find inspiration in the utilitarian function of clothing, the balance between functionality and beauty, the accessibility of modern technologies and Slavic traditions.

Ksenia Schnaider: “We are creating a cosmopolitan clothes, understandable worldwide, but in our designs we always mix modern Ukrainian cliché with a hint of orthodox nostalgia. I live and work in Ukraine and I can not pretend that I don’t notice what surrounds me. Our usual environment I call the “ugly beauty”, which I try to transform into “flawless beauty” in our collections.”

The main color of the collection is orange. Besides the liner and inner decoration, this color is used in prints (in this way traditional Ukrainian red roses and poppies became a pixelated in orange). Glitch print has an allegorical message that Anton Schnaider developed referring to the distortion of information in today’s media, social networks, and electronic devices. Digital prints on silk are the view from the contemporary time into the archaic era.

In the designs, many of the pieces were made using the reception of quilting fabrics, which moved from its usual lining into the front of the product. Basic materials of the collection – silk and cotton. Coat materials are from Italian brand – Alcantara.
The global luxury brand renowned for its unique and proprietary technology guarantee of pure Italian quality and excellence, chosen Ksenia Schnaider for a collaboration this season.

The collection includes ultra-durable coats and jackets, lightweight suede dresses, gowns, pleated skirts and trench coats.

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Jungle Custom Hand Engraved Lighters by Rocco Malatesta


Whether out in the jungle or starting a camp fire, it’s no secret that lighters are a good companion. Rocco Malatesta hand engraved Zippo lighters are designed and engraved by hand and limited to one piece.