“Gothic Times”: Artist Spends 14 Months Creating The Most Incredible Ghost Pirate Ship Sculpture

Jason Stieva has been doing Gothic assemblage art for roughly two decades, but his most intricate and impressive creation has to be the Leviathan – Ark of Apocalypse, an 8 feet high, 7.5 feet long ghost ship populated by hundreds of strange creatures. Most of the artworks in Jason Stieva’s ongoing “Gothic Times” series are incredibly detailed, but he himself admits that the Leviathan – Ark of the...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/03/gothic-times-artist-spends-14-months-creating-the-most-incredible-ghost-pirate-ship-sculpture/

The Others (2001) …I watched this film pretty much by chance….

The Others (2001)

…I watched this film pretty much by chance. At first, I was not sure, but in the end, I found that I loved it because of its simplicity and efficiency. Then I went to its entry on Wikipedia for further information, and came across this remark:

“[…] However, in drawing out his effects, Amenábar [director] is a little too confident that style can substitute for substance.”
- Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times.

I think this is a good point, worth remembering once in a while, indeed, for a certain kind of authors, including me. So I clip and keep this here for myself ;)


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SOURCE: http://yuichihiranaka.tumblr.com/post/104242702608